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Free Speech vs Hate Speech

Discussing between Free Speech as noted in United States Constitution First Amendment that allows hate speech which is a BIG PROBLEM today in America. Jeremy Joseph Christian who murdered two guys through HATE SPEECH on Metropolitan Area Express (MAX) in Portland, Oregon on May 26, 2017 thinks he has the “right” to provoke it based on FREE SPEECH. Intimidation makes him even weaker person.




May 26, 2017: Hate Crime in Portland, Oregon

On May 26, 2017 afternoon: A hate crime that shook the city of Portland filled with high emotions, sadness, and confusion. There is no time to ignore hate crime. Please take your time out of your community life and read those books to understand and fight against hate crime and Islamphobia, too!

Oregon’s Great Racism Roots: A History Lesson


English Transcript:

Hello! Right now, it is raining—birds are flying around, in fact, there is a bird right there. It brings memories back in Oregon, it rains all the time. I used to be a bicyclist heading for school or work, do I miss it? Yes and no.

Portland only see sun 70 times a year–that explains why it rains all the time! That is why it is depressing state, not only that, but SAD (seasonal affective disorder)–when heavy clouds, makes your body and mind very tiring and not enough exposed to sun. What is positive about Portland: Food, Arts, Creative Minds, Books, Bicyclists…

Negative: Serious Racism. That is why I am letting you know that this vlog will warn you with graphic pictures that may be sensitive to the viewers and I will be talking about the roots of Racism in Oregon.

See that? The Great PNW. What is PNW? Pacific Northwest. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho…) I was bred and buttered there for 37 years then I moved to a diverse city. Most of my family members were born in PNW. I first learned Racism roots where in my class, Hate Crime and Bias. Maybe my first taste of Racism–possibly hate, around in 2003 or 2004, when I was a community college student walking to school from my old apartment one day then I saw something that really taken back.

There was a meeting room with glass windows next to a restaurant which owned the room, there were ALL of were skinheads, ALL of them were WHITE. There was a sign that says “Volksfront”–a hardcore skinhead and hate group. I remember giving them dirty facial expressions to them, telling them “Fuck you” allowing hate in my “backyard”.

Three years later, in 2007, I signed up for Hate Crime and Bias course, and that was where I learned deep Racism roots in Oregon, that was when I became shocked. That is why it is my duty to educate you all in ASL. Portland is the most whitest city in America. When Oregon became statehood in 1859, they were called “White Utopia” and that was where they followed racist principles.

The year, 1859—89% of residents voted Oregon to be WHITE ONLY STATE. That means they do not accept Black people or People of Color. Blacks cannot live, work, or own property from 1859 until 1926. Even with 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, meaning former slaves can vote, live, whatever they want. Oregon refused to recognize 14th Amendment.

What is 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution? It was passed in 1866 recognized by United States Congress then ratified in 1868, still Oregon still refused to recognize it from 1868 until 1973–more than 100 years later! I remember taking Hate Crime class, there was a discussion about year 1922 where there were more than 14,000 memberships in KKK groups. 9,000 members were living in Portland alone. That was a large number!

If you want to read books, I will put links in the video. Sadly, today in Oregon, the state are still targeting Blacks–only less than 2% of Blacks living there. Comparing to 14% in America. Oregon is still practicing Racism—invisible or not. Thank you! The pictures will be shown–along with references.


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The Number of Hate Groups in Each State


It was provided by Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to inform us how many hate groups in each state and I will provide the link below. The largest hate groups in America goes to California with whopping 79 and the second largest hate groups is Florida with 63 and finally, the third largest goes to Texas with 55. There are two states that does not have hate groups are Alaska and Hawai’i.









District of Columbia-21



















New Hampshire-6

New Jersey-15

New Mexico-2

New York-47

North  Carolina-31

North Dakota-1





Rhode Island-1

South Carolina-12

South Dakota-7







West Virginia-4




The Name of Hate Groups in District of Columbia

Trump’s Hate Rhetoric Has Increased Hate Groups

Muslimophobia in Deaf Community

Is Donald Trump a Curse for America?

Dear Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC): Please Understand The Threat in Deaf Community


Hello Fellows! The United States Constitution in First Amendment where Deaf community have the right to free speech also known as receiving subtitles because it is part of free speech and we need to stop suffering language hegemony. We are tired of being under-minded.

Earlier this Noon, I received a magazine from Intelligence Report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC]. The magazine is published two times a year by the Intelligence Report Project.

I am a staunch believer and a donor for SPLC, with few reasons: stop hate crime in Deaf community, and with the approval of the board and Deaf community, classifying Alexander Graham Bell Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing a hate group.

The magazine offered a Special DVD enclosed, Understanding the Threat: AntiGovernment Extremists and hoped they would offer subtitles for Deaf people, I am disheartened to see that they choose not to subtitle again. The first one I got from a special event Hate in America last May, where I got invited to give my support for SPLC. The event gave away special DVD as well, Hate in America, again, no subtitles.


For the whole time, I learned about SPLC back in 2007, I was taught that SPLC was the innovation of higher learning to promote United States Constitution for humanity, compassion and stop hate. I was surprised, in 2016, that SPLC ignore its own compassion, by not putting subtitles for Deaf people. They have all the fundamental rights to know what is going on.

In the same magazine, in page 14, Hate in the Race with the image of Donald Trump, I have to agree with that! In the second paragraph of the opening article, June 2015: “Members of the White Genocide Project, which promotes the myth that white people worldwide are being subjected to mass murder, started a petition to honor Trump for opposing white genocide.” exactly what we need to bring up an academic challenge that Alexander Graham Bell (AGBell) was the head of the Deaf Genocide Project when he did his infamous speech in 1883.

With the words he presented, did the hate begin right there in the room? Did he support genocide, no?  If so, in an American room, on the very same land to allow colonization, how can AGBell recognized as a hate group in America?

Memoir Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race.

Perfect ending just like Trump, Hate in the Race! It would be even cooler if it has titled, “Memoir Upon the Hate of Deaf Genocide Project in Human Race” because with the ‘upon’ the hate in Deaf community where they have been targeted ever since has become a hate memoir from Alexander Graham Bell. He was the threat. Please understand the threat about AGBell.

Please with consideration, the Deaf community needs SPLC’s help to put subtitles in DVDs and it is about educating ALL AMERICANS, no matter what and makes our lives safer. SPLC would be surprised to see how much AGBell has actually done collateral damage in the human race. Please listen to us, Deaf community. Really….Donald Trump is like Alexander Graham Bell. Race….Race. Thank you!



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This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.

ASL Series: Intro to Hate Crimes