Mothers Are Also Survivors of Alexander Graham Bell


This is my sweet and loving Mother. In this picture on the right, my mother was 20 years old while on the left, my 21 years old father. It was taken at a park in Woodland, Washington on July 22, 1976. My mother was pregnant with my brother Steven.

Today is Mother’s Day. All the mothers are also survivors of Alexander Graham Bell’s lies and promote human crisis to challenge their own democracy including my mother’s child as the state of being Deaf and the rights to use American Sign Language. Alexander Graham Bell Association has fooled many mothers into treating of his anti-democratic actions as “normal”—not only that, but also intimidated and silenced my mother through a human threat. I am sure that it has happened to many mothers of Deaf children.


Five months later after the picture were taken; my mother became a human subject of a survivor on the same day when I was taken to Tucker-Maxon Oral School and examined like a lab rat. I have been thinking about this all the time, realizing that my mother also had a moment of courage, this is true for everyone, but it is particularly true of emotional and human abuse survivors.

The fact my mother were fooled and she managed to survive is in and of itself a tremendous act of courage. My mother still believed in me, and she also discovered Deafhood that would become a positive step through my journey. It is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In order to call out Alexander Graham Bell Association to apologize for all those lies and hatred, all the survivors, realize that hope is a powerful motivator and a great antidote to fear. Unfortunately, AGBell does not believe in hope—they believe in practicing hatred. That is what they do.

My mother said to me in person, “I am sorry, honey, that I did not learn ASL long time ago” while she was crying and that breaks my heart. Damn you, AGBell for tearing up my relationship with my own mother. Crisis is part of the healing process. When survivors dig through, the pain of their childhood, and struggle to reclaim their lives, their experience uncertainty, fear, and turmoil. Crisis is part of the change process. It is necessary to continue and fight against AGBell.

One of the things we need not to allow AGBell spread lies and hatred 365 days, we need to embrace for change! It teaches us to look to the work we can do on ourselves—repair, maintain, build, and grow—so we can better deal with change that is certain to come. Growth may mean that as Deaf people we must be the ones who to proactively instigate change that is long overdue.


My mother’s hands holding that 1976 newspaper she has not seen in 20 years. Heart-breaking for both of us. 

Mother’s Day, for example, is now ready to change and grow for love and defeat hatred from AGBell bullshit practices. We will be warmed by change and growth. Our Deafhood will continue. To all the mothers, Deaf and hearing, I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

I love you very much, Mom!

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HEAR INDIANA: The Recruitment Tactics of Cochlear Implants


“Fear is, I believe, a most effective tool in destroying the soul of an individual-and the soul of a people.”–Anwar Sadat

After reading an article called As More Deaf Students Use Cochlear Implants, Indiana Schools Work to Adapt the other day, [I will copy and paste the link below]–“Public schools in Indiana serve about 2,400 students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Of those students a growing number now use cochlear implants” is an act of bullying  them into getting cochlear implant or else. There is a person by the name of Ellyn McCall, family liaison at hearing loss advocacy group Hear Indiana said, ““I like to think that it’s not malicious, it’s just that most of these smaller districts don’t have the training and the knowledge to really be able to understand what these kids need”

Ouch! Ouch! Ellyn McCall is forging American Sign Language (ASL) and have them act like HEARING and that is a malicious act. The quality and quantity of cochlear implants in Indiana is a changing world: Hate Crime. Hear Indiana serves under Alexander Graham Bell  (AGBell) Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

They are attempting to do social changes as we enter the age of international terrorism, striving to destroy the beautiful meaning of DEAF and effect many generations to come on a global level. There are and will be environmental concerns as we run out of non-renewable resources such as ASL for our innumerable, and often encourage hate crime.

Deaf community are at an economic turning point where ASL is difficult to stabilize, due in part to Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s lies, outsourcing of labor and volatile stock market prices. Changes in this new century will also bring huge breakthroughs in scientific frauds, complete with its own deficit thinking and moral quandaries over Deaf identification and cure them for “tragic diseases” such as the state of being Deaf.

Another problem that is already apparent and will become more so in the near future is the growing population of cochlear implants in the United States and the world, with attempt to destroy Deaf community with sharing of hate crimes, are bound to reach scarcity as we enter this new era, unless we discard our ASL, and adopt a more effectual way of living by replenishing, reducing, and recycling what we use.

