A Change of Heart in Deaf Community


Yale Law School. 2014. 

It does not matter if Deaf returned citizen deserves a second chance in life. They focus on being good citizens and neighbors or yours and mine. The term “returned citizen” in the way the society is always in the ‘current tense’ and not the ‘past tense’—why is that? The answer lies in the greatest assumptions that formed in the rumor-mill community—Deaf community. That is to be said that it is trash in—-trash out. The society is a myth and bullshit had more weight than facts and forgotten stories on Deaf returned citizens.

Remember the old days in 1950s and 1960s, East Germany, a very highly police state—that was enforced into strict laws and codes for its citizens to follow such as early curfew, neighbors were actually forced to spy on one another, prohibition on foreign travel even free political speech was something that would get you killed. Back in that time, East Germany’s criminal justice system would get people killed even if they’re innocent or even for minor crimes as kids.

That is the old dilemma of the balance between dealing and understanding freedom and at the same time, minimizing crime. It is very difficult to understand this. Of course, I completely understand that in a society that a freedom is maximized. Deaf returned citizens are free to do good things. I’ve paid my debt to the society as a young and lost kid 31 years ago, and that is what a self-healing society is all about.

Of course, it is very difficult to understand that a free and healthy society that would forgive people who had committed a bad act. I know the feeling. I really do! Imagine a self-healing society that teaches freedom—for everyone, including Deaf returned citizens, at the same time, think about the self-healing society that has been interrupted by rumormongers—again at the same time, I deserve to resume a life of freedom.

I believe in the full circle of healing to occur anytime, anywhere. It is the forgiveness that is the missing component here in America with respect to help healing the wounds in the society. Do Deaf Americans do can better than to treat Deaf returned citizens with contempt and hate? It is about the matter of healthy society. Can we show the world that we are committed to understand Deaf returned citizens’ struggling stories where they are often ignored and rejected from the society?


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Gallaudet University is The Hammer and HOEZ is a Nail


“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” (Abraham Harold Maslow, Psychology of Science: A Reconnaissance 15-16: 1966.)

This post need to visit the perpetual tension between Gallaudet University and Deaf community and its impact on movement building toward social justice. There has been a lot of talk about H-O-E-Z, a “frat” that is not coined as a Greek organization through legality, they had made the frat an “underground” a competition who to fuck the most on girls and boys. Like a documentary film called The Hunting Ground released in 2015, exposing to tackle the disturbing epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses and school officials’ efforts to cover up the crimes. Gallaudet University is number one in college rapes, the officials who has been the face of familiarity for the last 25 years.

From a private e-mail with strong Gallaudet roots,

“Many people here at Gallaudet were wholly unsatisfied with the University’s PR response to that report. The PR director from that time is now gone from Gallaudet shortly after President Bobbi Cordano arrived. Whether her departure is related to this particular issue is not something I’m aware of, but it’s something that, along with other changes in how Gallaudet, as a community, is responding to issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, sexual assault, and biases based on religion as well as Audism and language bigotry have sparked a sense that we are perhaps seeing the end of the ‘old guard’ and turning a corner on many of these issues.”

“Men, This is For You” written in Buff and Blue: http://www.thebuffandblue.net/?p=14484

There is a world of difference about silence, a requirement to raise our awareness. Those 20 guys do wrong to others and have a great sense of guilt and empathy for those survivors. I am sure that applies to other people as well.

There is nothing to be gained by rehashing this serious issue. It has been years and years. Alumnus and Alumni should not to pay more money to Gallaudet University to properly administer a change at Gallaudet. There has been plenty of widespread violation of survivors’ pursuit of happiness and running red lights on Florida Ave, but there also has no interest in getting those guys to face serious violation. Gallaudet University is a federally-funded that has strong ties through Congressional Apportionment. Gallaudet University could not afford the truth;

First and foremost, survivors are our community accountability that includes many different tools for its usage. Communication is one of the community accountability, and requires at least two parties to determine its effectiveness. However, a dominant administration official trends to surpass. It seems absolutely odd to me that silence should be the dominant at Gallaudet, considering the student population but it takes a small group of faculty (Faculty Senate, for example) that gets silence under the control, the language oppression should be broken.

Faculty senate could all put 100% effort of their salaries and education and yet, we would still not have a perfectly safe society at Gallaudet. The taxation and representation in DC, you see those DC license plates that says “Taxation and Representation”—are negligibly beneficial. We could all get the exactly same minor benefits that we get from them by doing what all should be doing anyway—if we are concerned about forgetting about what really happened. H-O-E-Z is an adjunct idiotic idea that the guys have enabled and promoted, are counterproductive, immoral, un-American, thieving and often illegal. They cannot be punished of a dysfunctional personality if they refuse to take full responsibility for the damage they have done to their survivors, to admit that what they have done is legally and morally wrong and unacceptable.


The big question, are the guys are also survivors in this picture? The democratic values of equality and self-healing societies do things: We focus on healing all parties of community accountability. Survivors become good law-abiding next door neighbors. When survivors see a familiar face, their bodies break down in pieces hurting. All the survivors mirror each other, they speak only for themselves, not their fellow survivors.

Is it about politics that is part of a process by making collective decisions in Gallaudet community through the application of influence and power? Who makes, enforces, and implement political decision to promote the success of students prior to and and at GU? If Gallaudet University administration can violate the legal rights of survivors, they can violate the rights of anybody and besides, for the administration to use legal tricks to avoid the spirit of Gallaudet University, then what does that say about administration we elect to office today?

Second link: An ASL vlogger makes a video, “Hoez” that can be found in link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts6vyoZvOUY

The survivors have the options of contacting Title IX director, Ms. Sharrell McCaskill, with any further information of complaints. They have also the option of reporting to the police and the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Again though, would it give them much coming out of that given the time frame of when the hate crime occurred?

Again, another private e-mail from someone else:

“Sexual violence is, of course, a systemic as well as individual issue. That American society is now talking about Culture of Rape is a sign that we are making some progress in examining how this system works in a multitude of ways to perpetuate the devaluation of victims of criminal acts of sexual violence and particularly those to identify as women. Yet that progress is horrifically slow and incomplete at this point in our societal shift. Gallaudet’s response to exposing, discussing, and addressing this systemic change is an actual shift of both attitudes and generational attrition as ‘those of yesteryear’ retire and their ability to control the discourse on this an other issues fades. However, Gallaudet is also guilty of the same systemic issues of institutional inertia and self-preservation that plague all of American society and prevent rapid progress toward necessary changes.

Similarly, it’s horrifying to confront that those who benefited from the silence and silencing of victims in a time when awareness of a culture of rape was non-existent are still in positions of power and influence.  Again, Gallaudet is not unique in this situation.”

I hope President Cornado would take swift action against 20 guys and the people in the administration who dodges the responsibility for more than 25 years by using the tool of a hammer and treat everything as a nail. Is that not enough? Just like Silent Screams was written in 1994 published by PEOPLE. The teeth and hands says it all.


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