The Criminalization of Police Brutality: Politics, Consequences, and Local Responses

IMG_0300My journey into seeing #BlackLivesMatter since Michael Brown was killed a year ago today in Ferguson—there had been a lot of detours, unnecessary turns, and rocky roads in the same manner as other Deaf people had gone all through dealing with police brutality. I remain optimistic that I will pay more attention to the road signs, figuratively speaking. It is the same old game: no hype around the news and get people to tune into the latest news seeing a Black Deaf person being beaten somewhere in the hands of police brutality.

Please support #BlackLivesMatter and hold it to your heart dearly. Police brutality cannot be invisible anymore. It was not necessary—where it promotes more fear around the country. Flashback memories are necessary to repeat. That is exactly why it is not a moment because it is a movement! I personally never support gun control or anyone who is a gun owner even when I was a young kid, I really never liked guns. I follow my principles from that day to today. After reading a book called The Last Gun: How Changes in The Gun Industry Are Killing Americans and What It Will Take to Stop it written by Tom Diaz last winter 2014 is must book to read.

I remember there was a huge story 12 years ago coming out of Portland, Oregon where a 21 years old Kendra James, mother of three children was killed by a white police officer while she was sitting in the car unharmed—her head was blown away into the pieces by bullets. Kendra would never get to see her children grow up. The police officer got away with murder but only got suspended for 180 days.

I was very upset what I saw and really wanted to see the justice done for James’ family. Owning a gun is a social responsibility, not a private one. It’s very important that we know who has a gun, and it must be removed from any household where someone is crazy.

It is well known today that Wayne LaPierre, National Rifle Association [NRA] president is crazy, and it is our responsibility to remove his assault weapon. Anyone who purchases a gun must sign a public agreement, and it is subject to be disclosed for the good public. It’s for our protection. And this is America!

Those police officers are not good guys with a gun at all! Guns must be removed from people who think they are crazy, period!

The night in Ferguson a year ago has miraculously shifted from “a bad guy with a gun” or “a good guy with a gun” to “a guy with bad idea” and “a guy with a good idea.” And that changed America overnight.



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