Deaf community are as a powerful and educated community need to conjure more ways to defeat hate crime by those Audists today and tomorrow. For the near future in Deaf community, we need to build an optimistic and innovative attitude of preserving ASL and Deaf culture, with reforms regarding the way we deal with those Audists, and the resources we insist on using ASL in abundance and love, when in fact, the democracy is ideally a good and fair system of representation based on facts, it is likely that ASL will always prevail.

That way ASL and Deaf culture will spend and live in harmony with a populous Earth, and it all other inhabitants. The idea is to wide representation of the demographic of ASL that would be required to include all of them and abilities in the interest of fair representation at every social level. A panel of elected Deaf citizens who use ASL for communication, information, and knowledge from all walks of life that were educated enough to understand that cochlear implant is a fraud that would be called upon to make positive statements that ASL would overcome the lies by cochlear implant industries.

It would also unify many of us who feel betrayed, excluded, confused by the current lies “democratic” system in AGBell, in which often they are often completely unsatisfactory to the fact that they will not accept that ASL is a successful language. While I personally have concerns about AGBell funding for cochlear implants, they are responsible for encouraging hate crime against ASL. Despite the article I read above, the threat of Deaf culture is an act of terrorism that would require moral treatment, and human race is truly one constructed of innovation.

Finally, we must look past our fears and realize that we are entering the age of an oppressive community, where we must all do our part in assuring there will be resources left for our future Deaf children, our children’s children and so forth. We must look to ASL and be willing to make the first brave step into uncharted territory, and be willing to pioneer it responsibly, learning from the way we have transformed our Mother Earth, in order to maintain a healthy environment. It is only when we make these realizations that we have a true chance of surviving and overcome hate, and making the most of what the miracles of earth and life-have to offer the beautiful meaning of Deaf culture and…..ASL.

Cochlear implant is the biggest fraud ever. If not, the most malicious ever.


My links I wrote about how dangerous cochlear implants are:


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Tucker-Maxon Oral School: The Liar Ball


“The Alexander Graham Bell Association publishes a book detailing Tucker-Maxon’s conversational development program, Blueprint for Developing Conversational Competence.”

Whether you are thinking about how much importance to the efforts of the ASL story to intertwine the history of sign language being deprived away from language and human rights, no mountain is too high to climb when it comes to create the shows and exhibits that touch and stir our passions to suggest the imitation, of say, ASL as the best factual source for the human communication.

Recently this weekend, I was shocked—completely shocked to find that my name was not printed in Tucker-Maxon Oral School (TMOS), 60 years anniversary yearbook. My mother and my father took me there everyday from Monday to Friday in 1976 for two years in a muscle car, Chevy Chevelle 454 V-8—my father’s dream car. First, I will share my YouTube video and then make sure to read my second link, “Oralism Stole My Father’s Baby” below. Never mind, I will add all the links I wrote about TMOS below after all.

They both realized that the gas was very expensive—driving more than 30 miles driving to another state one way and they both decided that it would be best thing for my father to sell his dream car for VW Bug. My father had no choice and he was so heart-broken to let it go because TMOS told my parents that Oralism would be a gold-star philosophy and make me an All-Star student to please Alexander Graham Bell ideology.


He is about to become Richard….

One day, my mother decided to come by and surprise me, then my mother saw Alice Davis and Chris Solan in the same room and found me “cuffed” with six-pack rings while Dr. “Bruce” Wallace was leading my mother where I was with a smile. That was the last time my body was suckered away from TMOS ever since and drove home and told my father what happened. They were clearly hurt—they were both 22 and 24 years old that time. Poor parents. My father was beyond pissed!


No wonder why he created the Liar Ball!

I wondered why my name was not in archives at TMOS, none of pictures were ever shown that I existed in the oppressive halls—even though I was featured in the Oregonian newspaper, December 9th, 1976 with my parents and the audiologist that was responsible for the lies—her name was Star Leonard. It was taken at Tucker-Maxon Oral School. I became a student that day.


