The Land of the Oppressed and Home of the Myths: American Cochlear Implant Alliance


So, American Cochlear Implant Alliance (ACI) is trying to offer breakfast all day like McDonald’s deal. The word of the day: American. What is American? Remember, Patrick Henry declares, “Give me liberty or give me death!” 240 years ago. Being American is hard enough for Deaf people when they are supposed to receive liberty 365 days a year. And they should. American Sign Language is an alliance and…liberty.

There is an important agenda by the same paper that was signed in America: the Bill of Rights by these founding fathers with ‘death’ stare and gives Deaf people liberty without consequences. The hardest thing to see this, the same America we are living in today is making Deaf people suffer at the highest price—why? That includes consequences.

There is an important way to analyze a community, breaks it into different parts, is to use the crucial ‘dimension.’ We use “dimension” because there are analytical categories, made by us human beings, rather than being based observable parts (like the part of the body: hearing).

In one of the training module, sharing myths by ACI, you will see the crucial dimension (plus geography and demography) can be used as organizing categories for you to research, observe, and understand the community where you intend to work.

In sociology, an object has one dimension, such as ‘hearing’ if you include time. No matter how hearing or in what you can cut up that object, each piece will still have the entire dimension to get rid of Deaf culture. So, like a sociocultural entity, like a community. No matter how small or in what ways you cut up a piece of Deaf culture, it will always have one dimension.

ACI is too obsessed with sound-oriented stuff. It is evident enough that the ACI continues to carry social disease around. Enough of myth. Maybe it is time to give the folks the pink slip and go back to school to educate themselves where ignorance is bliss. Alliance? Hmph. They have no right to make decisions when they lack of knowledge results in happiness. It is really none of their business.

Why is the political motivation behind this? Remember 1989. The Death Ages. Forget Liberty. They target parents’ vulnerability.

America is home of o’er the land of the free and home of the brave. Does the folks at ACI have the right to take their land of free away? It is not cool to make them vulnerable. Maybe it is brave to write this. American Cochlear Implant Alliance: The Land of the Oppressed and Home of the Myths is hosting a conference held in Washington, D.C. for three days this week. Join the protest and share stories.


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