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Can We Stop Hate in Progress?


Charlottesville, Virginia. The site of Heather Heyer. October 2017.

There has been a recent funded-study by federal guidelines, 450 human bodies that has been killed by the far right since 1990—the same year where Hate Crime Statistics Act has signed by President George H.W. Bush. That we must never forget.

Last October 2017, I visited Charlottesville, Virginia where ALT-Right movements killed Heather Heyer last August; the white supremacy must be brought up to have it rejected for the sake of humanity. I am all support to stop hate. We do not need white supremacy running our streets anymore. Not in my space. Do we have time to hate? Just yesterday, 13th of November, it was World Kindness Day. That we must never forget.

I remember in 1988 as a 14 years old kid, there was huge news about the murder of Mulugeta Seraw in Portland in the hands of skinheads, with hate ties to bad-ass white supremacy group. I was visiting my mother in Northeast Portland that time. I remember that day very well. I’ve really wished to keep that newspaper. In fact, it had happened on November 13th as well. It has hit Portland very hard.

Portland was put on an international spotlight on a map all because of this. Portland Trail Blazers might had won NBA championship in 1977. But, this one is 849,325 times bigger news than NBA championship. After Seraw’s death, Portland is not the same. Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) became the face of kindness. Morris Dees, the lead counsel for SPLC won the case in Portland. Talk about World Kindness Day! It will be always in my memory. It is a powerful trait. That we never forget.

When my hate crime professor talked about Mulugeta Seraw in a classroom in 2007, memories brought up. It was painful but at the same time, we need to remind that we must tolerate against any form of hate. It has opened my eyes to the endless of ideas and responsibilities to talk and write more about hate crime. It is part of my civic duty. We also need to bring up and discuss about hate groups and of course, far right and alt-right.

I am in solidarity with people of color, Muslims, Native Americans, and Deaf people where Trump’s support of white supremacy and its hate groups have in the tide wave of hate crimes. Recently with couple of hours ago, FBI announced that its hate crime report for 2016 has brought up with bad news that for second straight year of increasing—the first time it has actually happened in a decade. We were getting better until Trump showed up in the name of hate. Do we even realize that a decade is long time to heal from pain? We were just getting better. That we never forget.


The total of hate crimes for 2016:

6,121 incidents. Ouch.

Stop FAR RIGHT and ALT-RIGHT. We do not need another Charlottesville. Anywhere. That is why we need to remind how to teach love, not hate. That we never forget. Let’s embrace social justice! Be sure to read the references below.

The wicked envy and hate; it is their way of admiring“-Victor Hugo


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Free Speech vs Hate Speech

Discussing between Free Speech as noted in United States Constitution First Amendment that allows hate speech which is a BIG PROBLEM today in America. Jeremy Joseph Christian who murdered two guys through HATE SPEECH on Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) in Portland, Oregon on May 26, 2017 thinks he has the “right” to provoke it based on FREE SPEECH. Intimidation makes him even weaker person.



Open Letter for the Daily Moth

Hate Crime: A New Form of Islamphobia in America



Why not America toughen up hate speech laws like other countries?

See that picture above? MAX train. Powerful words. Emotional words. What happened on May 26, 2017 in Portland, Oregon intensified dramatically after the horrific hate crime event. Violence has grown exponentially—more like hate exponents targeting Muslim community. As of this writing, hate and murder have claimed two people that day—it has impacted my life even though I am living in District of Columbia, Portland was my home. My Pacific Northwest family roots are mostly in Portland.

The vast majority of shock and pain have been shared. The world witnessed the most violent single incident of hate-motivated violence so far in Portland, it is time for us to stop hate crime. Enough! It starts with us! Educate yourself and start stronger awareness!

This is also terrorism, an act of demonstrating the power in the eyes of white supremacists. Stop white privileges. White supremacy do not belong in Portland. Ignorance. Self-centered. No compassion. No cultural awareness.

