Reading the Lines Between: AGBell’s Latest Letter


It takes an individual who is profoundly sympathetic to the issues of reading the lines–it is called English chunk. AGBell’s letter was written by its own executive director. The letter has exemplified a great deal of hatred between lines and it is like skipping a grade that is risky and drastic move. Also it takes someone to be trained to have a sharp eye how to read between the lines. In the red color meaning RED FLAG. In the blue color meaning, how AGBell interprets Deaf community.

1) Tragedy: From Merriam-Webster definition, in fact, two definitions–a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone’s death and a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation: something that causes strong feelings of sadness or regret. AGBell uses this word to attack Deaf community that they were in unfortunate or upsetting situation when Deaf community has strong feelings of sadness after AGBell president attacks Nyle DiMarco in Washington Post article.

2) reflecting on the tremendous damage that hate and intolerance bring to our lives. AGBell uses this excuse to feel the pain from Deaf community that they’ve attempted to do tremendous damage–not true. AGBell was the one who has brought in a great deal of tremendous damage that hate and intolerance bright to Deaf community since DAY ONE. Deaf community is the one who feel the pain the most.

3) outbursts of violence and hatred beyond those we have seen in the past. Very dumb thing to say. Really! What AGBell means by “in the past”: Deaf Community. That is a big AGBELL lie. AGBell practices horizontal, vertical violence and hatred 365 days. Simple.

4) trend now, particularly in social media, for people to state the ugliest and most hateful things about those who have a different opinion from them. Really? That’s funny. AGBell is no better than themselves either. They use social media to spread lies about successful stories and in fact, AGBell followers has been using this to attack Deaf community UNDERGROUND.

5) This is tantamount to verbal bullying. Actually, AGBell is the king of  viral hate.

6) anonymity some forums afford us, there seems to be no limit to the detestable nature of their comments. Real smooth by blaming Deaf community first. What a foolish thing to write!

7) As we listen to others, we hope that we also will be heard – without hate, without derision, without intolerance. That is a very good lie. AGBell did not listen to Deaf community. Never. Know what they did? Attack Deaf community. More true colors coming out of AGBell.

8) In the darkest of times, we must find hope for the future. AGBell believes that Oralism, listening and speaking, LSL, cochlear implant, whatever is the FUTURE in Deaf community. No, not really.

Original letter below:

Dear Alexander Graham Bell Community,

In light of the tragedy in Orlando this past weekend, I’ve been reflecting on the tremendous damage that hate and intolerance bring to our lives. Whether it’s based in our upbringing, our culture or our spiritual understanding, a lack of respect for one another destroys families, organizations and even civilizations. We have an obligation not only to ourselves, but to the generations that follow, to reverse this ruinous trend.

The devastating shooting in Orlando is only the most recent of events based in hatred. How sad that so many innocents have been killed in acts of intolerance.

Although this is a time in American life where we see the generations blending across ethnic and racial backgrounds, where the rule of law has broken down barriers of gender and orientation, still there are outbursts of violence and hatred beyond those we have seen in the past. Worse yet is the lack of tolerance for the choices others make in their own lives. I really don’t understand it. We know more now than we ever have about each other – what trials and challenges various peoples have endured and often overcome throughout history and into present times – yet the lack of acceptance of the differences that make each of us who we are seems unprecedented.

There is a trend now, particularly in social media, for people to state the ugliest and most hateful things about those who have a different opinion from them. It’s not just in political dialogue; it shows up in postings as simple as feedback about a product or an expression of thanks for a blessing or a statement about education. One person makes a comment, and detractors pile heaps of derision upon them. This is tantamount to verbal bullying. And because of the anonymity some forums afford us, there seems to be no limit to the detestable nature of their comments. A simple difference of opinion seems to give license to personal attacks, some of a highly graphic nature. Is this the open-minded, accepting, tolerant society we claim to have become?

What truly concerns me is how this limits our progress. We’ve known for many years that while one person can get a movement started, others must join in to bring it to a tipping point where it actually makes a difference in people’s lives. Think of the impact that schools like KIPP have made in recent years or the effects of increasing diversity among leaders of corporations and organizations. These were not overnight successes; many took long years to change the prevailing opinion, but change they did, and for the improvement of us all.

Let’s change the way we listen and speak to each other – after all, listening and speaking is what AG Bell is all about. Let’s hear what people are trying to express about their experiences without dashing their hopes for the future. As we listen to others, we hope that we also will be heard – without hate, without derision, without intolerance.

Let’s speak with intelligence, with compassion, and with an open mind. Each of us carries the hurts of the past with us; but by sharing our knowledge and working together, we can achieve new advances that ensure that each generation will face fewer hurts than the one before. We cannot do that through hate, but only with the knowledge that our world is constantly changing and so must we.

