Harry Laughlin: Sterilize Deaf People!

After I learned that today on December 2nd where Harry Laughlin, a eugenicist published the most damaging paper in 1922 that went ahead and sterilizes Deaf people against their will.

NAD: Whitewashing Race & Citizenship

NAD (National Association of the Deaf) who claims to serve the Deaf community in full information, whitewashing historical statements in the name of bigotry when we look at our lives, in the past and present, if we are honest of our time, the effort by NAD is concerned.

AGBell Never Set a Foot in Milan 1880 Conference


None of proof that AGBell was in Milan, Italy.

Some people claimed that Alexander Graham Bell (AGBell) was in Milan, Italy for the Second International Congress on Education of the Deaf known as 1880 Infamous Milan Conference where 160 delegates out of 164 voted to ban sign language around the world. AGBell never in any form or shape show his soul at the conference at all. The majority of delegates were Italians and French—there were several British, Americans, Swedish, Belgian, and German. Five Americans. No, AGBell is not one of them.

None had shown the citizenship of Canadian. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland and moved to Canada as a young kid, and became a Canadian citizen—and moved to America and begin hate crimes there. Did Alexander Graham Bell ever got his American citizenship? Anyone knows? The answer is that AGBell, either as Canadian or American never been in Milan, Italy for the conference at all. He was in America when the conference began on September 6th until the fateful 11th.  The books below has shown none of proof that AGBell was in Milan, either. Oh, wait, there are more books that will say the same thing.


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Why Is There No Celebration About American Sign Language?


Marvin Miller Gettin’ Ready!

December 1st, 2015 has a very special meaning. 60 years ago, Rosa Parks had her share of enemies, perhaps more than most. She was a human icon to do things by full measures. It is incredible how she taught from her heart and soul.

Earlier this afternoon, Marvin Miller had a class project given at Gallaudet University about The Dictionary of American Sign Language on Linguistic Principles that shook the Deaf community 50 years ago that became a trademark for Deaf History. Several generations would pass before every Deaf child in America should be familiar with the name of William Stokoe. The event was a sell-out with many people standing in the room. It is a good sign! It is a human icon by full measures to preserve ASL!

The big question, how come Gallaudet University did not choose to host a huge festival and honor ASL 50 years ago? Remember, the truth must be told that William Stokoe, Carl Croneberg and Dorothy Casterline were ridiculed badly by the administration and did not bother to give them full protection. Stokoe suffered the worst of all. The administration must be liable for community accountability that they are from an old school of thoughts, trained to view ASL as clients to justify their claims of misunderstanding and other things.

While the last stars faded, the reason Marvin Miller did this to uproot the awareness unfold in his mind. Step by step, like a chess game. ASL has been living a long life to look upon. No matter how splendid ASL at the apex of heroism, when the soul had fled it takes all education and soul-searching comes with it. ASL shows it plenty of vision remains of glory!



The festival that celebrates 50 years after the publication of ASL at Gallaudet shows that the last surviving administration issue would be their final order not to host the festival: Go back the way you came. It is too bad that the highest-ranking moneyman in the administration did not give full respect for ASL and the Deaf community. It is absolutely true that Gallaudet University, in 1980’s there was an assertion that ASL has NO PLACE in Deaf Education.

It is the history in the making to remember what Marvin Miller has done for Gallaudet community.

Hands waving!


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