As we cope with pain in a world that seems ever more dangerous and out of control, at the same time, white supremacists beam messages throughout the world that is attempting to demonize Muslims—carrying the new norm: Islamphobia. When I Signed up for Hate Crimes and Bias course ten years ago was one of my best decisions ever. After that, it is my civil duty to continue and educate my own community: Deaf community and how to stop hate crimes.

To my biggest surprise when I discovered that Oregon is now the national champion of higher hate and bias crimes than anyone in the United States TODAY! NO, I AM NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS PART. It is important to remember that Oregon was founded as a “white haven” and the only state not to follow 14th Amendment of the Constitution until 1973! Reminder: I made an ASL VLOG few weeks ago called Oregon’s Great Racism Roots: A History Lesson. Link:

The 14th Amendment has been part of the Constitution since 1868. Three years after Lincoln’s death. Portland is the whitest city in America. There are couple of skinheads groups, hate groups, white supremacists living in the underground. I would be more than happy to provide the names of groups at no charge.

Why did we not see that it would come back and haunt Oregon again that is now known as the number one in reporting hate crimes anywhere. We failed. They are trying to take Oregon back as the original “white haven”—not  very cool! Those same people who preach hate including Jeremy Joseph Christian who is now charged with hate crimes has made their names more painfully than perhaps any hate crime, even in Deaf community, too.

I will not support any kind of hate and stand together with Muslim community to denounce the hate. Portland do not need those haters. They do not belong there. Let’s give them the exile pass away from Oregon. Three people, two of them died and one of them got stabbed fighting hate.

In questioning hate crime what Jeremy Joseph Christian done, a majority of political favouritism supported by the white supremacists makes things even painful for my Pacific Northwest roots and go through stages of grief.

We do not need Trump’s White America. Jeremy Joseph Christian may put Portland on the map to gain attention to follow the lead, but we sure will empower peace trumps over hate. I’m one of them. White supremacists do not belong in my roots or Oregon in this matter.



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Starkey Hearing Foundation: Exhibition of the Oppressed


The first picture of the battery economics product of me for the first time.

The interview between the Daily Moth and California Association of the Deaf (CAD) president Julie Rems Smario and Secretary Deanna Bray was like watching a tennis game. It makes you wonder when the host asks “assonance” style, the term coined to take place when two ore more words close to the sound with the same vowel mix with different consonant sounds. Repeat hearing aids question. Repeat hearing aids question. Repeat hearing aids question.

Like Julie said, “hearing aids is a tool.” The hearing aids was a total waste of my human life for first 15 years—the batteries were a constant bullying against my dignity in school and even in my hometown, too. It is all about battery economics. Julie and Deanna stood fierce to preserve American Sign Language (ASL). They were both warriors of the week.


1986. Ball! Huh? Ball! Huh? 

Let me make clear on this. I argue against the battery economics why they should make profits off Deaf children. It is not about Deaf children—it is about language deprivation. The hearing aids were a major ache.

Couple of years ago, there was a major TV show, Home Extreme Make Over, came to Oregon to find the perfect spot. Oregon School for the Deaf. Until Sharla Jones, the outreach coordinator who were responsible to make direct flights bound for Starkey Hearing Foundation to take Deaf students in. That was exactly why Julie and Deanna are making great examples to prevent this again from clowns. It is a repeated cycle.

Language acquisition is the best key for higher education. It could have saved a lot of money away from battery economics. I can remember my days when I had no choice to wear hearing aids. One day during summer 1989, as 15 years old kid, I was with my father, brother, and cousin at a river down from my house that time. The river was owned by the family until 1978. That was the same year my mother took me out of Tucker-Maxon Oral School (TMOS) and that was where TMOS pulled a stunt and made me wear hearing aids. I would always remember the chief architect is. It is like born at first birth.


That was the last time I wore hearing aids on my left ear that summer for good.

