Fear-Rejection Thoughts Is Not Love


We do not need fear-rejecting thoughts in Deaf community. If bystanders cannot find anything to recognize bullying, then they have committed a crime. Suicide is a tragic response to bullying. The problem is that it is very rarely discussed in Deaf community.

I am writing about Deaf returning citizens. They could easily take their lives away. Would it be a criminal act if Deaf returning citizens take their own lives if they are severely bullied daily in same Deaf community they live and breathe in? Deaf community loves to bully and would make up rumors that make it look true. Can Deaf community accept the fact that the suicides are the evidence of BIGGER problems than being bullied?

The fear-rejecting about Deaf returning citizens is a huge problem. The bullies would cruelly exploit that social prejudice, and got away with it. There are three important factors that we all need to know and be aware about it.

Number One: Oppression

Number Two: Dehumanization

Number Three: Exploitation

Remember the book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire? He once wrote about dehumanization in 1981:

Dehumanization, which marks not only those whose humanity has been stolen, but also (though in a different way) those who have stolen it, is a distortion of the vocation of becoming more fully human….Th[e] struggle [for humanization] is possible only because dehumanization, although a concrete historical fact, is not a given destiny but the result of an unjust order that engenders violence in the oppressors, which in turn dehumanizes the oppressed.”


Deaf returning citizens have been subject of the oppressed. When bullies are not punished, did they also harm themselves that they intend to do? If a bully crosses the line between hate speech, invasion of privacy, or harassment, is it OK for the bully to harass Deaf returning citizens daily? There are many ways to address bullying, harassment, hate speech, death threats, and stalking.

In Deaf community, it is an international problem. Can we have conversation about the importance of educating love instead of hate? The importance of civility and respect would be more effective tool for Deaf community to heal.


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‘Bystander’ to the Deaf Community


Yes, we can make a difference to stop hate. Is Deaf community as humanity as ever? Our impact on hate depends more on how we, as humanity, respond than as we the Deaf people do. Both are very critical right now—the question, which is more effective and community accountability? Hate is invisible to the Deaf community.

Stalking and harassment seems to be a perception among Deaf community. And, to be direct, it does show to verge on stigmatizing basically “normal” behavior. It may be even is true and sad, but Deaf community essentially using the scarlet letter of “harassment” to penalize Deaf returning citizen who they resent very much. We need to know that hate will not make us safe.

The biggest problem in the Deaf community: Bystanders—the context in which this occurs more often. They do not care about hate. They do not care about abuse their power, to understand that as soon as hate is created, it will be abused at least Deaf community who will wield it.

How can we solve this sociological problem: Bystanders in Deaf community and why they refuse to accept community accountability? Dividing into hate, separated by our own experience. Silence is not even cool.




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Once a Stalker, Always a Stalker


The more lies Gary says the more he is in denial, it makes him look awfully bad. In fact, he just blew it away. The picture of Gary holding Target nametag—proves that he was at the same place where I was interviewing for a job position. Who fucking cares about his nametag? So what! He thinks he’s a God for Target.

Yes, it was from an old friend who referred me to a job position available and I did not even realize Gary was working there when we bumped into each other and that’s where he told the manager about me. How did I know? It was from someone else who worked there at the same time when Gary was working there. Gary told a co-worker that he would make sure I would rot in hell and he told the manager as well, too. It is not about background check. It is about fear and corruption on his part.

Of course, I knew about background check and it did not stop me from applying for a job anyway. When I bumped into Gary at work, I realized that he would be running a rumor-mill around employment and would cause more hostile environment. Gary was the problem. Notice the language pattern—repeating and repeating that Gary was in denial about Deaf Expo. Enough said. Gary always brings mace with him. There was never a meeting or bump into each other in 2002 where he claimed. Gary is so bad at basic math that he could not figure out 5th grade math question.


For the last time, I never said that Gary went to Super Bowl game at Deaf friend’s house in 2011. Gary must be really bad at reading between lines. No wonder why he couldn’t get to play first string in football. He wasn’t even good anyway. One more thing, he never played on a university team. He told a lot of people that he was playing for an university team–NCAA Division II team. I do not need God to deal with me. God needs to deal with him and would punish him for his lies. God already knew who he is. So much that he promised his friend that he would leave me alone. Once a stalker, always a stalker. He will follow me everywhere, no matter what. I need to protect myself.


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Surviving a Stalker


He once said about me. “please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil guy.”

The damage is too great to forget. After I posted a blog about Gary McNicholas who is a stalker in my life few days ago, of course, he denied everything 100%–and begged someone else to tell me to remove truth about him because he was afraid of the truth! He was really panicked out! Well, guess what? No, I am not going to remove the post and leave it there for the rest of his life because what he did to me was pretty much damaged. It is time for me to post up a picture of him what he looks like. Fair. Since he posted up a picture of me. Tough shit. A life time of humiliation. Understand what my life is like. Please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil  guy.