With my own name that have been attacked over emotional response to abuse and language deprivation like TMOS did for incommensurate amount of time because of political tail wind that blows in favor of Oralism—an emotional but not a rational reaction for AGBell lies. I can understand why a current NAD president, a star pupil at TMOS for 12 years, told me at Georgia Association of the Deaf conference last June 2015, asked his TMOS friend if he remembered me. He said, “no”—why? I was not featured in that yearbook wiping off the truth. Now I understand why.

After I was taken out of TMOS, I get slapped with a label on my forehead and tell me that I was a human failure when “Oralism” success stories, but the labels kills my chance with my own human right and stop language deprivation. What a deal!

So, this is my story to shake things up a bit and challenges the current wisdom on this topic and will continue to do so for the benefit of preserving ASL debate. After all, I was overlooked and dismissed as “never heard of” or nonexistent. This is the message that I had been waiting for a strong, clear voice of anti-hate authority. Not that TMOS is simply an act of hiding language deprivation and abuse, they must account for all the available evidence. The feeling of futility and sense of invisibility go beyond AGBell lies dismissing my civil experience as an AGBell survivor.

I told my mother what happened last night and she was heartbroken and understood the futility and invisibility as well because my mother protected me. Thank you, Mom—I love you!

Again, no mountain is too high to climb when it comes to TRUTH—it is sad day for AGBell survivors and a powerful reminder that TMOS still practices a lot of hatred today and tomorrow.

Isn’t life a bitch?



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AGBell: Time For Peace With Justice


Where does bigotry and hate begin? Bigotry and hate begins and ends with language. All of us are familiar with hate slurs but fail to recognize the seemingly innocuous misuse of proper nouns when describing ethnic or cultural diversity. Bigotry is the oldest language in the book, for example, in 3rd century B.C., Aristotle, the Greek icon became the first philosopher found the cans to open the sprees of language bigotry of Deaf people.

AGBell, the face of Deaf hate crime, refuses to respect the cultural diversity of Deaf people by referring to Ms. Meredith Sugar’s ideology with a common noun in association literature. AGBell continues to refuse to correct a seemingly innocent misuse of language has escalated into a violation of the public trust. Hate crime has repeatedly refused to reply for Deaf people’s honor numerous requests to correct their misuse of American Sign Language (ASL); thereby, in public’s opinion characterizing Deaf people as the face of hate ideology in America.

You know that to take off, let’s say, 50 pounds and keep them off you must change your life. It may be the hardest thing you ever do. It seems such a trivial thing. This is like attempting to take off bloody moments off from AGBell’s history, which is going to be the hardest and most trivial thing to do. It has upset Deaf people everywhere. What is more ludicrous than perfectly effect AGBell living off the fat of the hatred budget in history? Almost none of the are particularly caring. Bleed these Deaf people; Bleed them as weakest links, losers, and targets. And they did. And that was a mistake.

But the content of AGBell’s quest—its public relations—is the most important thing, is it? If PR says it was a matter of respecting AGBell’s policies, then that would be just a renewal form of entertainment for whatever it is. Oh, yes, remember, it is not the content, but the order. AGBell wants a new order, and if one way of changing the order is to select Ms. Meredith Sugar who announces that only she can lead Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, into the 21st century with a new order of the Deaf—an educated euphemism for “a new order of the AGBell”, well, then give them the big middle finger and remind them.

However, Deaf people got hurt by AGBell’s stunt, with courage than ever. There have been letters pouring into Ms. Sugar’s mailbox, so overloaded that she would have to pay by using her own credit card because AGB “executive” card has been maxed out. Oh, that is a good sign!


Our Deaf brain is a prolific generator of beliefs around the world. ASL plays a very large role, of course, but the challenge will be to discover how our brain brings the products of perception, memory, and reasoning to bear on all of us Deaf individual propositions and magically transforms them into the very substance of the Deaf life.

Advocating for one’s own interests is a fundamental right of all Deaf people. Deaf people believe that using ASL and the right of being Deaf should remember that they are encouraging to stop hate-motivated literature practiced by AGB folks for redress of grievances is a Constitutionally-protected First Amendment right. If you disagree with what AGB has been practicing, then you do not think hate crimes, literature, speech is in America’s interest—you should, likewise, communicate that to your government. That is the way democracy works. Can AGB advocate for them without political and social ostracization that encourages hate? Impossible!

