Perfect Logo for Trump!


I saw this logo by someone else who did this—what a creative idea! Donald Trump is not my president NOT AT ALL because he does not represent us and he does not deserve to be a president anyway. He is a hate-monger in the eyes of humanity. Since today is President’s Day, the presidents were supposed to be civil and do not practice hatred unlike Donald Trump do. This is perfect logo that matches Trump’s administration. Only a month later after he was inaugurated as America’s 45th president, he is already the worst ever in the history of humankind.


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Free Tuition and Housing at Gallaudet University?


Why not Gallaudet University offer all DEAF students free tuition and free housing? Yes, as in spelling, F-R-E-E. After reading an article last night about University of Wisconsin-Madison “student government drafted a resolution that would grant Black students free tuition and housing that would help out centuries of racial inequities.”[Please look for the links in the references below] Because of long violent of racial terror, slavery and Jim Crow.

That makes sense. So, why not Gallaudet University offer free higher education for DEAF students? I will do my best to explain why they all should be qualified, no matter what the circumstances are. Deaf students on the campus should be bias-free and not to allow religious bigotry anywhere on the campus.

First, they experience religious terror and slavery because Deaf students are viewed as slaves to allow EPHPHATHA to terrorize their pursuit of happiness and their human rights to embrace the state of being Deaf.

As in slavery, in a Merriam-Webster definition, submission to a dominating influence–in other words, Gallaudet U. allows EPHPHATHA to be a dominating influence in hearing world. They have no business or hold the intellectual ground to own Deaf students as slaves as long as they are all cured to be hearing again. That is wrong!

Remember, EPHPHATHA means “be opened” and the objective of the goal is to eradicate the state of being Deaf. It is a dangerous game. Not only that, but Deaf students were required to show their dB tests to prove that they are Deaf–is that part of profiling, yes?

Why not make Gallaudet University as Deaf-centered? Do all hearing universities require hearing students to show their dB, too?  From Merriam-Webster dictionary on the term, profiling—it means ‘the act of suspecting or targeting a person on the basis of observed characteristics or behaviour‘ therefore, EPHPHATHA has been targeting Deaf people on the basis of observed characteristics based on their state of being Deaf for a century and half.

The goal to make Gallaudet University a Deaf-centered, Deaf-controlled, and Deaf-oriented and seek to stop language discrimination, language bigotry, and language hegemony. Gallaudet University should set a good example of offering educational philosophy that Deaf people have human rights to learn, thrive, and succeed without being oppressed by the energy of EPHPHATHA.

Gallaudet University Manual of Operations declares “EPHPHATHA: Be Opened” and it is clear an Audism market or even hate-speech market to establish rapport in order to dehumanize and confound Deaf people on the campus.

It is time for Student Body Government (SBG) and Graduate School Association (GSA) to team up before the Board of Trustees (BoT) to have the term removed from campus. If Gallaudet University refuses to remove EPHPHATHA then be sure to check out The Peter Principle to make sure Deaf students have the rights to stop the oppressive traits. New people merge into the administration. Open-minded people. All Deaf.

That is why I think Gallaudet University should give ALL DEAF students free tuition and housing until EPHPHATHA is no longer welcomed on the campus. Does that make any sense to you?



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Deafhood Discussions: The Oralist Response 1980 to Date, Part 3 (p.160-161)

David Kerr explains in this video from Paddy Ladd’s book–thanks, David for your civic duty as well as Deafhood Discussions to support for the video presentation.


The Number of Hate Groups in Each State


It was provided by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to inform us how many hate groups in each state and I will provide the link below. The largest hate groups in America goes to California with whopping 79 and the second largest hate groups is Florida with 63 and finally, the third largest goes to Texas with 55. There are two states that does not have hate groups are Alaska and Hawai’i.









District of Columbia-21



















New Hampshire-6

New Jersey-15

New Mexico-2

New York-47

North  Carolina-31

North Dakota-1





Rhode Island-1

South Carolina-12

South Dakota-7







West Virginia-4




Why Not AGBell in the List of Hate Groups?



There are now reported 21 hate groups in District of Columbia released by Southern Poverty Law Center’s HATEWATCH. The only missing group is Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. How come SPLC did not list AGBell in this group? Well, there are few reasons that I will do my best to write and explain why AGBell should be classified as a hate group. Perhaps SPLC would learn from this for a start and go from there.

