Thelma Schroeder: Homophobic?

Throwing a homophobic slur is not something funny at all.

Hate Crime: ASL Interpreters


Few days ago, I was reading news that there was a blatant hate crime occurred in DC where three men attacked two gay men because of their sexual orientation. I learned these gay men who were survivors of hate crime happens to be ASL interpreters and I would like to vouch that they are top-notch interpreters. The names are Michael Creason and Zach Link. It is heart breaking. It is bullshit. It’s unbelievable. Head nodding.

The rising of hate crime in DC is nothing new. With response to high rate of hate crime coming from irresponsible and culture of fear. This hate crime was met with agenda from bigots. Did you know that DC hate crime within 2017 coming for 2018 is not good news?

After doing some research, D.C police statistics, about 40 percent of hate crimes has committed against individuals in 2017. In the same year, the total of hate crimes: 179 in the District of Columbia alone. 56 out of 179 hate crimes were based on sexual orientation. Ouch.

According to Lauren Taylor with D.C. Anti-Violence Program, makes a powerful quote, “Hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender expression are the highest, by far, of any hate crimes in the district.”

Status in Hate Movement:

Ascribed status: Status where mobility is limited. Status you are born into. Gender. Race/Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, and Ability/Disability.

Psychological Roots of Hate:

Fear of change: Rapid social change leads to anxiety and the results end up going and blame the agents of change. Explosion of Gay-violence: Visibility, and Gay Rights Movements.

Can we start and learn about institutionalized homophobia, mainstream homophobia, and political homophobia? Michael Creason and Zach Link do not deserve this. I am lucky to know them as professional interpreters.


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President Trump: Please Stay out of Deaf Community!


From yesterday’s reading: Washington Post Express. Trump is one true narcissistic leader of the free world.

With blocking people from Muslim countries into America and demanding a wall to build in Mexico, removing LGBT and people with disabilities page on White House’s website is not cool.

President Trump first component cites that White people are thought of as members of Earth’s community of life and feels they should hold that membership ONLY that deny the same terms that and reject to all people (Deaf people, Native Americans, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT, etc.). Trump wants the white supremacy back on the map.

The second component President Trump states that the Racism, Xenophobia, Bigotry, Hate Crime, Hated Speech, Hate Literature, Islamophobia, Homophobia, and not to forget other phobias, as a totality as seen as a complex web of interconnected elements, with sound biological functioning of the others. Thirdly, President Trump argues that all the Neo-Nazi sympathizers are conceived as a hate center of life, pursuing its own good in a harmful way.

The last component Trump states that whether we are concerned with standards of merit or with the concept of inherent worth, the claim that white people by their very nature as superior to oppress all the people above is a groundless claim and, in the light of the first three components, must be rejected as nothing more than an irrational bias and hatred in Trump’s own favour.

Trump’s strongest arguments are invalid. As humans are a recent addition to Earth, it is interesting that Trump thinks that White supremacy would consider itself to hold such a status of superiority. In addition, it is apparent from the dynamics of the hate chain and various xenophobic cycles that balance is key to the success of making sure RACISM is on the RISE.

This is evident from the avid protection of human rights. It is calculable how the decimation and eradication of people has feeding Trump’s mind to view negative impact and raise the white supremacy.

In response to sentience as a component of consideration, we need to extend our definition past that of support all the human rights for people again I described above. Through bacteria of hate do not have a mind or the capacity for suffering. Trump’s goals consist of those deep-hatred roots in the basic needs of white supremacy, which are to reproduce, grow, repair when damaged up to a point, metabolize with inputs and outputs (maintain themselves in terms of energy) and protect themselves.

I feel that, overall, the strongest claim in support of the respect of all human need that do not need to deal filled with hate. We cannot do without each other to fight against hate. Though we can do better without him.

President Trump’s goals to throw Racism and the secret of hate-codes in our faces has no intrinsic worth greater than us is either not inherently true or inherently true. It is a moral claim. President Trump’s strongest ideology in support of his last component deals with White Ideology. Complete reason is a source of inherent worth unique and essential to white superiority, yet reason is only of value for white people only.

If this were so, it would create a world of hatred among us that President Trump is attempting to destroy with the people he loathes the most in his argument. Deaf community do not need a president like that. It’s not an American value nor democracy.

How would we stop the laundry of hate: Racism, Xenophobia, Bigotry, Islamophobia, Audism, ‘isms?


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This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.