TMOS ignored the language acquisition and used a lot of wrenches around my ears to make I command to hear. The wrenches coming out of the tool box to make the staff little richer when they come home and eat dinner with families each night.

After the CAD open letter for Starkey Hearing Foundation, what is more what Starkey Hearing Foundation mission is to label Deaf children of strained leadership. For example, William F. Austin, the Founder, Owner and CEO of Starkey Hearing Foundation was well known for labeling Deaf children to get into power and eventually, an oppressor. Putting hearing aids on Deaf children is a circus quoted in Julie’s words, is powerful.

The foundation has become necessary because it is fun to deliberately cofound Deaf children with the unknown; And to have a good laugh at their expense and ultimately to maintain status quo, ensuring Deaf children remain disempowered while the Starkey Hearing Foundation entertain a new mental plantation.

By not informing parents of Deaf children about ASL, that is all about dirty politics. By putting hearing aids on them for media circus, they simply get confused and by nature they need to go where they could become clear again in the light of new mental plantation to protest Starkey Hearing Foundation. Deaf culture and language is misclassified and misinterpreted. The labels easily mishandled.

The hearing aids—and the battery economics has caused strain in the relationship between me and my father. Sure, it is a nice wish for a change and take the advice that language acquisition on ASL would make a difference in the relationship with my father. I was designed to be a tool.

Are Deaf children still struck in the mud for battery economics? Thank you, Julie and Deanna!


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A Whirlwind: 2015 in Deaf Community


Year 2015 has been difficult for Deaf community in DC and the rest of America except Oregon. The majority of Deaf community’s Christmas present got delivered this year. In fact, you could say Deaf community got served with BIG RED MARKER: REJECTION.

Last October 2015, the city of Portland, Oregon—where I am proudly come from has required ALL the TVs be captioned in restaurants, hotels, gyms, anywhere—and that is what it should be! America is home of 250+ millionaires, and strange politicians. Washington, DC—the city councilors fails to understand that DC is strong as another “DC”—Deaf City/Community, even some people said “Dysfunctional City” and is home of Gallaudet University, the strong provider in the world that serves Deaf students was told with many stories about Deaf people’s gifts and struggles in higher education.

Portland, Oregon has pronounced the top city in the country to provide closed captions ON all the time–anywhere or face $500 fine is a great honor! In the intellectual world, Portland has topped DC, which is like outdoing Los Angeles in movie stars or Beijing in pollution. How come DC or maybe even the Deaf community did not fight harder and push for laws that require captioning in DC?

I was so impressed by how seriously Portland takes this as a golden opportunity. You know how important for people to eat breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day—and Deaf people in Portland would not have to worry anymore and live in peace and harmony. Whether Deaf people visit Portland or not, they will take it as a rich experience they will never forget.

Nothing surprises me that Portland is number one in many areas. Keep Portland Weird! Over the past 30 years—and there was a time when Washington, DC, despite being located at the intersection of Florida Avenue and West Virginia, students were struggling to get full accessibility in communication, information, and knowledge. Politics in DC has been driven not only by our attitudes but also by our atmosphere, and some of that atmosphere did not change right beneath our tables.

If DC wants to serve and respect Deaf community with captions ALL THE TIME, it would give them greater advantage to minimize the power dynamics of Audism when Deaf customers had to deal with so many issues ranging from “Sorry, the remote is not working, I do not know how to do it, other customers would complain, try and lip read them, and others” worrying that they will lose customers. It is all about managers being paid to make customers happy expect Deaf people.

DC needs to change of ownership and give Deaf people the total accessibility. It would be a human wise to do it. Stop being a policy maintaining the quality of customers and whiners and it is time to give Deaf people the same accessibility as hearing customers do when they pay taxes, too. The whiners are a toxic people caused by lack of awareness and education. Would you imagine what DC would be like when all the restaurants, hotels, gyms, buildings, museums, and many others become an imaginative shape as when Gallaudet University was built in 1864 to give Deaf people life——displaying the awareness of our Deaf culture. Can it enrich our experience, it would take DC to set a good example like the city of Portland, Oregon did for Deaf community?

