Stand in Solidarity with Black Deaf Community and Black Lives Matter!

Keep up the solidarity against the inhumane conditions targeting Black Deaf community and Black community for years and years. Enough! More than ever, our support needs to spread the powerful impact at what may be one of the most critical timing right now in our lifetime for the future of America.

Phoenix Police: YOU FUCKING DEAF!?

Phoenix police pulling a gun on parents of four years old whom “mistook” toy doll from store in Phoenix, Arizona, it was trauma enough of them and I support them in suing them for ten (10) million dollars. The family is people of color. The officers who pulled a gun on them were the majority of white.

You had seen the video of police officers cursing at civilians, with scary tactics and death threats which is totally unnecessary, but this witness video where a police officer by the name of Officer Christopher Meyer, who is way too white yells, “I’m gonna fucking put a cap right in your fucking head.” RIGHT FRONT of their own innocent children.

But the big reason I am writing this because Officer Meyer said to the parents who are very much hearing, “YOU FUCKING DEAF!?” and that is where it draws with line. The point is then why it is OK for police officer to use “DEAF” for? Does it mean that Phoenix police does not have any compassion for Deaf community? Think about Phoenix police’s motto: To Ensure the Safety and Security for Each Person in our Community.

Can we ever think about ensure the safety of Deaf people when police officers say, “YOU FUCKING DEAF!?”—Question the safety of police department itself. What I see that is police brutality and mean-spirited statement.

Let’s turn our thoughts to the oppression and it strikes me that the professionalism and leadership of police department in Phoenix is ideological more than phenomenal rather than generosity. Its ambition is to weaken or oppress Deaf Culture based on hearing privileges.

“DEAF” is very sensitive topic to Deaf community. The police department in Phoenix, Arizona hurts Deaf community badly even if Deaf community did not realize how much it hurts them more than the society understands.

Should Deaf citizens in Arizona accept the fact that the police department have all the power to practice language hegemony, and why Deaf citizens are not aware that in state of Arizona that police officers are currently using hateful language using “YOU FUCKING DEAF!?” that there are to practiced in gain and loss. Our society judges gain to be good and loss to be bad, but mocking DEAF in language and culture—what do you call this? Where is bias training? Is it a hate speech?



The media, including this Officer Christopher Meyer, has judged the action of using DEAF in spoken language to be bad and ignorant. The law enforcement was supposed to “protect and respect” instead of intimidation and culture of fear. There are plenty of bias in police departments all over country.

The practice of “hate spew”—YOU FUCKING DEAF!?—is a projection from the professional ignorance of their nature that as long as there is bullying language, and it was shameful of Phoenix Police Department for culture of bullying.

How come Arizona Association of the Deaf (AZAD) did not take action quick enough to recognize the bullying language by police department to mock “YOU FUCKING DEAF!?” in spoken English language that is often known for oppression. Is this a good example of police terrorism?

Why are Deaf people continue to be oppressed that police department know enough to use spoken language by encouraging hateful, explicit, bigoted, violent to suppress and sabotage not only Deaf community, but also the Deaf citizens who seeks the safety and security as each person in Phoenix community, how would Deaf community in Arizona deal with that?


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Are Deaf People Being Certified to be Killed in the Public Trust?

In Memory of Magidel Sanchez: Who Says Deaf Was “Irrelevant?”


The state of Oklahoma has decided not to charge police officers for the murder claimed that it was justified aka “good or legitimate reason” shooting. In Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindess:

“Most striking, perhaps, is the overwhelming evidence that implicit bias measures are disassociated from the explicit bias measures. In fact, studies indicate that people become increasingly harsh when an alleged criminal is darker and more “stereotypically black”; they are more lenient when the accused is lighter and appears more stereotypically white. This is true of jurors as well as law enforcement officers.”

