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The Hidden Hand: Hate in Deaf Community




Every year, on Saint Patrick’s Day, my grandparents would watch their favorite movie, 1952 “The Quiet Man” because Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne were their favorite actress and actor. Plus, it was filmed in Ireland. As they say, “Erin Go Bragh!” [Ireland forever]

Then I learned later that John’s name was not his birth name. He was born as Duke Morrison. I also learned that he was hungry for supremacy. That does not fit Hollywood’s image. I learned that the other night about a year ago that it has happened in California, a Republican congressman was attempting to make a special honor called “John Wayne Day” held in May and the Democrats came out protesting strongly against the idea. The bill failed because they hold zero tolerance policy against Racism and hate. That is what we all should do the same thing. How do we feel about white supremacy?

When you see an image below, John Wayne actually said that in 1971 Playboy magazine interview below. University of Virginia wrote about John Wayne, “Wayne has grossed more than $400 million for his studios–more than any other star in motion-picture history. But because of his uncompromising squareness–and his archconservative politics–he was still largely a profit without honor in Hollywood.”


Now, can we do something about Audism and hate? What about those hearing actresses and actors who are pretending to be Deaf in the big picture front of Deaf eyes? Why are Deaf people rejected as an aspiration to a world in which all forms of inequality and dehumanization among ourselves that allows a society to oppress Deaf people who have plenty of talent out there?

Some people would say that a degree of “diversity” is a wonderful thing, but within certain demographics it has continue to practice the old, dirty politics, and there are plenty of people in this or that minority culture for whom the old-fashioned non-cultural politics is more relevant. For most people of any group, including the minority groups, the specifically diversity issues are actually a small proportion of the actually important yet invisible issues affecting Deaf people anywhere.

Should Audism be “extinct” in Deaf community, in the sense that the public eye of Alexander Graham Bell is quite welcoming to anyone Deaf. This is not always true. Struggle with sign languages everywhere, communication and personal appearance exists in the term subtle diversity in the society. In Canada, more specifically, Nova Scotia “NS” in ASL— 12 years ago in the legislative Act of 2005, the honor created “Alexander Graham Bell Day” where they celebrate his achievements on March 7th every year ever since and it has became a personal insult for the Deaf community.

While the only Alexander Graham Bell Day in the world, Canada is the front runner and they should get rid of it. One day they will. Do not wait too long. Celebrating Alexander Graham Bell Day is like creating a massacre filled with laughter! What do you think when you see “education” first thing? It may be most complex noun of all. It means, “to train someone for what?”—And it is a teacher-centered, not student-centered. If a teacher thinks a Deaf pupil is better off speaking, then the pupil is really stuck.

I strongly believe in student-centered learning and teaching (peer-teaching) is best of the best for the Deaf as they often teach each other. That is what a Deaf culture is supposed to be. Paulo Freire once said, “The teacher acts and the students have the illusion of acting through the action of the teacher.

Deaf people are not part of inventory or investment! Is ASL suffering language bigotry? What do we mean Audism when we say that an oppressor usually a hearing person believes a given proposition about the Deaf? We all need to be outspoken promoters of social justice and  defender of the oppressed! We need to follow a good example what California did and support Deaf Canadians to get rid of AGBell’s Day! So, do you think we should remove all the ranks of Audism in public eye? Alexander Graham Bell’s 1884 hate speech:

We should try ourselves to forget that they are deaf. We should try to teach them to forget that they are deaf.”-Alexander Graham Bell, 1884.

Cite: Ladd, Paddy. Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood. Page 129.

Isn’t Bell doing exactly the same thing what John Wayne said about, I don’t believe giving authority and positions of leadership and judgement to irresponsible people…—AGBell’s speech was instructed to teach Deaf people to hate their own “identity” and forget their existence as the state of being Deaf and lose all the ranks of leadership just because Deaf people are viewed as socially inferior and ‘irresponsible’ people. AGBell was really afraid. The dark side of AGBell has been revealed. His leadership is now weak. The evolution of FEAR begins.

