In The Times of Butterflies: Deaf People Are Important, Too!


In a world of great creedal and human diversity, first of all, I would like to explain what creedal means. It is a noun: any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination ( There are a great many different views about the meaning and social significance of Deaf people and butterflies.

In this post, we need to approach the sociological study of politics. We also need to approach the sociological study of Deaf people and butterflies through a conscientious effort to engage perspectives from politics and from studies based in diverse parts of the planet. In this post, it would require history, philosophy, political economy, culture studies, anthropology, politics, social ethics, Deaf studies and other fields related to the sociology of Deaf people and butterflies today and tomorrow.

Through the truth cannot do justice to the rich variety necessary for a comprehensive global approach to the topic, we need to focus on contextual ideal always in mind: endeavor to study Deaf people and butterflies in global perspective. The key is to try to include a wide scope and to remember that our own social locations influence our understandings—including the limits of our understandings and consciousness.

We have much to gain by studying why the butterflies are disappearing around mother Earth. Please note that the butterflies are also Deaf. Yes, they are all Deaf! Having living in Deaf community, remembering experiences studying Deaf discourses, recalling adventures in American Sign Language (ASL) across America and Canada, thinking about Deaf people how important they are to us today including my beloved Pacific Northwest (e.g. the notion of “salmon people”) and being deeply interested in ASL and Deaf Studies, I have strong awareness of the global reach involved in questions about the role of genocide in Deaf community today.

ASL is being marginalized in favor of Oralism and cochlear implant spearheaded by AGBell ideology, making the meaning state of being Deaf disappeared and no, it is no funny business. What happened to what we learn about Deaf Studies and analytical approaches of Deaf people, offers us the opportunity to appreciate the variety of ways that “all knowledge may be shaped by the social context of the knower”—our goal is to enrich our understandings of the social phenomenon of Deaf people. Now to the butterflies, I remember living in country in a rural Washington States on 400 acres, I would see hundreds of butterflies everywhere—they were one of the most beautiful creatures you could imagine—all in colors. I did not realize they were Deaf until my adult life—damn for hiding the truth!

The sad part is that the butterflies are not appearing in our backyards or even front yards anymore—it is not there. What happened to the complex webs of meaning and action? Nature vs. Nurture or Nature vs. Man-Made? Now above the opening paragraph: the meaning of creedal—any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination. Any system: man-made cochlear implants, oralism, or even doctrine as in oralism in religious discourses that believes that Deaf people should be part of formula of religious belief to wipe out ASL and Deaf Culture and turn into hearing-dominated system.

I mean, look at this bigger picture, folks, how Oralism, cochlear implant industries and hearing-dominated society relate to: economic systems, social institutions, cultural patterns, moral arguments, divergent world-views and the collective psyches of Deaf people. We need to challenge and become stronger to do so by examining and discussing: the parallel between butterflies and Deaf people being slaughtered into human pleasure.

Now point out to the religious believers: they believe that Deaf people need to be wiped out, for example, EPHPHATHA— becoming so passionately held points of view (various creeds and the voices of their believers), poignant personal stories that connect Deaf people into cosmic, and sociological (cross-disciplinary often) analyses of genocide and society—with a particular eye for comparative and global perspectives.

The butterflies and Deaf people—in America I live, Deaf people I know in Canada, and other parts of world, their spirit of freedom is fast becoming as blinkered as the oppressors by politics and fear. We all should not live like this—ever. From my Sociology background, I have learned to simply protect Deaf community—the one I live in. Their reactions by attempting to kill the butterflies and Deaf people are understandable since they suffer the NIMB (Not in my Backyard) syndrome—an element of the oppressed.

As I argue in my blog post, certainty without evidence is necessarily divisive and dehumanizing. In fact, respect for evidence and rational argument is what makes peaceful cooperation possible. As human beings, Deaf people are human beings, not human doings, we live in a perpetual choice between conversation and violence; what, apart from a fundamental willingness to be reasonable, can guarantee that we will keeping to one another?



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The Shadow of Cochlear Implants in Cuba


Remember a post I wrote in September 2015, “My Reflections: Deaf People in Havana” with the link below:

As June 15, 2016, Havana hosted a cochlear symposium as part of the 35th Pan American Congress of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery–please read the links below when you are done reading this post. As 2016, Havana has performed 360 cochlear implant surgeries. The biggest concern is that now America has restored diplomatic relations with Cuba in July 2015–meaning there will be thousands of cochlear implant surgeries happening in Havana sooner than people really think.