And so, If I may be blunt as Ms. Sugar was, I believe that AGBell has attempted to hijack Deaf people’s legacy, like Nyle DiMarco, for one, for its own purposes. This is not new, of course, or is it unique to the AGBell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing members has long hijacked the legacy of Deaf people in the past and present in order to serve and advance their own special interests.

In 1974, I was a normal kid. I did normal things. I had a mother and father who loved me. I was just like you. Until the day my life was stolen by AGBell puppets: Tucker-Maxon Oral School in Portland, Oregon that was in 1976. My very first school in my life, I was a prisoner. I was an object for AGBell practices to use and abuse. I was not allowed to learn ASL and spell my name for two years. I became a student of AGBell’s hate ideologies. Hate begins and ends with language.

On April 13, 2016, I am very proud to spell my name in ASL. My name is Jason “JT” Tozier. I survived. Time to peace with justice! ASL is justice!



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Starkey Hearing Foundation: Exhibition of the Oppressed


The first picture of the battery economics product of me for the first time.

The interview between the Daily Moth and California Association of the Deaf (CAD) president Julie Rems Smario and Secretary Deanna Bray was like watching a tennis game. It makes you wonder when the host asks “assonance” style, the term coined to take place when two ore more words close to the sound with the same vowel mix with different consonant sounds. Repeat hearing aids question. Repeat hearing aids question. Repeat hearing aids question.

Like Julie said, “hearing aids is a tool.” The hearing aids was a total waste of my human life for first 15 years—the batteries were a constant bullying against my dignity in school and even in my hometown, too. It is all about battery economics. Julie and Deanna stood fierce to preserve American Sign Language (ASL). They were both warriors of the week.


1986. Ball! Huh? Ball! Huh? 

Let me make clear on this. I argue against the battery economics why they should make profits off Deaf children. It is not about Deaf children—it is about language deprivation. The hearing aids were a major ache.

Couple of years ago, there was a major TV show, Home Extreme Make Over, came to Oregon to find the perfect spot. Oregon School for the Deaf. Until Sharla Jones, the outreach coordinator who were responsible to make direct flights bound for Starkey Hearing Foundation to take Deaf students in. That was exactly why Julie and Deanna are making great examples to prevent this again from clowns. It is a repeated cycle.

Language acquisition is the best key for higher education. It could have saved a lot of money away from battery economics. I can remember my days when I had no choice to wear hearing aids. One day during summer 1989, as 15 years old kid, I was with my father, brother, and cousin at a river down from my house that time. The river was owned by the family until 1978. That was the same year my mother took me out of Tucker-Maxon Oral School (TMOS) and that was where TMOS pulled a stunt and made me wear hearing aids. I would always remember the chief architect is. It is like born at first birth.


That was the last time I wore hearing aids on my left ear that summer for good.

TMOS ignored the language acquisition and used a lot of wrenches around my ears to make I command to hear. The wrenches coming out of the tool box to make the staff little richer when they come home and eat dinner with families each night.

After the CAD open letter for Starkey Hearing Foundation, what is more what Starkey Hearing Foundation mission is to label Deaf children of strained leadership. For example, William F. Austin, the Founder, Owner and CEO of Starkey Hearing Foundation was well known for labeling Deaf children to get into power and eventually, an oppressor. Putting hearing aids on Deaf children is a circus quoted in Julie’s words, is powerful.

The foundation has become necessary because it is fun to deliberately cofound Deaf children with the unknown; And to have a good laugh at their expense and ultimately to maintain status quo, ensuring Deaf children remain disempowered while the Starkey Hearing Foundation entertain a new mental plantation.

By not informing parents of Deaf children about ASL, that is all about dirty politics. By putting hearing aids on them for media circus, they simply get confused and by nature they need to go where they could become clear again in the light of new mental plantation to protest Starkey Hearing Foundation. Deaf culture and language is misclassified and misinterpreted. The labels easily mishandled.

The hearing aids—and the battery economics has caused strain in the relationship between me and my father. Sure, it is a nice wish for a change and take the advice that language acquisition on ASL would make a difference in the relationship with my father. I was designed to be a tool.

Are Deaf children still struck in the mud for battery economics? Thank you, Julie and Deanna!