After all, that is the worst massacre created by Alexander Graham Bell and its followers. There may be more reasons behind that. On the left bottom corner, the postage of Alexander Graham Bell–look at his fists. He was so charged to attack Deaf community. That’s the hidden hand, folks!


Lastly, Wayne’s words, “Our so-called stealing of this country from them [Native Americans] was just a matter of survival.” What an asshole! Generally speaking for “matter of survival” would be any incident where Deaf people would be oppressed by another and the perpetrating group has the control of power.

The stories told by Deaf people becomes the collective journey and how their struggles and circumstances meet with the full use of force. In other words, if people agree that AGBell created a massacre for power, politics, hate, and the oppression ranks, then it meets our criteria.

It makes him less human. His primary goal was to destroy the survivorship of ASL and Deaf people. That makes Bell a bigger asshole. What is so funny right now? Well, I have this book, A**holeolgy The Cheat Sheet: Put the Science into Practice in Everyday by Chris Illuminati sitting on the bookshelf; I saw a perfect introduction from the book: The Ten Demandments of Being an Asshole.

  1. The asshole cares about the asshole the most.
  2. The asshole is always right.
  3. The assholes rarely apologizes.
  4. The asshole never accepts the word “no.”
  5. The asshole is always in control.
  6. The asshole always has a plan.
  7. The asshole takes what he wants.
  8. The asshole always look good.
  9. The asshole learns from his (few mistakes)
  10. The asshole is always evolving.

I rest my case. 


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The Reflection of a Giant Mirror at Gallaudet University



Imagine the giant mirror at Gallaudet University

We all ask why there is no event celebrating 200 years of ASL and the birth of Deaf Education at Gallaudet University. The only thing coming out of Gallaudet is the video message by President Roberta “Bobbi” Cordano.

Gallaudet University would not exist without Laurent Clerc and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s brilliant ideas. First and foremost, Deaf people must never be ignorant in any way whatsoever. The present administration at Gallaudet University is still spinning around.

Who is in the charge of money there? His name is Paul Kelly, vice president for administration and finance. A pure Audist at heart. He also is in charge of Bobbi’s money, too. He was very successful in dodging responsibilities in not only oppressing Deaf people, but also avoiding ASL in the accreditation question.

This is not the first time. We all need to be aware of Administration & Operations Manual what is called “4.41 Dispute Resolution Procedures”—where the students even faculty members could have make any difference to grieve the unreasonable action by Kelly in the spirit of academic and ASL freedom. Why are they afraid of what?

In few weeks, graduation is coming up—the school for 2017-2018 academic year will not start until last week of August. If there is no celebration before the end of this year including September, the month of Deaf awareness or in this matter, homecoming events then we all need to challenge Kelly’s ignorance of Deaf people and ASL and culture. Renewing and celebrating ASL at Gallaudet University even as the language of instruction in the Administration and Operations and why it is important for the world of the Deaf to have every constitutional rights to celebrate ASL and to break the domino effects of Audism.

Again, why is Paul Kelly in the charge of a “new order” and would dare to suspend anyone who participates in a rally that celebrates 200 years of ASL? Dirty politics at Gallaudet University will always present. Paul Kelly needs to go. We do not need a pure Audist in the administration. Too long. New blood is coming up soon.


Can you believe Paul has been at Gallaudet University for more than 35 years? Amazing! Don’t forget what Paul did to Carl Schroeder, too. 🙂


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Gallaudet College: The Fence


Imagine what Gallaudet College would look like shortly after 6 PM on April 4th, 1968. The campus was quiet until the day that Martin Luther King, Jr. got shot. What were the reactions from Gallaudet students that time? What would they wake up from reality the next morning?

