Beating the Online Bully: How To Take Action



The Twitter account “Deaf Access to Justice” operated and moderated by a Deaf returning citizen, Maria Nicole Dollhopf has a strange message of her own—an “obsession” and that is not healthy. It is harmful. It does not mean she is qualified enough to make expert label about my life and claimed that I have “mental issues”. Is she qualified enough to be a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist? As cool Hollywood star, Will Smith, makes a strong message:

Never underestimate the pain of a person, because in all honesty, everyone is struggling. Just some people are better at hiding it than others.”

Judging and labeling people indicate that we are not doing enough to protect the basic right to life enshrined in our Constitution. There is also the problem of stigma associated to mental issues, and there is not even enough serious attempt to recognize this issue.

To understand the full “hate” terminology, it is not going to be easy. With her hatred, goals were launched on a grand scale to rip into pieces. The chunk of anger very much visible, the civilization of hatred is more powerful, and the fundamental problem of the hatred also help to avoid guilty by destroying the evidence of my life and stop my success story by turning my life around. Is an obsession a form of mental issue? When a Deaf returning citizen attacks a Deaf returning citizen is the reason why it leads the path of ignorance.


My life struggles are not a mental issue. It is a human struggle. It is a huge difference. Who started the “war” in the first place?

As I had written in older blog posts, the word, “war” is derived from the Old English, “wyrre” which means, “to bring into confusion“–and that is the problem that leads to a psychological process under-minding my truth. When a Deaf returning citizen personally attacks my Deaf friends and tells them not to be supportive of my character and my hard-working to change my life around.

Obsession brings into confusion often that triggers for a war. The extension of compassion, Maria has lacked in this area. Her practice of hate remains of the past and present, triggered by anger must be seen, written, and examined. Continuing to do personal attacks against my character shows the weakness on her part and add more fuel to stigma by posting mugshot of me and leaving it there to have me suffer humiliation and pain by using my full birth name. It does not have to work that way.

Mental issues addresses one of the critical missing links identified by thousands of health advocates. I strongly believe the human ingredient for people with mental issues can lead productive lives by getting rid of hate. The success will be the best tool for human compassion. Maria has no right to say that my mental issues needs to be verified and stay away and protect for the sake. Hate is not cool. My energy is forwarding towards positive steps instead of living in negative environment. The first step is awareness, stand up, and acknowledge constructive and beneficial to stop the cycle of hate.

I wish to leave in peace and harmony. Sure, mental issues for Deaf returning citizens may not enough adequate, Deaf community struggle for more Deaf-centered mental health professionals, although the system is not funded or resourced accordingly. I leave the thought of the day below.



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Surviving a Stalker


He once said about me. “please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil guy.”

The damage is too great to forget. After I posted a blog about Gary McNicholas who is a stalker in my life few days ago, of course, he denied everything 100%–and begged someone else to tell me to remove truth about him because he was afraid of the truth! He was really panicked out! Well, guess what? No, I am not going to remove the post and leave it there for the rest of his life because what he did to me was pretty much damaged. It is time for me to post up a picture of him what he looks like. Fair. Since he posted up a picture of me. Tough shit. A life time of humiliation. Understand what my life is like. Please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil  guy.

By the way, good job teaming up with Maria Dollhopf to make sure to destroy my life in pieces. Do not even deny that! Maria runs ‘Deaf Access to Justice’ Facebook page and she allowed Gary to do it. Maria has very sick obsession over me–so they became friends and found a way to humiliate me as much as possible. They were a perfect couple. Just like Bonnie and Clyde. I was surprised to see HEARD founder to allow this happen and a pastor who was a former president for HEARD to allow this happen, too. They were supportive of it and did not tell Maria not to do that. Not a word.

I never said that Gary was at Super Bowl game with Deaf friends. He needs to read again and again. I will copy and paste from previous blog: “A year later after Deaf Expo, I was invited to a Super Bowl party with Deaf friends.”–Did I say that Gary went there? “I” MEANS ME—Jason Tozier. Did I say Gary McNicholas? No, I did not. Stop twisting lies. Gary writes e-mail to someone else:

“My girlfriend XXXX said you can contact her and ask her for the truth. XXX and our younger son were with me at Deaf Expo in Portland Oregon in 2009 and I NEVER had a mace with me. We didn’t see JT at Deaf Expo. You have every right to know the truth. Please go ahead and ask XXX. JT needs to STOP lying to people about me. XXX and I didn’t go to Super Bowl at all”

That’s funny because how did his “girlfriend” know what I look like? How did she know it is me? Gary was standing alone outside waiting for someone else and I was walking down to catch MAX–rail train to go to work. He was actually holding mace and no, his “girlfriend” was not with him that time. How did she know? How did she know Gary was telling truth? Oh, boy!

Also, Gary writes to someone else who forwarded me all of his e-mails:

“I realized that I was judging JT harshly. It’s not my job to judge him including his faith or his life. You are right. I read the Bible book with a pastor at Fourth Square church.  A pastor and I had a nice chat”

Well, it is WAY too late! He wanted everyone to know that he thinks he’s fuckin stud for doing his job—the job was to kill my life. That was what he wanted. He even wanted to see me homeless. He wanted to see me hungry as fuck. He wanted to see me die in worst conditions possible. He is a sore loser. He just had to ask a pastor and realized that he was wrong. Hahaha! That’s funny! He KNEW about it ALONG those times what he was doing an EVIL act! He used that to cover up his ass.

“Like I said I agree with you for your sakes that I would leave JT alone. Can you please tell JT to leave me alone and remove the false comments about me from his website? Thanks” Gary said. Well, no, I will not remove the false comments about Gary on my blog because truth hurts. Simple. He has to learn with his consequences. What is more–my family will vouch everything what Gary did to me. More power to truth.

“His mom DID NOT had a restraining order on me in 1997. In Portland the police department will tell you that there is NO record at all. I got very mad when I saw JT’s false comments about me on his website! You should see his true colors.”

Yes, my mother did and it was not even Portland Police Department. It was different police department. By the way, it has been 20 years, but I can ask my mother and she would be more than happy to answer that. Never undermine my mother’s safety, thank you. Do not insult my mother’s intellect.

How come Gary did not say anything about showing up and stalking me at my old apartment in downtown Vancouver? How did he know where I was living? TTY prank call to 9-1-1? My dad will VOUCH for this! What about job interview at Target stealing my employment opportunities away? Flirting with students? Of course, ASL teacher will be happy to vouch for this, too! Why did he tell the world that I did this as 21 years old? What he said was very harsh and he does NOT know my fucking life stories! HE WAS NOT THERE AT ALL! If he did not anything about those questions above then he is GUILTY as hell. An inspiring firefighter or EMT—what a fraud nutcase he is.

Gary did not even apologize and admit what he did. Selfish and coward who he is.


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