By the way, good job teaming up with Maria Dollhopf to make sure to destroy my life in pieces. Do not even deny that! Maria runs ‘Deaf Access to Justice’ Facebook page and she allowed Gary to do it. Maria has very sick obsession over me–so they became friends and found a way to humiliate me as much as possible. They were a perfect couple. Just like Bonnie and Clyde. I was surprised to see HEARD founder to allow this happen and a pastor who was a former president for HEARD to allow this happen, too. They were supportive of it and did not tell Maria not to do that. Not a word.

I never said that Gary was at Super Bowl game with Deaf friends. He needs to read again and again. I will copy and paste from previous blog: “A year later after Deaf Expo, I was invited to a Super Bowl party with Deaf friends.”–Did I say that Gary went there? “I” MEANS ME—Jason Tozier. Did I say Gary McNicholas? No, I did not. Stop twisting lies. Gary writes e-mail to someone else:

“My girlfriend XXXX said you can contact her and ask her for the truth. XXX and our younger son were with me at Deaf Expo in Portland Oregon in 2009 and I NEVER had a mace with me. We didn’t see JT at Deaf Expo. You have every right to know the truth. Please go ahead and ask XXX. JT needs to STOP lying to people about me. XXX and I didn’t go to Super Bowl at all”

That’s funny because how did his “girlfriend” know what I look like? How did she know it is me? Gary was standing alone outside waiting for someone else and I was walking down to catch MAX–rail train to go to work. He was actually holding mace and no, his “girlfriend” was not with him that time. How did she know? How did she know Gary was telling truth? Oh, boy!

Also, Gary writes to someone else who forwarded me all of his e-mails:

“I realized that I was judging JT harshly. It’s not my job to judge him including his faith or his life. You are right. I read the Bible book with a pastor at Fourth Square church.  A pastor and I had a nice chat”

Well, it is WAY too late! He wanted everyone to know that he thinks he’s fuckin stud for doing his job—the job was to kill my life. That was what he wanted. He even wanted to see me homeless. He wanted to see me hungry as fuck. He wanted to see me die in worst conditions possible. He is a sore loser. He just had to ask a pastor and realized that he was wrong. Hahaha! That’s funny! He KNEW about it ALONG those times what he was doing an EVIL act! He used that to cover up his ass.

“Like I said I agree with you for your sakes that I would leave JT alone. Can you please tell JT to leave me alone and remove the false comments about me from his website? Thanks” Gary said. Well, no, I will not remove the false comments about Gary on my blog because truth hurts. Simple. He has to learn with his consequences. What is more–my family will vouch everything what Gary did to me. More power to truth.

“His mom DID NOT had a restraining order on me in 1997. In Portland the police department will tell you that there is NO record at all. I got very mad when I saw JT’s false comments about me on his website! You should see his true colors.”

Yes, my mother did and it was not even Portland Police Department. It was different police department. By the way, it has been 20 years, but I can ask my mother and she would be more than happy to answer that. Never undermine my mother’s safety, thank you. Do not insult my mother’s intellect.

How come Gary did not say anything about showing up and stalking me at my old apartment in downtown Vancouver? How did he know where I was living? TTY prank call to 9-1-1? My dad will VOUCH for this! What about job interview at Target stealing my employment opportunities away? Flirting with students? Of course, ASL teacher will be happy to vouch for this, too! Why did he tell the world that I did this as 21 years old? What he said was very harsh and he does NOT know my fucking life stories! HE WAS NOT THERE AT ALL! If he did not anything about those questions above then he is GUILTY as hell. An inspiring firefighter or EMT—what a fraud nutcase he is.

Gary did not even apologize and admit what he did. Selfish and coward who he is.


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Here……………Meet My Stalker


Text conversation between me and my dad

My name is Jason JT Tozier; I have been a returned citizen for more than two decades. I committed to myself that I would change my life around. In a breathtaking feat of rehabilitation, I graduated with three university degrees all with honors. My family has been very supportive of me and told me that they are very proud of my accomplishments what I had done the last ten years. My relationship with my family may not easy and we are all in together. We love each other and they understood my mistakes. They make mistakes, too. We get in touch every week. In fact, I talked with my mother and father yesterday. The other day, my brother was doing well!

I was convicted in 1996 at age of 21 years old; it does not mean I committed a crime at 21. Please do not be confused. It all began when I was 12 years old. I may not be perfect; One day, I will tell a story about it. It is my story. No one KNOWS the truth–only me and my family. However, I would like to write about Gary McNicholas, a true blood stalker in heart. He has been stalking, harassing, and profiling me for really long time. What kind of immaturity is that? I had informed my family about Gary what he did to me yesterday and they were not very happy. We are trying to figure it out with next step about him.