First of all, it is a sound-oriented world and SPLC does not really understand what Deaf people had suffered in their lifetime experiencing hate. Bell’s action equaled “Audism” of denying the linguistic minority such as Deaf signers such privileges and societal rights to the use of “natural language” Audism should really a logical term to describe AGBell’s eugenics movement for imposing linguistic and cultural superiority and eradication upon Deaf American signers of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

More appropriate terms are linguistic imperialism or attempt to “linguicide” the sociocultural minority, ex. Deaf signers of the post-Milan Conference period from conveying and expressing their own thoughts in practical and efficient language usage. “Linguicism” could be also an acceptable term to describe AGBell’s misguided ideology of assimilating or centralizing the sociolinguistic minority into the society at large on so-called equal basis.

Deaf Americans and other Deaf people everywhere, could enact the strategic multilingualism policies to ensure the protection and preservation of our beloved and precious language (ASL, LSF, BSL, and many others) from possibility of linguistic extinction/loss and sociocultural genocide or undermine the existence of minority language usage. Deaf people everywhere ought to call for the non-intervention policy to make our natural language of the Deaf to the protected status to the listing of endangered language usage in the United States and other countries.

Beginning with the work of AGBell in the late 19th century, Deaf people have been frequent and prominent targets of the eugenics movement. It is not widely known by the general public that, in addition to his work as an inventor, Bell was also a leading figure in the education of the Deaf in the late 19th and 20th centuries. In order to put this issue into context, it is important to consider AGBell and the educational and social programs he promoted.

As it was indicated, the primary characteristic identifying a member of the Deaf community, as opposed to a hearing-impaired person, is the use of ASL. It is a matter of great importance to members of the Deaf community that AGBell was a leader of the movement to “all-oral” education of the Deaf, in which ASL was banned from the educational process and discouraged in ordinary social intercourse.

AGBell and other oralists seem to have been motivated by two major beliefs. First was a belief in the “progressive” idea that American should have a single “official” language, spoken English, and that everyone should acquire in the same way. Signing was thought to result in the failure to have an adequate command of English, which would condemn the Deaf person to a life of poverty and impaired intellect. The use of ASL in the educational process was felt to impede the development not only of speaking and lip-reading but also reading and writing.


The second motivation for the oralists was eugenic in nature and had to do with the supposed genetic bases of the state of being Deaf. The reasoning went like this: AGBell, in an influential monograph titled Memoir Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Raceasserted that sign language and those residential schools where it was used led to the formation of a separate Deaf community.

He noted, further, that the state of being Deaf is primarily heredity and that if Deaf people congregate and intermarry, the state of being Deaf, seen as a severe disability, will increase in the general population. Both of these lines of reasoning are know known to the without foundation-sign language has never been shown to interfere with the acquisition of spoken English skills, and, as is known to all of you, the state of being Deaf has many causes, generic and nongerietic.

In fact, most Deaf couple have hearing children (Lane, 1999) this can be attributed to a wider social awareness of other cultures in general in the United States. Even though awareness of Deaf culture has been perpetuated, the knowledge of the condition is not wholly agreed on by individuals in the hearing community, as evidenced by the results of the true or false portion of community how they view of Deaf people.

That is one of many reasons why SPLC did not really understand how much pain Deaf community has gone through the series of hatred. One day, AGBell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will be recognized as a hate group. Time will come.


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Lane, Harlan (1992). The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community. Dawn Sign Press. 1999.

The Name of Hate Groups in District of Columbia

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Laurent Clerc Would Be Disheartened by Cochlear Implants


Laurent Clerc. Gallaudet University.

Deaf people are one of America’s most important symbols because it identifies the moment at which the nation was born and, in effective yet complex language, describes the reason for its 200 years anniversary of Laurent Clerc’s arrival. America was only 40 years old when Clerc arrived on an American soil.

If you are offended by the cochlear implant industries that are attempting to take over Deaf community and want to understand how the lies on Earth can allow liars to escape from the truth, profit over Deaf people, while maintaining the highest rate of myths among Deaf children in the industrialized world. 

If you are alarmed that our planet will soon be inhospitable for civilization at the rate that they are attempting to wipe Deaf culture out and wants to know the steps we can take to reserve that trend. 

If you are concerned that the Deaf people soon at the brink of extinction because of cochlear implant industries, taking away the pursuit of happiness from them who need it most and that Deaf people are limited and the right to take their lives over. 

