Eric Oberhausen: You Are Preaching Self-Hate

Gallaudet University: Which is Better Flag Bearer?

This video will discuss EPHPHATHA why it has been continue to practice religious bigotry to process Deaf people into hearing people and hegemonize linguistic and cultural behavior, and religion related to ‘deafness’.

The social change, language planning, politics, and why the administration is letting the religion myth affect the future of the Deaf community.  After all, it is a false prophet with the flag bearer carrying the wrong message.



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As Speechless As You Are


After collecting and reading archived letters from Gallaudet University about EPHPHATHA in my previous blog with 12 different posts, (I could not upload all the images at once, so I had to split different posts and I apologize about that) it is still blurry and very limited information. We the Deaf need to report Audism, language aversion, our language, and our culture. Removing EPHPHATHA will design to empower the Deaf community to prevent these religious “bad omen” or “witch hunt” to heal and minimize the false beliefs and negative feelings that people have about the Deaf. What does Deaf people feel like when they drive by, walk by nor walk around Gallaudet and see EPHPHATHA playing behind the fence? Deaf people on display?

EPHPHATHA is driving Deaf people out of their state of being Deaf and only sees the world of action to make sure that Deaf people do not think and desire their own culture because EPHPHATHA is an everyday influence on Gallaudet’s seal which has a huge power-playing and that is why Deaf people do not talk much about it. Talking about EPHPHATHA is an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves as Deaf people and I think it is very important to know that we need to reclaim our lives back in good conscience. Not only that the term also fragmentize the Deaf community into quattuordecillion pieces.

Deaf people must fight against the religious belief to heal us in order to preserve our language and our culture for future generations. Gallaudet needs to know that every Deaf citizen’s rights to be rooted in the free pursuit of happiness. “Be Thou Opened” has nothing to do with the opening of mind, knowledge, education, learning, whatever, but we must look at the very ORIGIN of the term: healing ears and speech. That is very much hidden message. Every English word always has the ORIGIN meaning of it. We must remember to recognize the origin meaning first. The term itself taught the university how NOT to tolerate diversity.

From one of my favorite books, Cultural Studies in the Future Tense by Lawrence Grossberg wrote Cultural Studies describes how people’s everyday lives are articulated by and with culture. It investigates how people are empowered and disempowered by the particular structures and forces that organize their everyday lives in contradictory ways and their (everyday) lives are themselves articulated to and by the trajectories of economic, social, cultural, and political power..This is, seeks to understand not only the organization of power, but also the possibilities of survival, struggle, resistance, and change. It takes contestation for granted, not as a reality in every instance, but as an assumption necessary for the existence of critical work, political opposition, and even historical change.”  

It is time to make a substantive democracy and work for real change. EPHPHATHA is divided. We, the Deaf people, are united. It is pretty much evident that Audists are holding large claims on Gallaudet’s property, including a fair amount of government debt. President Hurwitz is not the president we need. He is not doing his job. We have to let him ago. We need to get back in shape. It is pretty easy choice when you compare two circus clowns, I. King Jordan and Alan Hurwitz that lie at the drop of their teeth every time they speak, worship only the greed of EPHPHATHA and never tell us what their plans who allows the obstruction of Audism on the Gallaudet seal. Both are members of Alexander Graham Bell Association. No character and heart for the Deaf community at all.

It is time to propose to the Gallaudet administration that it is enough to play mind games with Deaf people’s emotions. We need to get ourselves involved in this hidden term and remove it. Our activism needs to make a loud statement and let them know that our conviction that EPHPHATHA is wrong. Why does Gallaudet fail Deaf people from not succeeding their hearing abilities? Deaf people should not been criticized and their biggest liabilities are to be succeed and get a fair education from Gallaudet without the term wringing their necks around. EPHPHATHA does not contribute to the cultural diversity of this Deaf community and makes us invisible in this world. Removing the term off the seal will bring Deaf people a place of belonging, but if the term is still there, then Deaf people will deny their sense of belonging. Simple.


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Edward Miner Gallaudet’s EPHPHATHA TYPED Letter

Washington May 24 1864

A meeting of the Directors of this Institution was held at the house of Rev. Dr. Sunderland at 10 O’Clock this morning.

Present Meers (?) Hall Mitchell and Sunderland, and Mr. Gallaudet the Superintendent.
        At 11 O’Clock and 20 minuts, no other members of the Board appearing, the meeting was organized by the selection of Mr. Hall as Chairman and Mr. Gallaudet as    
        Secretary Gao tem (?)

The reading of the minutes of the last meeting was dispensed with.

Mr. Gallaudet presented to the Board forms for certificates and diplomas; the former (to be given to pupils completing the course of study in the Academic Department, or learning in good standing before finishing the course) being in English, and the latter (to be used in conferring degrees) being in Latin.

Mr. Gallaudet stated to the Board that he had prepared the forms just read, as authorized by a resolution passed at the last meeting; that he had not supposed there would be any difference of opinion as to the use of Latin in the Diploma to be used in conferring degrees; but that on consulting Mr. Kendall a few days since, he found him decidedly opposed to the use of Latin and in favor of having the Diplomas in English; that on learning the opinion of Mr. Kendall, he thought it best to refer the matter to the Directors and ask them to decide what should be done.

After a full discussion of the question by all the members present, the forms presented by Mr. Gallaudet. were on motion of Mr. Mitchell unanimously adopted.

Mr. Gallaudet also submitted a design for a corporate seal: as following An open bible, bearing the word Ephphatha (“Be Opened”) in Syriac characters around the Bible the same word in the characters of the Deaf-mute alphabet; the rim of the seal containing the words Academica Columbiana.

Dr Sunderland suggested that thirteen stars be inserted in the rim filling up the spaces between the words Academia and Columbiana, and the shield of the United States placed within the rim at the foot of the Bible.

These suggestions were concurred in, and the design as completed was on motion of Dr. Sunderland unanimously adopted as the corporate seal of the Institution.
Dr. Sunderland from the Committee appointed as the last meeting to recommend such action as might be found necessary in view of the organization of a Collegiate department, reported the following resolutions which were unanimously adopted.

RESOLVED. That the Superintendent be and he is hereby authorized to employ an additional Instructor of the Deaf & Dumb at a salary not exceeding Eighteen hundred dollars per annum.

The Superintendent is also authorized to increase the salary of the Third Instructor of the Deaf & Dumb from five hundred to six hundred dollars per annum; and to employ, when occasion requires, an additional Instructor of the Deaf & Dumb at a salary not exceeding three hundred and fifty dollars per annum with board.

RESOLVED. That all Instructors employed in the Collegiate Department shall be termed Professors.
RESOLVED. That the honorary degree of Masters of Arts be conferred upon John Carlin of Newport City (?) at the close of the present Academic year.

Mr. Hall placed in the hands of the Superintendent a roll of parachment (?) containing twenty seven sheets suitable to be used in the preparation of diplomas.
On motion of Dr. Sunderland, the meeting was then adjourned.

E.M. Gallaudet
Sec. Pro Term.