I need to tell you what Gary had really done to me for the last 25 years. First of all, we were not friends in 1983; we were neighbors, 4 miles apart from where my family lives. I knew him around 1990 through mutual friends. We were not friends for much longer where I decided to end in 1996 after realizing who Gary is.


He would show up at my family’s property unannounced and would invade and stalk my family. You have no idea. When he asked my permission if he can make a phone call through TTY for few minutes, I said, sure, go ahead—my father was not home that time then 20 minutes later, my family got home, and all of sudden, police cars showed up and Gary was standing there thinking it was funny and blamed all on me for making a prank call to 911. That was when I was 15. Gary was good at that. He was eight or nine years older than me. That was first red flag. Yes, exactly what my father said, “He’s a puke bag!”

The worst thing was that when I was 17 years old, staying at my mother’s house for the weekend and Gary drove all the way—it was an hour drive and broke into my mother’s house by entering into the back door while holding a mace where my mother’s dog, Snapper was barking and protecting us while we were sleeping, then my mother woke up right away and saw what Gary did with a mace that could have killed Snapper—my mother became very upset and scared. I remember seeing her visually shaken. I really remember that day. How did he find me? Old fashioned phone books with all the names and address. That’s how he found my mother’s house.

Gary became defensive and said that “I have every right to break into your house and protect myself from the dog” and I was really surprised. Then that was where my mother got orders against Gary in 1997 not to visit my mother ever again. That was the second red flag. Gary had been following me where I work, reside, or whatever. He thinks he “cannot” be touched because of police privileges in his family. His stepfather, mother, brother, sister is police officers with Vancouver Police Department and few family members who are in Fire Department. So, whatever happens to Gary, he would get away with it.

For example, when I got out of jail in 1996, three years later, I was living in downtown Vancouver on West Evergreen Blvd at a crappy apartment complex, the worst of all in Vancouver, one evening I was about to take trash out in the back, and all of sudden, I was very shocked to see Gary was standing there talking to my apartment manager and told her how dangerous I am and all that with spinning lies. He did not even know where I was living. Then I realized how he found me. Gary will tell you that he deny this in a heartbeat.

Then I confronted him and he became nervous and left. As soon as he left, I called my father right away on TTY, of course, and told him what happened. Boy, my father was not very happy and I made a police report against Gary for harassment and stalking. He was never reported. You know why. That was third red flag.

One year later, when I was sitting in my living room reading a book and spending time with my flurry children, Lenny and Penny. That night, the windows were broken into pieces with two rocks on the floor and I quickly went to see another window in kitchen to see who did this and it was Gary. Of course, I made another police report, but the problem is that Gary cannot be touched because of his family privileges. That’s the problem. That is fourth red flag.

Few years later, I was interviewing for a job at Target, and was surprised that Gary showed up at Target and told the managers about me. That is fifth red flag. How did he know that I was having a job interview? Because, I told my old friend about it and that’s how Gary got it from that friend. Gary would do everything to destroy my life and wants to see me die as much as it would please him every minute.

Then in 2009, I was employed for a big company and a full time student, and found my time to attend Deaf Expo with friends in Portland, Gary was there and begun to follow me everywhere. It’s really sickening. I did not let him bother me or come near me at all—as soon as I was bout to leave Expo to go to work, he actually threatened me with mace with “evil face”—for what? Oh yes, sixth red flag! I wasn’t even scared of him!

A year later after Deaf Expo, I was invited to a Super Bowl party with Deaf friends and I have not seen that person since 1987. She was telling me that she heard awful rumors about me from Gary and believed him for a while until she invited him to come at a local high school to attend ASL classes as a guest then she saw something that really made her uncomfortable where Gary was flirting and getting phone numbers from underage students. He even kept all the numbers in his notebook. Then the ASL teacher asked him to leave and do not come back again ever. She said that she made a mistake by not calling police in the first place.

Wait, there are more. Last spring 2017; I learned that he was attempting to fly all the way to DC from Las Vegas where he was living that time to show up at my house through someone else. If he shows up at my house, I will have him arrested for harassing. Gary has been terrorizing, stalking, and harassing me for years and years. What is the worst part? He is into Jesus, and a Trump supporter. That tells you a lot. Sigh, seventh red flag.

Most recently, he wrote several Facebook posts few days ago, telling lies about my family and myself, which is easy to call him out for slander and defamation. I will write few posts what he wrote. My family and I are going to do something about this. Yes, eighth red flag. Remember, I saved all the snapshots what Gary said. Cannot wait to show it to the police and court. The term of harassment—–“cyberstalking” which has not been criminalized until 1999 and then I realized about that now.