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Time for Chris Wagner to Resign Gracefully from National Association of the Deaf


Plato wrote in Phaedrus (Around 370 B.C.),

SOCRATES: I can tell you what I’ve heard the ancients said, though they alone know the truth. However, if we could discover that ourselves, would we still care about the speculations of other people?

PHAEDRUS: That’s silly question. Still, tell me what you say you’ve heard.

I do not know what to type this right now—yes; I was shocked when Christopher Wagner, National Association of the Deaf (NAD) president represents the heart of Deaf community. There is a reason why I refuse to be part of NAD. When Wagner as candidate for NAD president in 2012, he wrote,

“I am a candidate for the office of President of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). I believe I am qualified to lead the NAD as its next President….I am in no way comparing myself to any of these great advocates, but I do share in their vision for a better Deaf America. I believe strongly in the NAD – its mission, vision, values and commitment to diversity….. do not take the NAD Presidency lightly. You may ask why would I want to take on anything more, especially after six years’ service as Vice President. The answer is simple. There is always more work that needs to be done. The NAD needs a leader…..” The key word is leader.

In light of integrity as in honesty, Deaf community can no longer pretend that inaction is appropriate or acceptable. It is time for NAD president to come forward and be integrity to this great national problem. It is time for Chris Wagner to use the platform and position to begin a long overdue national conversation about integrity.

In 2014, I wrote an e-mail to Chris if he remembers me from Tucker-Maxon Oral School (TMOS) in Portland, Oregon–and he immediately knew what TMOS stands for—as “O” for Oral—funny how it turns out long before he wrote that to me. In 2012, he wrote in NADmag, Fall 2012, Vol. 12, Issue 2 in the section called “Interview with the New President” in page 26, “….. Raised in Portland, Ore; where I attended Tucker Maxon School for the Deaf. ” I mean, it was written in NAD magazine that sends to 7000 members–and that was not very honest of him to write something like this.


Let’s focus on the timeline, shall we? Tucker-Maxon ORAL School was founded in 1947—and it was NEVER been Deaf school. Never. Wagner was a student from 1967-1980. That’s plenty of time to know that it was ORAL school. Wagner knew it was NEVER Deaf school. That’s a difference. Like I said, he replied to my e-mail in 2014, he wrote “TMOS” and he never typed “Tucker Maxon School for the Deaf”–that was only two years “young” when he wrote in 2012, “Tucker-Maxon School for the Deaf”–hmmm.

IMG_3308Now in 2015, after discovering that Wagner wrote that in 2012, he said that it was his error to say something like that. How come Lizzie Sorkin, the editor of NADmag failed to do her homework? That is BIG “F” on her editorship. In recent video under NADVlogs, “Share: NAD President Asks Community to Become Unified” that was published on November 2, 2015, he signs, “This is probably one of the most difficult messages that I have ever had to give…We all know that these schools are the heart of the deaf and hard of hearing community. Though I didn’t go to a deaf school myself

How come Wagner wrote in NADmag that he went to Deaf school? Not only Tucker-Maxon, but also St. Mary’s School for the Deaf, too. I’m confused. He said that he did not go to a Deaf school—but he wrote that to 7000 NAD members that was supposed to build trust. What’s the catch? This is not just honesty in the presidential slogan, but it is a movement. All across the country, thousands of Deaf students who are in Deaf schools does not deserve a honest leadership from Wagner that they want him to build a political revolution.

Time for Wagner to tell the most difficult message he has ever had to give: Apologize. Do not be like George W. Bush with all his lies in wars for his own political benefit. “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” written by Greg Palast is exactly what is missing with the best democracy money can buy in NAD that reeks of political corruption, corporate fraud, and financial manipulation.

Now I remember when he was running for NAD president candidate, TMOS, Alexander Graham Bell Association, and Hands and Voice of Oregon helped him elected as president that was later removed from Wagner’s webpage after he was in office. Interesting, huh? It was shame of him to support Donald E. Rhoten from Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. Wagner did not follow George Veditz’s mission. What a shame! The same TMOS we attended with the mission that TMOS did not allow anyone to talk about George Veditz. He was bought from AGB’s mission.