In the darkest of times, we must find hope for the future.


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

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AGBell: The State Of Shame


I am still sickened by Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Executive Director’s letter for Alexander Graham Bell Community comparing Deaf community to Orlando shooting—Mr. Emilio Alonso-Mendoza. In his letter, he editorializes in favor of hatred towards Deaf community—specifically American Sign Language (ASL). This is hatred; “On paper” is a quote mark trick—probably the best substitution of an indirect expression for AGBell’s letter of support, which is extremely unethical and unprofessional. Alonso-Mendoza informs AGBell Community that he agreed to write to support his views that Deaf community is a perfect example of Orlando shooting. —His support is “on paper”—more favorable, less neutral.

Throwing hatred in Deaf community is one of the most de-motivating things we have ever experienced. This hatred refers to when Alonso-Mendoza appears to be treated better than all other candidates for the position. The end result is that Alonso-Mendoza’s application appears to be better than all others “on paper” and for no valid reason. Whether or not the Deaf community felt pain is legitimate and proven-able might be the biggest obstacle. If the hate speech Deaf community is experiencing from AGBell Association and we feel that it is based on illegal reasons—hate speech—we might need to consider legal action but we would obviously need to be strong to have a case.

The state of shame what Mr. Emilio Alonso-Mendoza has done! Shock was first. Denial followed. Anger arrived. Numerous illegal labels were made out to media to describe the Deaf community by the AGBell Association who is suggesting that their education has been a kind of anarchy and terrorism. Alonso-Mendoza qualified those labels by telling about an unwarranted threat of being shot or being compared to Orlando shooting, “yes, by a gun” which is an angry and false accusation.

The executive director for AGBell is a modern-day he-Adolph Hitler. He has a recipe for using propaganda, fear, and scapegoats to convince AGBell followers to go along with his plans. He has a gift for crafting negative labels for Deaf community by accusing them for arousing anarchy and terrorism. I have seen none more strikingly similar to Hitler than Alonso-Mendoza. His accusations seem more acceptable in media today when compared to attack the Deaf community because they do not directly attack any one particular group, but instead attack Deaf community that has long been known to hold the interests for many diverse groups in Deaf community as well.

I am not even sure I understand Alonso-Mendoza’s points about anarchy and terrorism since I am not aware of the monopoly of AGBell Association that controls all media. Yet as an AGBell survivor, I cannot sit idly by when false accusations about activism are made. Apathy seems cool in an “ignorance is bliss” kind of way, but it is very risky not to disagree with opinions inside AGBell Association. It is therefore important to take a stand against AGBell’s ignorance, hatred, and false accusations.

The truth of what is happening with AGBell Association is obvious to most of us the AGBell survivors, but we must not take that for granted. There are many out there who are now in the state of shame—we are ashamed of mistrust of what we see on the news outlets about AGBell Association whom killed the LEAD-K bill in Rhode Island. There is no doubt in our minds that AGBell, Meredith Sugar, and Emilio Alonso-Mendoza will still continue to blame weak-kneed Deaf community for destroying the morale of their educational leadership and making Deaf community what it is today. They are angry people, and we are ashamed now. Please make a notice that Meredith Sugar and Emilio Alonso-Mendoza have something in common: “Lawyers are”: perilous mouths.

As William Shakespeare once wrote, “Measure for Measure”: To whom should I complain? Did I tell this, who would believe me? O perilous mouths, That bear in them one and the self-same tongue, Either of condemnation or approof; Bidding the law make court’sy to their will: Hooking both right and wrong to the appetite, To follow as it draws!…..”

The key word: O perilous mouths, that bear in them one and the self-same tongue.

*****Perilous definition: (adjective) full of danger or risk.******

Shame on Meredith Sugar and Emilio Alonso-Mendoza!


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

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AGBell’s Continued Witch Hunt


Credit: Jeffrey Beatty

It was written by Sheri Ann Farinha and that is exactly why I wrote in my previous post: Alexander Graham Bell’s Name: Hate Speech With Spin Wheel the day (April 2nd, 2016) after AGBell President Meredith Sugar attacked ASL community.

Open Letter for AGBell Executive Director:

Farinha’s words:

ALERT: “Spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to persuade public opinion in favor or against some organization or public figure. While traditional public relations may also rely on creative presentation of the facts, “spin” often implies the use of disingenuous, deceptive, and highly manipulative tactics”.