“Hey please don’t listen to Jason Tozier at all because everything Jason says on his blogs is 100% lie. He is a liar. He lies to people all the time.”

“He did this when he was 21 years old. Jason turned himself in and told the detective what he did to avoid paying the crime fines.”

“No Jason will NEVER change his behavior. He will never stop lying to people.”

“Shawn [Shawn M. Owens] please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil guy.”

“Now Jason and I are enemies. I don’t care. He is a bad news”

Shawn M. Owens writes to him: “So sad to hear about that. Sounds like you endured through tons of crap, especially with Jason.”

“He was ok when he was a young kid. He is a nasty and creepy guy.”

“He always lies to people since his childhood. He thinks about himself and he is self centered. He treats his family badly since he was a teenager. His family is very good and stable. He has the mental issues”

“Everything Jason said on his link is a 100% lie. Only 5% of his stories are the truth.”

“Jason is a liar and a troublemaker. He is not honest guy. He always deceives people. I saw his blogs. Everything he says is a 100% lie.”

“I know his entire family. His family is very good and stable.

“Jason treated his family badly. I was there when it happened.”

“Hey I know Jason very well. I’ve known him since 1983.”

No, I did not do this when I was 21 years old. I was 12 years old that time. No, I never told the detective just because I wanted to avoid the crime fines. Where did he get that idea? By the way, the detective and I were in the room alone along with an interpreter and Gary did not have access to detective’s files. That’s a big fat lie. Prove me that I told the detective just because I wanted to avoid the crime fines. Show me the proof please.

Funny when he said, “No Jason will NEVER change his behavior. He will never stop lying to people.”—Well, Gary will NEVER change his behavior where he is STILL STALKING me and he HATES the fact that I am telling the truth and I’ve been super honest for long time. So, it was Gary who will never stop lying to people in the first place. Tsk Tsk. That is an evil act. Gary is really jealous of me because I had accomplished many things that he cannot do.

I do not care if we are enemies. He made himself an enemy anyway. I had endured a lot of shit from him. So, please do not feel sorry for Gary. Since Gary said that I treated my family badly since I was a teenager and I have the mental issues—that’s funny because I just talked with my mother and father yesterday and we all are on good terms. Who has the mental issues first place? Oh yes, Gary!

No, he does not know my entire family. My now deceased grandparents hated every minute of him stalking my family’s property and one day, my father and grandfather told him not to come back ever again after what he did to my family. They had enough of him. HE WAS NEVER THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. Gary said that he knows me very well since 1983. No, it is not true! He does not know my family well either! Since 1983?


By the way, if it was 1983, I was nine years old that time and he would hang out with a young boy that makes him a pervert. Think about that, huh? I would have remembered him. It was 1990 when I met him. Also, Gary is so bad at math when he said, ““Everything Jason said on his link is a 100% lie. Only 5% of his stories are the truth.”—Hmmm…how did it work in math? My blogs are honest—and what Gary told people about me are 100% lie. That’s a big difference.

That means we are still in touch—no, we are not. He’s so bad at lying and twisting stories around. Enough. Please leave my fucking family and myself ALONE. We are going to do everything possible to get Gary in hot water. Of course, he will not leave my family and my life alone—nonetheless, Gary frequently harassed the Toziers, taunting them with obscene phone calls and openly threatening me whenever I was in public.

I saved all the snapshots where people informed me about Gary what he had telling them and my friends cared enough about me (Thanks friends–you know who you are!) and let me know what he did was very sickening and obsessive. I know that Gary got my Facebook account disabled and got his wish. It has been going like this for 21 years. 1996…2017. There are not many things that would make me feel less helpless than being stalked and harassed by a mentally unbalanced individual like Gary. His plan was to destroy me and send me to hell. He could have easily stabbed me.

His stalking obsession with me makes him so angry that any rejection or truth of my unwanted advances could have lead to violence and often Gary wouldn’t care—even if it were for legal consequences. Believe it or not, stalking survivors had very little protection, as anti-stalking laws have been on the books not for long time, unfortunately, a case like Gary will always demonstrate who a true stalker—getting away with it. He will do it again. He will do anything to twist lies to attack my life when I am trying to change my life around even for 21 years and counting.

I had became the survivor of a non-stop ordeal of stalking and harassment by Gary McNicholas. That means I would be openly targeted to be murdered anytime. The worst part of all is that he is attempting to be “inspiring” fireman or EMT—well, he has been saying that for 25 years. Nothing changed. He makes it look like one, but the reality that he is still obsessed. Sad.


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