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A Not-So-Noble Cause to Support

196734_10150114084468520_558913519_6531902_269564_nPlease welcome Star Leonard-Fleckman as my guest of the day. When I asked my father a simple question, “were you swayed by the audiologists and doctors who gave you both their first “intervention”? And try to remember what exactly happened and maybe try with names and their presence means very much to me. Then he answers back,

I am trying to remember this when we found out you were deaf the doctors said that TMOS (Tucker-Maxon Oral School) was the best place for you because they could teach you how to hear with aids and visual help. There was a lady named Star Leonard and she was really good and helpful. The reason you went there instead of deaf school was that the doctors felt it was too much of a closed environment and would not be good fit for you, as you get older.

IMG_1096In this newspaper clip you see, Star Leonard “sweet-talk” and deceives my mother and father with the philosophy that I would be more “hearing” child and wipe off my Deaf identity. She grabs and holds both of my hands in this picture are very much clear of human rights violation!

Star Leonard-Fleckman breeds stupidity and seemingly comfortable with leading Deaf children where they want to go. LISTEN AND TALK. She seems to find the balance of oppressive policies that allows to please Deaf children in school who hopes for sound-oriented leadership the minute she took her office which indicates both of streak of fruitful oppression and a Deaf child’s value of compromise.

As in her biography, she writes “I had a bit of exposure, as my aunt’s sister had a son who was deaf and attended Tucker-Maxon in Portland, OR. Every summer, Bobby would stay with my aunt and her family for a month while she gave her sister a month of respite. Events just placed me with the right person at Oregon State in my senior year and he introduced me to the only oral teacher at State School For The Deaf in Salem. Once a week for my senior year I worked in Mrs. Taylor’s classroom. She told me about CID and the rest is history…”


[Human Being becomes…………………………………Human Doing]

“I earned a bachelor’s degree in child development from Oregon State University, a master’s degree in the education of deaf children from Central Institute For The Deaf in St. Louis, and was a Preschool Teacher and Parent Infant Coordinator at Tucker-Maxon Oral School in Portland, Oregon. “

Star was partially responsible for my parents’ divorce. After all, she said, “I love watching the whole family system grow stronger as they learn more about raising a child with hearing loss. Knowing that I have a knowledgeable group of professionals to support me great comfort”

It is funny how knowledgeable was written in there and that is how the profession of an interventionist trains to tell lies. Look at my mother and father how they smile including Star herself. Notice something missing? I did not smile. Click the image for bigger size.

jt1976Leonard-Fleckman is not a great early interventionist or an audiologist for this matter or good interventionist either, but certainly stupider than average. I like it when she speaks about policies, I disagree with her and the school’s values and I wish her well. Tucker-Maxon Oral School is a political center that brings an ax to grind to ethnocide Deaf children around and deal with this way.

Do not allow human body resistance again! American Sign Language shall be rejoiced!



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With No Thanks to My Alma Mater

2118034_crop_650x440I had been a Portland Trail Blazers fan all my life–I had met Clyde Drexler, Buck Williams, Kevin Duckworth, and Jerome Kersey. They had been in NBA Finals 1990 and 1992. The team would come to my mother’s workplace called Monte Carlo on 10th and Belmont in Portland, Oregon–a very popular Italian restaurant. Drexler, Kersey, and Williams were happy partygoers there and would order two large of pepperoni pizza to bring home for the weekend. I remember my mother telling me some stories about it. Oh, by the way, my mother was pretty damn good waitress earning a lot of tips!

I met Drexler and Williams in person when they were doing autographs for cards and books at Jantzen Beach Mall and found out that Drexler knew bit of American Sign Language (ASL), yes, he did! In 1991, my father took me and my brother to a car-racing event called Budweiser/G.I. Joe’s 200 where Michael Andretti won the event and my brother ran into Kevin Duckworth and I ran into Jerome Kersey and they allowed us to take pictures with them with our old polaroid camera. (it is in my old photo box somewhere) We both were very thrilled to seize the moment! So, I thought I would be lifetime loyal to the Trail Blazers until now.