This is exactly what Alexander Graham Bell Association (AGB) President, Meredith Sugar and her group did the last 48 hours, using deceptive and manipulative tactics to stop a Deaf-led RI Bill that was in alignment with LEAD-K goals. They purposely spun false information, trying to make this bill to be about “Parent Choices”. In fact, this bill was not even about “which language deaf children should use”, but rather, this RI LEAD-K bill was encouraging all deaf children to have a language, period. Whether using ASL and English, both or one of these two languages – the bill’s emphasis was on deaf children acquiring a language, educating parents about using language milestones, and, for an advisory committee to recommend educator tools to use when the early interventionist does their annual review/assessment for an IFSP/IEP. AGB President Meredith Sugar announced on a closed parent group page: “the ASL mandate was removed! Point for Parent Choice”. Right there is “The Spin”. This is the kind of ugliness that is being spread to portray Deaf-led efforts as the bad guy and “they” are trying to save parents choices promoting LSL. AGB’s own Executive Director compared us who use ASL to what happened in Orlando (see Amy Cohen Efron‘s post for more info); AGB’s letter to Washington Post, and other blogs here and there also portray the spin, attacking a Deaf actor/model, Nyle DiMarco because he is in the PR spotlight, explains that there are two languages Deaf children in the USA use: ASL and English.

LEAD-K believes Parents have the right to clear and unbiased information as many parents are not informed about ASL. Whether parents want their child to learn to speak English, or want their child to learn ASL, LEAD-K supports and believes in working with all stakeholders to end language deprivation. We do not discriminate.

The focus of LEAD-K is to promote language equality & equity, a basic human right for all deaf babies by advocating for deaf children to have access to both: American Sign Language and English. Having “access and information” is not forcing anyone to use one or the other. This was the spin I watched shared on that parent page where Deaf people were discriminated and harassed for supporting LEAD-K. LEAD-K has English defined as spoken, written, or visual cues and was worked in alignment with oral option schools in CA.

LEAD-K will be sending a letter to the Alexander Graham Bell Board of Directors demanding that they send a retraction to RI Senators; to cease with the blatant lies and misinformation; to cease with their discrimination and cease their harassment and discrimination of Deaf children and adults who use ASL. As one letter to a Senator stated using “the spin”: “less than 1% of the population understands ASL, limiting communication transactions. It is absolutely fine to limit one’s social life to people who communicate the way you do, but for those who want to work and shop in a spoken language environment, being able to speak can make a difference.” The recent actions to sabotage RI bill, was like witch hunt against the Deaf-led efforts, and is in fact, an act in itself is going against the very Deaf children who need parents and educators to support their human right to language. We will not allow AGB’s history of oppressing Parents, and Deaf children and adults who want to use ASL repeat itself. “The spin” by AGB must end NOW.

Open Letter For AGBell Executive Director


Dear Emilio Alonso-Mendoza, Executive Director for Alexander Graham Bell Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing:

The letter you wrote, “A Message From My Heart” is one of the most insulting letter I ever seen. There are thousands of AGBell survivors who lived through the world of pain and your letter shows that Alexander Graham Bell Community takes more ownership of the collective reasoning that that of hatred. Although your letter focus more on hating AGBell survivors, and negates to provide any significant introspection. AGBell survivors has shown their stories which contains contributions from some of the greatest minds, some 25, 30, 40 years later which is very insightful to the readers.

As acknowledged earlier, those 25, 30, 40 years later provide a number of hatred, language bigotry and language deprivation for clarity, understanding, and struggles. From what I have read, you took some time to ruminate and ignored in responding letters and did not have the opportunity, as did the AGBell survivors to the Deaf community today and tomorrow, to truly gain clarity through time and space. They said time heals all wounds. I am not sure whether that is necessarily true, but it certainly helps, in my experience as AGBell survivor, to distance myself from pain prior to truly placing an objective lens on my experiences.

Further, as some of the stories from AGBell survivors pointed out, they did personally experience what you use a quote, “Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity.” written by Kofi Annan making it impossible for them to truly relate to events and interactions which they were asked to judge. That is a cheap shot what you wrote—you are no better than ignorance and prejudice that made you the handmaiden of propaganda.

It is difficult to have true objectivity in something, which you have not experienced personally. To ask one to provide insight, or moral guidance, on a matter which they have neither experienced nor could they possibly imagine, is highly presumptuous. With that being said, the time value in distancing one’s judgment rendered will, in my opinion, district their ability to assess the situation with the same acute sentiment as someone who has freshly experienced said conditions.

In sum, your letter was full of hatred, and allowed time to provide reflective judgments from the contributors—and therefore a higher, more conscious level of thought than the reactive nature of your letter with hate, derision, and intolerance.

After all, AGBell survivors like myself will double our impact to fight against AGBell followers that attacks on ASL and the Deaf Community. Shame on you, Mr. Emilio Alonso-Mendoza!


Copyright © 2016 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.