It is a real tragic what happened in Oklahoma City where Magdiel Sanchez, a Deaf Disabled Latino man were killed by police which its job was sloppy and unprofessional. It was all about about stereotypes because Magdiel was Latino and Deaf. It could have been avoided. It could have easier for all of us. It could have better compassion. It was unbelievably, without question, what David Prater, District Attorney for the state of Oklahoma, created Audism, by saying: “the fact that Sanchez was deaf was “irrelevant”….you don’t need to hear to know what these officers are saying to you.” OUCH! That’s really low! Maybe one of the lamest excuses ever coming from District Attorneys anywhere. The definition of irrelevant:

Adjective. Not connected with or relevant to something. Of course, Deaf people are not connected with the social acceptance! Seeing Audism is not the problem, how will we accept and learn how to care for the people we see which people would see it as a problem? Why is that? How can it be irrelevant? Mr. Prater does not know what it feels like to be Deaf. That is not his place to say that. Totally not necessary. Not so cool.

Do you think David Prater is a Audist? It is not the first time he said that. He said same thing about Pearl Pearson, a Deaf Black man. He does not even care about Deaf people. The letter Prater writes about Pearson, “he was either hearing impaired or that he couldn’t hear due to the loud traffic noise…” shows that he lacks awareness about Deaf culture. That is the problem that there are not ENOUGH awareness training about Deaf people in police academy. They’d fuck you over.

Suppose, if we follow the quote written by Jose Zalaquett Daher:

If you close a wound without cleaning it, it will fester and reappear.”

How can Deaf community heal a wound when a Deaf man who was unarmed and completely innocent was shot several times when he cannot hear the commands? Will it re-appear somewhere in America when a Deaf person gets killed by police for being “Deaf”? It is a high probability even if it is unpredictable in the hidden statistics, yes, it will be. The double oppression in this police brutality, it was also added Racism played a big factor in this scene.


Ready for the bigger problem? In Oklahoma, if someone wants to be a police officer, they’d have to pass psychological evaluation by licensed psychologist in the state of Oklahoma, and that was the iceberg of the ignorance. So, if it comes to psychological evaluation, was there a question mark down, “How would you deal with Deaf person?” It is critical! They cannot IGNORE that question. Deaf people cannot be left out of the social acceptance. We must not forget sensitivity training.

What works to get Deaf community to build trust with police by having a policy from Deaf community to make a statement, “our policy is take four years ASL classes, Deaf Studies, and Deaf Culture as a requirement for police departments.” It would keep build better awareness. It is not that hard. Deaf people have lived enough to deal with the fact they are living in strong-dominated hearing community. Is that not hard to see that?

We do not need Trump’s policy to beef up harsher police brutality and harm Deaf people. Police brutality is one of the greatest social problems; we shall explore the social position of oppression (Audism and Racism) in Deaf community and discuss how Audism and Racism intersects with Deaf community, and what is involved to talk more about Audism and Racism? Then we can consider the position of oppression in the institutional areas of Deaf people. We can conclude the awareness with an examination of social movements and social change.

As for the police officers and David Prater, who refused to accept the fact that they created Audism and Racism—isn’t that a double standard? The American spirit: the history of hidden Audism as a way of looking at life? Whatever happened to the circle of freedom? Such questions like that were necessary because in the case of Deaf community, pain is seeded as originated from the viewpoints. Do American spirit define Deaf community as a people and nation? That includes immigrants, too. Any one.

Seeing Deaf people gets killed by police—may have caused us all to deal and suffer at what a long way we have come. It is not the first time that police got away with the murder of unharmed Deaf people. It could happen to one of us.


Blink. Blink. Blink. Tick. Tock. Forgotten soul. We must not forget Magdiel Sanchez. We must remember this from Magdiel’s family initial press statement dated September 22, 2017:

“We are devastated by Magdiel’s death and the fact it occurred at the hands of OKCPD even though he was not a suspect for any crime, was not breaking any laws, and was standing in his own front yard with his trusted walking stick.”

***OKCPD stands for Oklahoma City Police Department***


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Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindess. Page 107.





Here……………Meet My Stalker


Text conversation between me and my dad

My name is Jason JT Tozier; I have been a returned citizen for more than two decades. I committed to myself that I would change my life around. In a breathtaking feat of rehabilitation, I graduated with three university degrees all with honors. My family has been very supportive of me and told me that they are very proud of my accomplishments what I had done the last ten years. My relationship with my family may not easy and we are all in together. We love each other and they understood my mistakes. They make mistakes, too. We get in touch every week. In fact, I talked with my mother and father yesterday. The other day, my brother was doing well!

