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Chris Haulmark: Culture of Fear Revisited



26071154_317937558723332_6278671827979993088_n.jpgA political Deaf candidate who runs for Congress seat in the state of Kansas, the mother ship of leadership and knowledge, his bias is a learned behavior and sends a message that it is good thing to inflict or intend to inflict emotional or physical harm against Deaf returning citizens, and that is effective enough to amount to a “course of hate” rather than running for a congress seat that practices hatred. That is not good fit for a congressional seat. Chris Haulmark does not represent me at all. Why should I believe him?

There are plenty of politicians who are running dirty claiming they’d make promises once elected to the Congress, and the political Deaf candidate is a purely a political creation to benefit culture of fear in his continuing agenda to route ever more denial. Fear really sells, is it not?

Do you want Chris Haulmark running for Congress when he does not own up an apology? No facts or debates were ever part of his lack of leadership skills where he supports the modern day witch hunt for people who had already paid their debt to society. What you can bank on Haulmark’s dishonesty is that he continues to be based on false assumptions and political gamesmanship.

The question for Haulmark: What major informational source do Haulmark rely upon to form hateful, ignorant and bigoted statements from Deaf community itself? His political agenda has been all but a joke and sell fearful media. There is a basic human psychology. Yet, Mr. Haulmark bullying the merits of second chances for Deaf returning citizens, to support the cycle of hate and suggest cyber-bullying should be logged to attack Deaf returning citizens in society.



What a frightening world in which Chris must live in, a threat to the social order meriting bullying. Silence is not accepted. Denying the facts that Chris knowingly about this.

If Chris wants to increase his IQ at least ten points then simply turn off the TV “news” and give it about 30 days then he would be smarter citizen because of it. The problem is that he will not admit his actions, which makes him a coward.

We live in a fallen world. Knowing that a Deaf man running for a Congress seat has showed plenty of vile, situational ethical which is a sad reminder and of course offers no regard or concern for the human destruction left in the wake of Deaf community. As much as Chris most likely deny it, and certainly a political hatred and the truth still exist in my eyes, yesterday, today, and forever. Isn’t it perfect, “Because there is Deaf man who inspired for HOPE.”

I am all for Deafhood journey—for any one Deaf in positive light. However, this so-called political candidate is not the right fit for Deaf community. He does not even believe in positive light. Living in a world filled with bullying and hatred defining Deaf returning citizens as well as dealing with many obstacles and disadvantage has challenged their capacities for survival.

Even the fact that Chris Haulmark claimed after taking Deafhood 101, he lacks many areas, inexperienced reactionaries, and deny that he used as an angry tactic to hide his dangerous agenda, tooth-and-nail idea that exposes lies, and blatant attacks on their democracy even in Washington should he be elected. Who is Chris Haulmark’s mentor? Hmmm. I am even more surprised that this mentor is even supportive of his actions.

The special guest on ASL Talk for January 20th has been revealed.

Just like Trump broke a lot of promises and lied to America, who knows that Haulmark might do the same thing by tricking Deaf community and supports Alexander Graham Bell for dirty money? Cochlear implant industries? He denied that he supported Alexander Graham Bell even his own mother was a staunch supporter of AGBell until a year later. What changed his heart?


There has been never more important time to call out Haulmark for his actions that could lead Deaf returning citizens to suicide and severe depression. The reality that there is most likely that Haulmark will not issue an apology that it is an example detailing that cyber-bullying more fall, a nation is usually close behind a political candidate’s door.

As much as he may deny it, and certainly it is a political motivation. How can he represent Deaf community in positive light? He does not represent me. Is there any reason why Chris Haulmark is not ready for Congress? How would he dismiss the culture of fear? Is he a perfect candidate for Congressional seat in Kansas?

According to Roland Barthes, “The oppressed is nothing, but he has only one language, that of his emancipation, the oppressor is everything, his language is rich, multiform, supple, with all the possible degrees of dignity at his disposal: he has an exclusive right to metalanguage. The oppressed MAKES the world, he has only an active (political) language: the oppressor converses it, his language is plenary, intransitive, gestural, theatrical.”


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