Whenever the students set out on the journey as Gallaudetian in April 1968, it pays to prepare for anything that would change their lives. The thoughts would create and wreck in their minds and deal with fear. The ancient Chinese believed words were so powerful that no piece of paper containing written words should ever be destroyed, even when it was no longer of value.

See the fence on Florida Ave? Many people were told that the fence was built because of 1988 Deaf President Now. No, it is not true. It was built because of MLK riots all over city. The world tasted blood and made it symbolic.

Who made the decision to build the fence? The Administration? What about Gallaudet University Administration and Operations Manual (the Bible of campus policies) that remained overlooked?

Is the fence necessary today? Is the fence rooted in racism? Is the fence rooted in xenophobia? I often wonder what Gallaudet University would look without the fence. Can we take it back and make it normal for everybody?

The fence. We do not need FEAR. Imagine without the fence, would we sit together in order to share wisdom and advice with the entire campus? Imagine without the fence, going to Gallaudet the moment you first recognized your own language there.

The campus scene is to be inhabited by two very distinct species. First, before the fence was built, was it youthful, exuberant, natural, and frantically frivolous that they made the scene? Second, the fence oppressed people and rooted in racism, immature, dispirited, unnatural and frantically frightful, the fence dominated the scene, no?

Gallaudet University do not need the fence to open the door to discussion about ASL in higher education, who encourages standing up and signing freely, welcoming intersectionality.

Gallaudet University needs to be bold again. Be an open space.



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Post-Election: Do Gallaudet University Have A System to Stop Hate Crimes?



There has been a huge tide rise of hate crimes in America after the presidential election. Right now, we need to scope on the big focus: Deaf community—especially at Gallaudet University whether if hate crimes has been sparked any kind of form in bigotry, intimidation, and bullying that are in the same umbrella as hate crimes. Is there any kind of measurement in hate crime at Gallaudet? There has been virtually zero information to recognize the extent of hate crime. The truth is that we do not know whether in fact this is the reality we face at Gallaudet everyday.

The bigotry, intimidation, and bullying LGBT, minorities, even Deaf returned citizens. For the most part, existing ignorance are both too new and too flawed to protect them even as students where Gallaudet administration including Department of Public Safety (DPS) avoids the picture of changes over time. The term of “hate crime” has been going on since 1980s, it is not new information today. Bigotry, bullying, and intimidation has been motivated by negative picture of difference, and the politics of hate has been practiced by Gallaudet administration for long time.

For example, there is a Dean at Gallaudet University who encourages fear and mob mentality against Deaf returned citizen is no secret. We need to stop the continuation of unwanted bullying is important to challenge power and intimidation by the administration. The most difficult thing is that Gallaudet University is a federally funded, and they were required not to bully people of color, LGBT, Deaf returned citizens and many of the hate crimes are unreported in Gallaudet’s system—including DPS. Again, we need to remind that less-known law called Deprivation of Civil Rights Under Cover of Law is not allowed even on the campus, too. Protected students have their own intellectual property that should not be violated—again, being bullied by people who have the power is an act of desecration and human violation.

What is Deprivation of Civil Rights Under Cover of Law? It is third federal statute concerns actions committed by public officials—most often the police who makes sure to have people deprived by their constitutional rights.

We need to challenge three questions to ponder whether Gallaudet University have a system to stop hate crimes: 1) Do they understand that we are being bullied and be told to be in silence? 2) Do they understand the nature of bullying? 3) Does minorities, LGBT, and Deaf returned citizens even identify their struggle faced by the Administration of Gallaudet University? Look at the brochure provided by Gallaudet University, Anti-Bullying and Harassment: 

-What is Bullying? Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect others, particularly when the behavior is habitual and involves an imbalance of power.

What is Harassment? Harassment is defined as a subset of bullying that is specifically covered by law (sex, race, disability, etc.) Harassment is sometime used to describe bullying between adults.

-FORMS OF BULLYING: A) Physical: Harm to someone’s body or property. B) Emotional: Harm to someone’s self-esteem or feeling of safety. C) Social: Harm to someone’s group acceptance.