I was convicted in 1996 at age of 21 years old; it does not mean I committed a crime at 21. Please do not be confused. It all began when I was 12 years old. I may not be perfect; One day, I will tell a story about it. It is my story. No one KNOWS the truth–only me and my family. However, I would like to write about Gary McNicholas, a true blood stalker in heart. He has been stalking, harassing, and profiling me for really long time. What kind of immaturity is that? I had informed my family about Gary what he did to me yesterday and they were not very happy. We are trying to figure it out with next step about him.

I need to tell you what Gary had really done to me for the last 25 years. First of all, we were not friends in 1983; we were neighbors, 4 miles apart from where my family lives. I knew him around 1990 through mutual friends. We were not friends for much longer where I decided to end in 1996 after realizing who Gary is.


He would show up at my family’s property unannounced and would invade and stalk my family. You have no idea. When he asked my permission if he can make a phone call through TTY for few minutes, I said, sure, go ahead—my father was not home that time then 20 minutes later, my family got home, and all of sudden, police cars showed up and Gary was standing there thinking it was funny and blamed all on me for making a prank call to 911. That was when I was 15. Gary was good at that. He was eight or nine years older than me. That was first red flag. Yes, exactly what my father said, “He’s a puke bag!”

The worst thing was that when I was 17 years old, staying at my mother’s house for the weekend and Gary drove all the way—it was an hour drive and broke into my mother’s house by entering into the back door while holding a mace where my mother’s dog, Snapper was barking and protecting us while we were sleeping, then my mother woke up right away and saw what Gary did with a mace that could have killed Snapper—my mother became very upset and scared. I remember seeing her visually shaken. I really remember that day. How did he find me? Old fashioned phone books with all the names and address. That’s how he found my mother’s house.

Gary became defensive and said that “I have every right to break into your house and protect myself from the dog” and I was really surprised. Then that was where my mother got orders against Gary in 1997 not to visit my mother ever again. That was the second red flag. Gary had been following me where I work, reside, or whatever. He thinks he “cannot” be touched because of police privileges in his family. His stepfather, mother, brother, sister is police officers with Vancouver Police Department and few family members who are in Fire Department. So, whatever happens to Gary, he would get away with it.

For example, when I got out of jail in 1996, three years later, I was living in downtown Vancouver on West Evergreen Blvd at a crappy apartment complex, the worst of all in Vancouver, one evening I was about to take trash out in the back, and all of sudden, I was very shocked to see Gary was standing there talking to my apartment manager and told her how dangerous I am and all that with spinning lies. He did not even know where I was living. Then I realized how he found me. Gary will tell you that he deny this in a heartbeat.

Then I confronted him and he became nervous and left. As soon as he left, I called my father right away on TTY, of course, and told him what happened. Boy, my father was not very happy and I made a police report against Gary for harassment and stalking. He was never reported. You know why. That was third red flag.

One year later, when I was sitting in my living room reading a book and spending time with my flurry children, Lenny and Penny. That night, the windows were broken into pieces with two rocks on the floor and I quickly went to see another window in kitchen to see who did this and it was Gary. Of course, I made another police report, but the problem is that Gary cannot be touched because of his family privileges. That’s the problem. That is fourth red flag.

Few years later, I was interviewing for a job at Target, and was surprised that Gary showed up at Target and told the managers about me. That is fifth red flag. How did he know that I was having a job interview? Because, I told my old friend about it and that’s how Gary got it from that friend. Gary would do everything to destroy my life and wants to see me die as much as it would please him every minute.

Then in 2009, I was employed for a big company and a full time student, and found my time to attend Deaf Expo with friends in Portland, Gary was there and begun to follow me everywhere. It’s really sickening. I did not let him bother me or come near me at all—as soon as I was bout to leave Expo to go to work, he actually threatened me with mace with “evil face”—for what? Oh yes, sixth red flag! I wasn’t even scared of him!

