Deaf, Black and a Victim of Police Brutality

Are Deaf People Being Certified to be Killed in the Public Trust?

Pearl Pearson: A Hate Crime Survivor

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The beating of a Deaf fellow, Pearl Pearson in January 2014 by officers: Patrol Trooper Eric Foster, Trooper Kelton Hayes and Trooper Jason Owens had committed a civil and criminal act. David W. Prater who is employed by the state of Oklahoma as a district attorney wrote a letter (February 26, 2014) please see the letter attached below stating, “Trooper Foster and Trooper Hayes demonstrated commendable restraint and judgment throughout the incident. Only minimal necessary force was employed by the Troopers to defend themselves and civilians at the arrest scene from physical harm and to affect the arrest of Pearson. I have determined that the level of force employed in this incident was lawful and justified….”

The level of force employed by the very same police department that needs to be requested to be federally investigated for police brutality against Pearl Pearson and stop the fall of cracks through our society. The answer: Hate Crime. Yes, Hate Crime.

There is a federal law that includes bias-motivated hate crimes based on a survivor’s disability as well as Racism like Pearl Pearson. Even with the legal protections Deaf people face everyday, they are being persecuted for their sound-oriented failures. Police used bias-motivated in this case even though they knew that Pearl was Deaf, they continued to rough him up. In the letter, “Pearson looked directly at the Troopers and pointed at his ears. The Troopers believed that Pearson was indicating that he was either hearing impaired or that he couldn’t hear due to the loud traffic noise….”

If the officers knew that he was Deaf, why did they continue to rough him up? Those officers failed to exercise common sense and they are responsible for what really happened to Pearson. They refuse to acknowledge that they committed police brutality is highly offensive in Deaf community. There is no way that police gets away with it. I read a lot of stories about police brutality and they almost always get dismissed with no charges.

This is the beginning of cleaning up in cracks of Audism targeting Deaf people. Are they trying to outlaw American Sign Language (ASL)? Wrong! Police who harass Deaf people should be outlawed. Mark my words: Tasers or even live ammunition will target Deaf people if they do not cooperate in the future.

Those Troopers thinks they claimed victory because they are above the law. We demand an apology from them and have them removed from the police force because they flat out harm Deaf community more than they really think.

The picture of Pearl Pearson’s eyes and body were very much painful to look at. The Troopers indeed acted malicious and did not do their jobs properly. Of course, the DA was convinced and gave those Troopers a free pass in the excessive use of police brutality. The system is maliciously broken.

We need to take this seriously to hold them accountable for their actions. You see many Deaf people’s reaction to this letter that they had been dismissed that their First Amendment means nothing to them or media clowns. Police will continue to brutalize Deaf people today and tomorrow.  Audism is still alive and well in America.


The truth of the matter is that those Troopers with a shred of common sense knew that they brutalized Pearl Pearson to the core. Pearl was literally screaming for help and they enjoyed with sheer laughter. What is more is that the Troopers also brutalized Pearl Pearson without any plausible warning just because the state of Pearl’s condition: Deaf. They actually seized Pearl’s personal property and his invisible Racism, which is illegal.

DA David Prater chose to ignore a one-sided and false reporting. The letter by Prater was depressing to read and made him an Audist at best. He should not write hearing impaired first place. Prater does not understand the violence against Deaf people everyday and he was happy to see inflicted on defenseless Deaf individual like Pearl Pearson. The Troopers were cowards. Why cannot the society make laws making it illegal for police to brutalize ASL and Deaf citizens as well as Deaf people of color?


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