If you are agree that the deadly cochlear implant industries actions of industrialized, corrupt, and Audist forces go unchecked…

There was a five minutes movie on YouTube called Deaf Culture: VICE News Tonight on HBO [Full Segment] that was published on February 8th, 2017. Since the cochlear implant industries has closed people’s eyes to who is really profiting from lies, manipulating stocks, controlling Deaf people on earth, enslaving Deaf children, pulling strings in order to plump up their stock portfolios at your expense and mine.

If Clerc were alive today, he would fight for the voice of Deaf people for a powerful and passionate movement how to fight back for the human rights. For example, take cochlear implant companies debacle–there is an insurance company tactic called “rescission”–where sick policyholders were routinely dumped even if they never missed a premium payment. And while the cochlear implant industries has spread the lies to the millions of people, Deaf people has not been shy about airing the truth;

That America can do better, and, under insurance companies that become greedy and got too good to set up a deal. Let’s face it. The cochlear implant industries makes for comfortable armchair reading. That is because going into the backroom, the boardroom, and the cloakrooms to uncover for you the hard truths about who really controls power in Deaf community can be scary and infuriating.

But the cochlear implant industries refuse to regret knowing what they know now. Because once you’ve had the blinders removed, you’ll never want to be hoodwinked by their lies and sandbagged by the mainstream media, and snookered by powerful corporate interests feeding Alexander Graham Bell board members bullshit flaking for their profit or dirty or even blood money over Deaf people.

Fact. There is the smoke and mirrors you get from the most of the media today, and there is stronghold of Deaf people who fights against cochlear implant industries for the truth. Every step is a splash of cold water on the face.

Together today, we will fight for our democracy and human rights for Deaf people and American Sign Language (ASL), too. I am pretty sure that Laurent Clerc would do the same thing. 200 years later after Clerc’s historic arrival, Deaf Culture: VICE News Tonight on HBO [Full Segment] wrote in summary,

“Today, more than 40 percent of American children born deaf receive cochlear implants. The technology effectively restores hearing by bypassing the ear and delivering audio information directly to the brain. The vast majority of deaf children who are implanted develop hearing and speaking skills comparable to their hearing peers, thus allowing them the option to “mainstream” into normal schools.

Deaf education in the U.S. has gone through many phases. American Sign Language (ASL) is currently the dominant mode of instruction in deaf schools, but there have been periods where ASL was banned and students were forced to speak and lip-read, an ineffective approach known as oralism. ASL has now gained legitimacy and been shown to include the deep grammar and syntax found in spoken languages. It is also the wellspring of deaf culture, a proud community wary of historical attempts to assimilate them into a hearing world.

As more parents opt for cochlear implants, VICE News explores their impact on the medical condition that gave rise to a cultural identity.”


Artwork done by Joseph N. Artino

When the Nazi party came to power in Germany in 1933, Hitler was obsessed with racial purity with the idea that nature had created a superior Aryan race. There was 17,000 Deaf people were sterilized between 1933 and 1945. The youngest was nine years old. Deaf people in Hitler’s Europe were among those who were killed by the Nazis during the time because they were Jews, others because as congenitally Deaf people that they were considered ‘defective’ and ‘biologically inferior’ [Gilbert, 1998]

As a Deaf person and Deaf people I know, we have long suffered in silence enduring verbal attacks, physical attacks, and harassment why they and I did not get cochlear implant. As a result, hate crimes against Deaf people are largely under reported. Many Deaf people did not report crimes because of fear of being misunderstood. Deaf people face stigma daily, ASL is one tool, which may help them overcome communication issues but may not erase stigmatization.

A knowledge of history is extremely useful; it lays before our eyes the great picture of the generations that have preceded us; and in relating the events which passed in their lays before us the precepts of the wise…of all ages…”- Laurent Clerc

Today, Laurent Clerc would be horrified by the attacks of cochlear implants.


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References: Gilbert, Jean (1998). Deaf People in Hitler’s Europe. Gallaudet Today. September 1998.

My Cauliflower Ears Story


Wrestling tournament. Semi-finals. 1994. Me on the Top Right.

Be of good cheer about death and know this as a truth, that no evil can happen to a good man, either in lie or after death.”-Socrates 

I am sitting on a chair staring at computer monitor and write in pain. I live with the stigma for the rest of my life until my life is expired. Last night and this early morning, I’ve gotten two death threats or even wishing that I would die of a massive heart attack through e-mails and have my body thrown in the woods and eat up by the coyotes. The problem is that the haters do not know my life very well. I continue to become target by those people and their other friends.