A year later after Deaf Expo, I was invited to a Super Bowl party with Deaf friends and I have not seen that person since 1987. She was telling me that she heard awful rumors about me from Gary and believed him for a while until she invited him to come at a local high school to attend ASL classes as a guest then she saw something that really made her uncomfortable where Gary was flirting and getting phone numbers from underage students. He even kept all the numbers in his notebook. Then the ASL teacher asked him to leave and do not come back again ever. She said that she made a mistake by not calling police in the first place.

Wait, there are more. Last spring 2017; I learned that he was attempting to fly all the way to DC from Las Vegas where he was living that time to show up at my house through someone else. If he shows up at my house, I will have him arrested for harassing. Gary has been terrorizing, stalking, and harassing me for years and years. What is the worst part? He is into Jesus, and a Trump supporter. That tells you a lot. Sigh, seventh red flag.

Most recently, he wrote several Facebook posts few days ago, telling lies about my family and myself, which is easy to call him out for slander and defamation. I will write few posts what he wrote. My family and I are going to do something about this. Yes, eighth red flag. Remember, I saved all the snapshots what Gary said. Cannot wait to show it to the police and court. The term of harassment—–“cyberstalking” which has not been criminalized until 1999 and then I realized about that now.

“Hey please don’t listen to Jason Tozier at all because everything Jason says on his blogs is 100% lie. He is a liar. He lies to people all the time.”

“He did this when he was 21 years old. Jason turned himself in and told the detective what he did to avoid paying the crime fines.”

“No Jason will NEVER change his behavior. He will never stop lying to people.”

“Shawn [Shawn M. Owens] please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil guy.”

“Now Jason and I are enemies. I don’t care. He is a bad news”

Shawn M. Owens writes to him: “So sad to hear about that. Sounds like you endured through tons of crap, especially with Jason.”

“He was ok when he was a young kid. He is a nasty and creepy guy.”

“He always lies to people since his childhood. He thinks about himself and he is self centered. He treats his family badly since he was a teenager. His family is very good and stable. He has the mental issues”

“Everything Jason said on his link is a 100% lie. Only 5% of his stories are the truth.”

“Jason is a liar and a troublemaker. He is not honest guy. He always deceives people. I saw his blogs. Everything he says is a 100% lie.”

“I know his entire family. His family is very good and stable.

“Jason treated his family badly. I was there when it happened.”

“Hey I know Jason very well. I’ve known him since 1983.”

No, I did not do this when I was 21 years old. I was 12 years old that time. No, I never told the detective just because I wanted to avoid the crime fines. Where did he get that idea? By the way, the detective and I were in the room alone along with an interpreter and Gary did not have access to detective’s files. That’s a big fat lie. Prove me that I told the detective just because I wanted to avoid the crime fines. Show me the proof please.

Funny when he said, “No Jason will NEVER change his behavior. He will never stop lying to people.”—Well, Gary will NEVER change his behavior where he is STILL STALKING me and he HATES the fact that I am telling the truth and I’ve been super honest for long time. So, it was Gary who will never stop lying to people in the first place. Tsk Tsk. That is an evil act. Gary is really jealous of me because I had accomplished many things that he cannot do.

I do not care if we are enemies. He made himself an enemy anyway. I had endured a lot of shit from him. So, please do not feel sorry for Gary. Since Gary said that I treated my family badly since I was a teenager and I have the mental issues—that’s funny because I just talked with my mother and father yesterday and we all are on good terms. Who has the mental issues first place? Oh yes, Gary!

No, he does not know my entire family. My now deceased grandparents hated every minute of him stalking my family’s property and one day, my father and grandfather told him not to come back ever again after what he did to my family. They had enough of him. HE WAS NEVER THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED. Gary said that he knows me very well since 1983. No, it is not true! He does not know my family well either! Since 1983?


By the way, if it was 1983, I was nine years old that time and he would hang out with a young boy that makes him a pervert. Think about that, huh? I would have remembered him. It was 1990 when I met him. Also, Gary is so bad at math when he said, ““Everything Jason said on his link is a 100% lie. Only 5% of his stories are the truth.”—Hmmm…how did it work in math? My blogs are honest—and what Gary told people about me are 100% lie. That’s a big difference.