If you feel that you are being violated by bullying, intimidation or experience hate-motivated, then get in touch with U.S. Department of Education: Office of Civil Rights, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

It is important to report to U.S. Department of Education: Office of Civil Rights or even D.C. Police —because Gallaudet University Administration and DPS will sweep under the rug to make sure it does not exist in Hate Crime Statistics Act (HSCA)—a federal law passed in 1990—a big problem on Gallaudet campus. Please think about it.


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LOOK: Gallaudet University Administration is in Comics Today!


This morning when I was reading comics through Washington Post, “Candorville” and I realized that it is a perfect example of what the administration at Gallaudet University is all about. Please note that the “cardboard cutout of Donald Trump” reminds of Paul Kelly. Kind of funny, right? Laugh a little bit, will you?


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Gallaudet University: Department of Interpretation Welcomes New Faculty Member!


There has been a new faculty member in Department of Interpretation (DOI); However, I have something to say about Melanie Metzger, Chair for DOI–a hearing person. She was kind of biased.

My mentor, Carl Schroeder who applied for the same job back in 2009 and again in 2012, he had plenty of qualifications with more than 25 years of teaching experience. Although, Paul Kelly who was in charge of Human Resources told Melanie not to hire Carl because he was strong Deaf. Kelly was a coward. Now the person who recently got hired because of his wife’s help, do you think Gallaudet University was fair in hiring without favoritism? Carl’s letter for Melanie Metzger has forwarded me his e-mail in 2012:

April 9, 2012

Dr. Melanie Metzger, Search Committee Chair
Gallaudet University, Department of Interpretation
800 Florida Avenue, N.E., KCH Room 3103
Washington, D.C. 20002

Dear Search Committee:

The tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Interpretation in the Gallaudet University web site has piqued my interest. With over 25 years of experience developing and teaching American Sign Language/English curricula and advising and mentoring students in colleges and universities, I would like to interview with you about opportunities where I can make contributions to these academic ventures and scholarly services at Gallaudet University.

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Capella University, in the early stage of dissertation preparation. The Ph.D. which I am completing is quite unique. It is jointly administered by the Department of Educational Administration and the School of Linguistics at Georgetown University. The program has required me to fulfill all the normal requirements for a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and, in addition, it has required several years of research focusing on issues of American Sign Language. As a result, I have acquired a broad foundation in all of the core areas of educational development. The interdisciplinary nature of this program has profoundly impacted my thesis work. My dissertation committee includes faculty in educational administration, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and cognitive science.

My thesis work is entitled American Sign Language as another Way of Thinking: Pedagogy, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science. Continuing with the interdisciplinary nature of my thesis research, I would also like to interact with linguists, experimental psychologists, and other cognitive scientists. I am particularly interested in language pedagogy involving the integration of multiple language learning strategies, investigations into implicit and explicit learning, and modeling the basis of cross-linguistic and cross-cultural interpretation. I hope to complete and defend my dissertation by December 2012.

I have included a copy of my curriculum vita and a brief statement of my teaching philosophy. I hope to hear favorably from you soon.


Carl N. Schroeder, M.Ed.


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Open Your Eyes: The Gleam of Light in ASL/Deaf Studies


ASL/Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University is the most controversial program anywhere, maybe in the world— inside Sorenson Language Communications Center (SLCC) is incredible—filled with political assistance along with favoritism and hate-mongers. ASL/Deaf Studies has been dominated by a hearing person—known as the most vicious writer in the program that will easily write you off like you do not exist at all and made Deaf students their anguish all too private, too invisible: Let ASL/Deaf Studies use this influence to shape private awareness, diverting the impact of their ignominy to a higher purpose. This is how ASL/Deaf Studies is today—by forcing the realization that the oppression has been hidden for its own good. They made sure that it is invisible eye.