After finding out that there was a newspaper by the name of Willamette Week, a local and weekly newspaper called Give! Give Central, it is an annual effort to raise funds for local nonprofits and one of the nonprofits: Tucker-Maxon Oral School (TMOS). It was one of 136 “great” non-profits that need your help this holiday season. Every year, they said in their words, “we make it easy for you to make a donation–and a connection–to groups in your community. What you give today will help make Portland a better place all year long”

10624807_10152367877215855_6715650943061383918_nPortland Trail Blazers has agreed to help TMOS to do some fund-raising at one of those games earlier this year (November 13, 2014) and I was pretty heartbroken to see that. Please look at this link and see what TMOS had typed, “Teach deaf children to listen and talk, with an intentional focus on spoken language, and emotional intelligence for all of our students” and raised $3661.00 so far. (!/section:nonprofits,category:education)

Why did I choose to write this post? Because TMOS made my life a living hell when I was only two years old child and stayed there for a short stint of two years. TMOS stole my father’s dream car and caused one of many reasons my then parents end up getting a divorce through TMOS’s lies and corruption. FUCK YOU, TMOS! The school philosophy that does not promote sign language and that made my education accessibility harder. My response for Willamette Week: You have no idea how TMOS was a big threat to Deaf children and they have a corrupt perversion of the mind, a complete heartless mind.

Not only that but TMOS also have the habit of shunning evil actions against Deaf children’s language and culture and they are not ashamed to be more cowardly and mean-spirited than “runaway” millionaires. Wretch! They are going so blind, not seeing what road such a lack of necessities leads to and they have not read, they have not written many things of this kind to insult Deaf children. How often they arrogantly boasted that they are fairly confident with regard to insult at least.

President Abraham Lincoln, the first Patron of Gallaudet University said, “it is a sin to be silent when it is your duty to protest” and I hereby protest the source of all insults, and mean-spiritedness and cowardice is not evil, but rather the fear of the evil. TMOS must be stopped and shunned. For the first time, I hereby protest the source of Portland Trail Blazers for helping TMOS out and thank you, Willamette Week for the idiocy and bred when emotion conquers intellect. It is important to have a balance of both, sure, but at the end of the tunnel, it is more important to think about Deaf children rationally than to gossip about the wonders of listening and talking.

These emotional, intellectual, and spiritual realities are what so much of contemporary life seems scrupulously designed to insulate Deaf children from abuses. Again, the failure of educating them ASL does not invoke the casting of spells: it involves the breaking of spells, especially those spells that may hold their language and culture in captive. Deaf children would be viewed as “radical”, in that it addresses the roots of their experience, and it is subversive, in that its intention is to overturn and banish illusion–illiteracy in educational system. Personal, social, and cultural rationalizations concerning Deaf children and the world around them are the spells that have to be broken.


I am very much saddened with Trail Blazers’ organization for failing their extensive research what ASL would have benefit Deaf children 100%. It is like someone is wearing a T-shirt “I can’t breathe” at a NBA game. Is it fair for Deaf children not to sign at all?  I decided not to support Portland Trail Blazers anymore.


Thank you for deliberating my concerns.

Read my previous blog posts about TMOS:


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National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Loves Cochlear Implant Industries


The media image of the Deaf has never been depicted through images of Deaf people. We the Deaf are in constant danger of being described by those who can hear and speak in language than American Sign Language (ASL)—Deaf people are easiest to target. When the world offers cochlear implant (CI)–a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a Deaf person to perpetuate in a “listening and speaking” hoax.

CI companies are the most powerful language in English along with the media. When they play politics on Deaf people, they create rules for Deaf people to shut up and listen. Looking at media about CI through books, stories, and workshops, they use the power to make sure Deaf people are “power-struggling” in their nests. Not only that the cochlear implant industries continuously devour Deaf children for profits, but CI does not represent a worldview; it is the technology that suffers depreciation that requires the costs of monthly mapping.

People who work for industries have to start taking responsibility for the terrible phenomenon of CIs. There is plenty of bullying in schools targeting Deaf children who are not implanted who are vulnerable to cruelty. All social activities provide opportunities for bullying. Isolating Deaf children from the world leaves them free to establish their own rules of behavior, and they behave badly. With the idea of implanting them and force them to live in the world with everyone else–to behave like hearing.

CI industries are “running” the democracy and the power. We the Deaf people have every chance to shut down the cochlear implant lobbying and their congressional friends. If we fail to oust them from power, we can make our excuses to those body bags, but will it be too late because Deaf children cannot able to hear? They will be gone to their death knowing that we do not care enough to take action. For example, 12 Deaf children died from CI surgeries in 1989. Cochlear implant industries thinks they are the “democracy”—wrong!