Look at this way: Washington, DC was founded in 1790, and has 672,000+ people as of 2015, and Portland, Oregon, founded in 1845, and has 620,000+ people as of 2014. That’s only 52,000 people greater or lesser in both cities. Quite embarrassing for DC to set a good example, right? One of the largest Deaf communities in DC and its greater area.

Washington, DC set a ripple effect for Deaf community in 1990: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved and that was a huge change in human evolution! Yet, 25 years later, no changes in the same city it was approved with the same ADA home page that provides access to ADA regulations for business, state, and local governments, technical, and the list goes on.

Come on, DC, bring the entire showcase and make DC happy! Why people are making Deaf people suffer dysfunctional these days? Regardless of “DC” stands for. You decide. Maybe this is the agenda for 2016 and makes changes!



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A Not-So-Noble Cause to Support

196734_10150114084468520_558913519_6531902_269564_nPlease welcome Star Leonard-Fleckman as my guest of the day. When I asked my father a simple question, “were you swayed by the audiologists and doctors who gave you both their first “intervention”? And try to remember what exactly happened and maybe try with names and their presence means very much to me. Then he answers back,

I am trying to remember this when we found out you were deaf the doctors said that TMOS (Tucker-Maxon Oral School) was the best place for you because they could teach you how to hear with aids and visual help. There was a lady named Star Leonard and she was really good and helpful. The reason you went there instead of deaf school was that the doctors felt it was too much of a closed environment and would not be good fit for you, as you get older.

IMG_1096In this newspaper clip you see, Star Leonard “sweet-talk” and deceives my mother and father with the philosophy that I would be more “hearing” child and wipe off my Deaf identity. She grabs and holds both of my hands in this picture are very much clear of human rights violation!

Star Leonard-Fleckman breeds stupidity and seemingly comfortable with leading Deaf children where they want to go. LISTEN AND TALK. She seems to find the balance of oppressive policies that allows to please Deaf children in school who hopes for sound-oriented leadership the minute she took her office which indicates both of streak of fruitful oppression and a Deaf child’s value of compromise.

As in her biography, she writes “I had a bit of exposure, as my aunt’s sister had a son who was deaf and attended Tucker-Maxon in Portland, OR. Every summer, Bobby would stay with my aunt and her family for a month while she gave her sister a month of respite. Events just placed me with the right person at Oregon State in my senior year and he introduced me to the only oral teacher at State School For The Deaf in Salem. Once a week for my senior year I worked in Mrs. Taylor’s classroom. She told me about CID and the rest is history…”


[Human Being becomes…………………………………Human Doing]

“I earned a bachelor’s degree in child development from Oregon State University, a master’s degree in the education of deaf children from Central Institute For The Deaf in St. Louis, and was a Preschool Teacher and Parent Infant Coordinator at Tucker-Maxon Oral School in Portland, Oregon. “

Star was partially responsible for my parents’ divorce. After all, she said, “I love watching the whole family system grow stronger as they learn more about raising a child with hearing loss. Knowing that I have a knowledgeable group of professionals to support me great comfort”

It is funny how knowledgeable was written in there and that is how the profession of an interventionist trains to tell lies. Look at my mother and father how they smile including Star herself. Notice something missing? I did not smile. Click the image for bigger size.

jt1976Leonard-Fleckman is not a great early interventionist or an audiologist for this matter or good interventionist either, but certainly stupider than average. I like it when she speaks about policies, I disagree with her and the school’s values and I wish her well. Tucker-Maxon Oral School is a political center that brings an ax to grind to ethnocide Deaf children around and deal with this way.

Do not allow human body resistance again! American Sign Language shall be rejoiced!



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