Recently, there have been two instructors and an assistant professor; all of them are Deaf that has left the program this summer. One is well known, his wife is an administrator—and is very good friends with the Provost. The well-known assistant professor has been asked to leave the program, bypassing the channels through his wife as Dean for Deaf Studies—and had been recommended a full report by the hearing chair of ASL/Deaf Studies to have the assistant professor be wiped off the radar. It shows that it is all about generational oppression by hearing people still continues.

Deaf people—in the eyes of hearing people like the Chair of the program would be executed on the first hand. The chair has the power. Why? Hearing privileges. The ignorance, hate, and lynch mob mentality sickens me. Now that is rich, you have no concept of what Deaf people have been through—everything they say can be easily backed up—but they’re ignored. Would you rather live in your own little world where facts are not relevant? Don’t you care about Deaf people enough to want to know the truth?

Walking inside ASL/Deaf Studies is a complete and utter political perpetrated on the citizens of Deaf people by hearing privileges, anti-facts, hot-air windbags a.k.a. the hearing supremacy. The more you know about ASL/Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University, the more you understand the true meaning of oppression for personal gain at the expense of providing the academic discourses where Deaf people are easily oppressed today and tomorrow.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.–Khalil Gibran

Deaf people at the hands of the hearing privileges will always bear a vertical scar on their wrist, mottled. Deaf people has been going through a lot making a bit of difference in someone else’s life, then just maybe they could make some kind of difference in your life and if you are indifferent to it all, then do not waste your time because you are already oppressed. No close calls, but Deaf people are stronger than hearing people—always will be! They stay awake until that has passed and will always go on. It is all about political struggles Deaf people suffer today and tomorrow.



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Gallaudet University: A Speculation about Dwight Benedict


There are some concerns that need to be expressed. When we subtract our the emotional content of this controversial issue, it is important to know that Gallaudet community should be aware about this, a familiar source inside the administration has informed that Paul Kelly known as “money-man” who is one of the most ruthless men ever to be lived will resign the position as Vice President, Administration and Finance since 1988 soon—-time will tell. We live in such a fallen world.

As soon as Kelly retires, there is someone with greatest interest in this position: Albert Dwight Benedict, Dean for Student Affairs and Academic Support. The status quo continues at Gallaudet University-allowing the same propaganda style to infiltrate our common senses. Would you agree that Albert Dwight Benedict is a perfect candidate for the position? What do you say? Reminder: It serves as worthy reminder that Gallaudetians like myself find us engulfed in breathless speculation.

Yes, there has an acknowledgement that Dwight might also retires within a year or two years as well, but the position was eye-opening and a lot of money is hard to walk away from. I would like to emphasize that it has been speculation. Say, what if it is not speculation?


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Gallaudet University is The Hammer and HOEZ is a Nail


“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” (Abraham Harold Maslow, Psychology of Science: A Reconnaissance 15-16: 1966.)

This post need to visit the perpetual tension between Gallaudet University and Deaf community and its impact on movement building toward social justice. There has been a lot of talk about H-O-E-Z, a “frat” that is not coined as a Greek organization through legality, they had made the frat an “underground” a competition who to fuck the most on girls and boys. Like a documentary film called The Hunting Ground released in 2015, exposing to tackle the disturbing epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses and school officials’ efforts to cover up the crimes. Gallaudet University is number one in college rapes, the officials who has been the face of familiarity for the last 25 years.

From a private e-mail with strong Gallaudet roots,

“Many people here at Gallaudet were wholly unsatisfied with the University’s PR response to that report. The PR director from that time is now gone from Gallaudet shortly after President Bobbi Cordano arrived. Whether her departure is related to this particular issue is not something I’m aware of, but it’s something that, along with other changes in how Gallaudet, as a community, is responding to issues of sexism, racism, homophobia, sexual assault, and biases based on religion as well as Audism and language bigotry have sparked a sense that we are perhaps seeing the end of the ‘old guard’ and turning a corner on many of these issues.”