Nancy Rourke’s Twelve in 1989

The point of the media– CI companies are creating the “second wave” of 1880 Milan Resolution. The story about 1880 Milan, the educators of the Deaf all around the world gathered together in Milano, Italy for the second International Congress on Education of the Deaf (ICED)–it was taken the place in schools for the Deaf in Milano that were under the auspices of the Roman Catholic church where auricular confession–the disclosure by word spoken of sins into the auris, or ear, of a priest is required. Abbe Balestra, the conference planner wrote:

“Gesture is not the true language of man….Gesture, instead of addressing the mind, addresses the imagination and the senses. Thus, for us, it is an absolute necessity to prohibit that language and to replace it with living speech, the only instrument of human thought” 

It is exactly what the CI companies are doing all over the world today. My first school I attended: Tucker-Maxon Oral School (TMOS) known as one of Portland’s best kept secrets–and it is the house of pain that does not allow sign language at all. Even today in 2014, they still do not allow the use of sign language. In 1985, TMOS was proudly to announce to be the world’s first school-based children’s cochlear implant center in conjunction with the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles. See the link at the end of the post.

The current National Association of the Deaf (NAD) president uses bilateral cochlear implants. He and I went to same school. Same year. He was couple of years older than I am. I am writing this post with heavy heart and do not want to see Deaf children suffer along with mental, emotional, and physical scars anymore. Remember, NAD has very strong relationship with cochlear implant companies.

I started to remember him more and more from that time when I enrolled there in 1976; Before NAD election in 2012, I remembered very well that he had couple of strong sponsors from TMOS, Hands and Voices of Oregon, Alexander Graham Bell Chapter of Oregon, and he never had CIs until he was elected as president. That shows that he was supportive of TMOS and its practice of cochlear implants on Deaf children. He wants to make a good example. Audiologists and educators of the Deaf today are completely trained under the irreversible influence of the 1880 Milan Resolution banning sign language even at TMOS, too. It is the genocide to the Deaf mind; It is the HATE CRIME in distinguishes. TMOS’s philosophy: Follow 1880 Milan Resolution’s example.

After reading his latest letter to renew his presidency position through NAD’s website, I realized that there exists status quo in his statement, and he has yet to critique his experiences and involvements. He would prefer coffee and cake over confront and contest. He may have enjoyed chairing some educational groups without informing us about changes and challenges. The NAD is not about parents of the Deaf getting involved; it is about Deaf people themselves getting involved. Is he the better candidate for the NAD presidency?

I have decided to keep myself distant from NAD. Change is a must! Given his educational background being from TMOS, I can clearly see that the NAD is inclining toward the AGBell climate. Is it also his responsibility as NAD president to allow TMOS to suffer Deaf children without sign language? He would not criticize anything publicly. OK, think of that way when parents of Deaf children are sent out to that school every day with the knowledge that they will be suffer a lot of pain. He is standing by and watches this horrific slaughter going on at TMOS because he says nothing can be done. Now the election is coming up next month, it is time to send a message to him that breeding hate at TMOS has to be stopped. End zero tolerance policies and allow Deaf children to SIGN with happy faces, demilitarize Alexander Graham Bell Association, end corporate money, and stop target them for larger social impact. Where is the public right going to do about Deaf children’s pursuit of happiness and safety?

The real proof in my book is that he is just a “hot air balloon” bullshit! CI industries are causing the reality of proliferation that causes DEATH. In our e-mail last April 2014, he wrote to me, “I have spoken ill of Tucker Maxon”–if he has spoken ill of TMOS, why did he receive very strong endorsements and sponsors from TMOS when he was running for NAD president? What if a child from TMOS dies from cochlear implant surgery this neither year nor next year even in two years? What will he do about it? Actually, what IF one of 12 Deaf children who died from cochlear implants surgery was a student at Tucker-Maxon Oral School? Where is his heavy heart in this to prevent Deaf children from getting cochlear implants?

As he said, “WOW! Great old memories!” on TMOS’s Facebook page in 2013. Do not worry—the picture is archived. He never spoke ill of TMOS at all. As great Paulo Freire wrote, “Being less human leads the oppressed to struggle against those who made them so“.



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