I’ve survived a massive heart attack. In fact, I overcame couple of heart attacks and dealt with death for ten minutes. No one can ever take that away from me. I lived in a country on 400 acres and I’ve seen coyotes many times and we grow to respect each other. Coyotes and I’ve shared strong bonds as well as sharing the same language before.

When I joined wrestling squad for the first time when I was 12 years old, it was the best thing ever happened to me fighting demons out of my life. Surviving home problems and escaping from there was a perfect excuse to do it. The story of my cauliflower ears fails through human observation. The visual of the growing cauliflower is extremely slow at the same time, the pain becomes bigger and I choose to wrestle so I can erase my pain away, and the evolution of cauliflower begins to surface in my sophomore year.

Every year I wrestle to seek the answer to wash my mistakes away. During my ear surgery to reduce the swelling of my ears, the doctor asked me to hold the towel and sit tight while the doctor put a knife to open up my ear to begin the procedure to heal my ears. The forgotten blood has splattered all over on the wall; my father was hiding his face into his book while sitting in the same room I was in. My father was reading Dean Koontz’s book.

Although it has been visually ignored at times at home, my cauliflower ears do have a story. I was the talent of being a survivor. Even with cauliflower ears. I contend, instead, that it has everything to deal with neglect at home. Have I type something wrong? Either way I was born with talent or I am not. Either I have the gift or I do not. Actually, whether or not that I have talent do not really matter if I am a survivor. Many might disagree, but I contend that it certainly will not be the deciding factor in society.

In fact, sometimes having a cauliflower ear can be detrimental to a survivor. What you are not born with, you learn. While dealing with a cauliflower ear itself, it cannot be learned and the skills I to propel forward in this society that can be learned. In reality, it is the skills I develop, not the talent that I have would make the difference between the series of stories through oppression or build strength the way I want it to be. Is that no more than a fair credibility? One of the most positive things about sporting a cauliflower ear is that the ear mold for my hearing aids does not fit anymore.

I do not have to deal with headaches anymore. At home and school, the people with authority rather hack a dart than recognizing a problem. It amazes how much I was exploited into “battery” economics. I shall benefit nothing from my digital amplification as I point out headaches, but no words.

Along with my cauliflower ears, I dream in death, I dream in warnings and I dream in pursuit of happiness. The cars are passing in blinks, when I am trying to walk peacefully on the harshest roads and yet, I get questioned with a bottle that shakes for vengeance. Stress is often invisible in quad of important human oppression; I face death all the time even through attempted vengeance couple of times and I stand strong for a purpose. My mental life is always active and acute, both in private and public. I would never let anyone interfere with my life progress.

Umberto Eco in his book, The Name of Rose argues that: “Learning is not like a coin, which remains physically whole even through the most infamous transactions; it is, rather, like a very handsome dress, which is worn through use and ostentation.”

To show whether I do have a private mental life that no one else could peek inside it.

Stories of my cauliflower ears are the adversity that is forgotten in the strictest principles of English language, therefore strengthening my views and undermines my stories completely. The objection of a term I begin to recognize in my life through consequentialism, a procedure that leads to join of forgotten people.


As President Lincoln and philosopher Plato as they were great wrestlers with cauliflowerears, I am in a position to know that their mind and can effectively annotate the life experiences of oppression. Doing this will be the “value added” that takes it out of being failed reports from people at home and school, and gives me a real ownership and rights to my life and prevents anyone includes Deaf people who wished that I’d die of massive heart claiming it as theirs.

I refuse to forget many incidents and things because I experienced them all before my life that was robbed by their lies. I was given many nuances of literature, and was told to accept bullying in analyzing my life. If all of my cauliflower ears makes from my assistance to my strength to better my life each day, I honor my presence to a cauliflower ear and make it a success one day by overcoming adversity.

Go ahead and applause. Yes, applause! I will not applause for anyone who send me an e-mail wishing that I would die of a massive heart attack or even die and leave my body to become rotten and have the coyotes eat me up.Will you applause for that kind of effort, too?

The death wishes comes from Deaf people, some of them are well known. I refuse to give up. No one ever knows my struggles what I’ve gone through. That is why I’m much stronger than you really think of me. You all do not know my pain. You all do not know my stories without listening my side. You all do not ever undermine  or mock my struggles. Go ahead and say the most evil things about me all you want.

A quote from movie, John Wick, that applies with my life, “In that moment, I received some semblance of hope. An opportunity to grieve unalone.” 


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