That means we are still in touch—no, we are not. He’s so bad at lying and twisting stories around. Enough. Please leave my fucking family and myself ALONE. We are going to do everything possible to get Gary in hot water. Of course, he will not leave my family and my life alone—nonetheless, Gary frequently harassed the Toziers, taunting them with obscene phone calls and openly threatening me whenever I was in public.

I saved all the snapshots where people informed me about Gary what he had telling them and my friends cared enough about me (Thanks friends–you know who you are!) and let me know what he did was very sickening and obsessive. I know that Gary got my Facebook account disabled and got his wish. It has been going like this for 21 years. 1996…2017. There are not many things that would make me feel less helpless than being stalked and harassed by a mentally unbalanced individual like Gary. His plan was to destroy me and send me to hell. He could have easily stabbed me.

His stalking obsession with me makes him so angry that any rejection or truth of my unwanted advances could have lead to violence and often Gary wouldn’t care—even if it were for legal consequences. Believe it or not, stalking survivors had very little protection, as anti-stalking laws have been on the books not for long time, unfortunately, a case like Gary will always demonstrate who a true stalker—getting away with it. He will do it again. He will do anything to twist lies to attack my life when I am trying to change my life around even for 21 years and counting.

I had became the survivor of a non-stop ordeal of stalking and harassment by Gary McNicholas. That means I would be openly targeted to be murdered anytime. The worst part of all is that he is attempting to be “inspiring” fireman or EMT—well, he has been saying that for 25 years. Nothing changed. He makes it look like one, but the reality that he is still obsessed. Sad.


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Oklahoma Association of the Deaf President’s Statement


Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) President Renee Sites issued a statement yesterday. I do not know when, but here’s the statement in relation to a killing of an unharmed Deaf man (picture attached above) in Oklahoma City the other night. What do you think of this statement?

“The Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) steps forward in recognition that education is needed in our home state and across the nation between deaf and emergency responders. We are sad, but not surprised by this most recent act. Lack of education plays a vital part in many communities. It is our hope to join with police departments in Oklahoma, to provide better advocacy and training to law enforcement personnel. We want to prevent this type of situation from happening in the future. We want the members of our community to be safe. We understand that police are often in difficult situations and might not remember that all individuals can respond to verbal commands.

There are many challenges between the deaf community and law enforcement. We would be willing to partner with agencies in Oklahoma to better serve our communities while breaking down barriers. OAD has discussed providing town halls in different cities in Oklahoma. This is not only for police, but all emergency responders. If you would like to set up a town hall with our deaf community, please feel free to reach out. We are here to advocate, educate and learn together. Oklahoma Association of the Deaf is here to build bridges between the two communities. We would like people to know they can reach out to us.”

“The mission of the Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) is to promote, protect and preserve the civil rights and quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in Oklahoma.”

Where is the ACTION by Oklahoma Association of the Deaf?


I am still numb about Deaf man’s death in Oklahoma City. He was unharmed–no weapon (gun or knive)– he was shot to death by police because he was Deaf. Where is the intelligent capabilities in police academy?

I am having difficult time trying to understand how they went ahead and kill him with a weapon on his own property and literally outnumbered by police officers. Today, the requirements of becoming a police officer is not required an university degree.

As becoming a police officer in Oklahoma, the requirements would be: being administered a psychological evaluation and been evaluated by a psychologist licensed by the state. How will the police officer deal with psychological evaluation when it comes to dealing with Deaf people? The fact that the deceased is Deaf–passing psychological assessments: it is also lack of sensitivity training about Deaf people. Of course, a high school diploma or a GED is not making things safer. I strongly believe in higher education and awareness. It is a HUGE. HUGE. HUGE difference.

The most important question, Where is the ACTION by Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) to speak out on his behalf? OAD should immediately stand up for Deaf community right away. OAD should confront the problem in this urgent hour should be clear message. Will the killings of Deaf people continue to be ignored? Will killings once more become an official government weapon against Deaf people without constitutional rights?

Honor Madgiel Sanchez.


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