Train Our Minds to See Good in Deaf Returnees

ASL-Version: When a Deaf returnee (returning citizen/returned citizen) denied, he/she are separated from Deaf community. First, Deaf returnees seek … More

Dwight Benedict: Stop the Practice of Discrimination, Shaming, and Cruel Punishment

World Mental Health Day: The Modern Struggle For Deaf Returning Citizens

I would like to share my reflections about World Mental Health Day yesterday (October 10th). My apologies not for finishing … More

34% Is No Joke!

Solitary Deaf Prison by Nancy Rourke Depression is the inability to construct a future-Rollo May Psssst. Hey, you. 34% is … More

Laugh and The World Laughs With You

                                                 Identity Gone by Nancy Rourke Laugh, laugh, laugh! Come on, it is not that hard to do! What is … More