“Men, This is For You” written in Buff and Blue:

There is a world of difference about silence, a requirement to raise our awareness. Those 20 guys do wrong to others and have a great sense of guilt and empathy for those survivors. I am sure that applies to other people as well.

There is nothing to be gained by rehashing this serious issue. It has been years and years. Alumnus and Alumni should not to pay more money to Gallaudet University to properly administer a change at Gallaudet. There has been plenty of widespread violation of survivors’ pursuit of happiness and running red lights on Florida Ave, but there also has no interest in getting those guys to face serious violation. Gallaudet University is a federally-funded that has strong ties through Congressional Apportionment. Gallaudet University could not afford the truth;

First and foremost, survivors are our community accountability that includes many different tools for its usage. Communication is one of the community accountability, and requires at least two parties to determine its effectiveness. However, a dominant administration official trends to surpass. It seems absolutely odd to me that silence should be the dominant at Gallaudet, considering the student population but it takes a small group of faculty (Faculty Senate, for example) that gets silence under the control, the language oppression should be broken.

Faculty senate could all put 100% effort of their salaries and education and yet, we would still not have a perfectly safe society at Gallaudet. The taxation and representation in DC, you see those DC license plates that says “Taxation and Representation”—are negligibly beneficial. We could all get the exactly same minor benefits that we get from them by doing what all should be doing anyway—if we are concerned about forgetting about what really happened. H-O-E-Z is an adjunct idiotic idea that the guys have enabled and promoted, are counterproductive, immoral, un-American, thieving and often illegal. They cannot be punished of a dysfunctional personality if they refuse to take full responsibility for the damage they have done to their survivors, to admit that what they have done is legally and morally wrong and unacceptable.


The big question, are the guys are also survivors in this picture? The democratic values of equality and self-healing societies do things: We focus on healing all parties of community accountability. Survivors become good law-abiding next door neighbors. When survivors see a familiar face, their bodies break down in pieces hurting. All the survivors mirror each other, they speak only for themselves, not their fellow survivors.

Is it about politics that is part of a process by making collective decisions in Gallaudet community through the application of influence and power? Who makes, enforces, and implement political decision to promote the success of students prior to and and at GU? If Gallaudet University administration can violate the legal rights of survivors, they can violate the rights of anybody and besides, for the administration to use legal tricks to avoid the spirit of Gallaudet University, then what does that say about administration we elect to office today?

Second link: An ASL vlogger makes a video, “Hoez” that can be found in link:

The survivors have the options of contacting Title IX director, Ms. Sharrell McCaskill, with any further information of complaints. They have also the option of reporting to the police and the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Again though, would it give them much coming out of that given the time frame of when the hate crime occurred?

Again, another private e-mail from someone else:

“Sexual violence is, of course, a systemic as well as individual issue. That American society is now talking about Culture of Rape is a sign that we are making some progress in examining how this system works in a multitude of ways to perpetuate the devaluation of victims of criminal acts of sexual violence and particularly those to identify as women. Yet that progress is horrifically slow and incomplete at this point in our societal shift. Gallaudet’s response to exposing, discussing, and addressing this systemic change is an actual shift of both attitudes and generational attrition as ‘those of yesteryear’ retire and their ability to control the discourse on this an other issues fades. However, Gallaudet is also guilty of the same systemic issues of institutional inertia and self-preservation that plague all of American society and prevent rapid progress toward necessary changes.

Similarly, it’s horrifying to confront that those who benefited from the silence and silencing of victims in a time when awareness of a culture of rape was non-existent are still in positions of power and influence.  Again, Gallaudet is not unique in this situation.”

I hope President Cornado would take swift action against 20 guys and the people in the administration who dodges the responsibility for more than 25 years by using the tool of a hammer and treat everything as a nail. Is that not enough? Just like Silent Screams was written in 1994 published by PEOPLE. The teeth and hands says it all.


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