I am concerned, folks.



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Fact of the Day: American Sign Language is the Winner


George Orwell’s Mind: AWESOME!

Cochlear implant is a secret to put systems in place to trick Deaf children–to trick their brains and hearing—into staying on task when cochlear implant industries need them to. Cochlear implant experts would recommend that all Deaf children be implanted as much as possible, in concerted clumps rather than as they come in.

Cochlear implant industries have their e-mail programs set to put through arriving e-mails automatically or to check every five minutes. Think about that: If they are checking e-mail every five minutes, they are checking 200 times during the waking day. This has to interfere with advancing Deaf children’s primary objectives: American Sign Language. That is the FACT. Imagine: 200 Deaf children are implanted during the waking day.

I spoke with a friend of mine this morning about FACTS—and he made me realize of this discussion and the question in my mind, how do you keep of this horde of facts you want to connect with? We both agreed that ASL is the primary fact–that heals brains and should I add, the pursuit of happiness in their human rights to be Deaf. There is a conference coming to DC this month on October 15-17th, American Cochlear Implant Alliance [ACI Alliance] and they will attempt to destroy facts that the renewal of passion in ASL with set of policies in the “CI” bible, is often seen with projecting and practicing the irreversible oppression of the Deaf children. A bold statement for ACI, it says absolutely, nothing about ASL as the language of instruction and scholarship.

William House, unbeknown to most Deaf people, the father of cochlear implant, adopted a policy of termination of Deaf children and it was effect in 1984 with the first cochlear implant surgery ever, forcing many Deaf children to terminate their status as their human rights and they were “detribalized” and powerless after that.

The discovery of ASL in 1965 was successful but Deaf children came to realize that they had already fought against what was wrong against those people who oppressed ASL, and begin to educate themselves and study politics and social philosophy. There are plenty of ASL users who became successful, and learned how to challenge the cochlear implant industries and to use an American law to protect and advance their human rights of being Deaf and use ASL. In some cases, they have been connected again with far more than they had when Deaf children were forced to disconnect themselves. For example, death of 12 Deaf children in 1989 during cochlear implant surgery had not been exactly publicized enough in the eyes of the mainstream media.

What do we learn from ASL? We need to be presented a number of possibilities for future Deaf children, and have the time to explore the philosophy of ASL—the time will come to claim AL as the language and culture in higher education. ASL is the addendum that will serve as an important prototype of Deaf children everywhere and they are the real part of the process–even at the greatest distance. ASL is the fact–and the American Cochlear Implant Alliance will ignore the facts–for example, the levels of ASL will increase during gaps in social support, but does cochlear implant becomes a poor social functioning? Which is the better fact of the day?


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Turn the Lights On!


One of my favorite quotes I often use for a good debate with people, “A mathematician is a blind man in a dark room is looking for a black cat which is not there” by Charles Darwin. This quote is exactly the same sentiment what David Call’s “I can hear! I can sing!” is all about. The fat cats in the drawing show a strong message between science and nature. Science is about arranging Deaf ears and nature is about a biological fact that is very healthy: Deaf. Darwin’s work was very highly respectable in science world leading that evolution would change everything even for Deaf babies with cochlear implants (CI).

In CI, there is frequently a connection between the signal and the noise, be it the message or the sound of violin, and the system is a battery-operated and it is not a natural at all. Creativity, the ability to produce novel expressions through music is very much absent in CI users that do not depend on displacement, duality, and cultural transmission.

David Call’s message shows a mental entity in which a world seems perfect, comparing to this present world. The drawing was so powerful that it is time to confront the many challenges it faces in both ASL and sound-oriented principles even at Gallaudet University. The concern is that it has been compounded by the failure exhibited by the current university administration to understand the nature of dangers and the integrity of critical thinking—it is gone.

CI industries are aggravated by the excessive influence of an audistic doctrine—the BIG MONEY. They do not care if the CI are artificial and man-made promoting for awareness, not acquisition, therefore the person David Call drew also shows that it is an individualistic as playing piano, trombone, flute, violin or any musical instruments. There is NO guarantee to the benefit of them at all.

There is a large marine mammal known as manatees (sea cows) that they possess vocal chords which give them the ability to speak like humans, but do not do so because they have no ears with which to hear the sound. Give manatees CI!

They fail to do their professional research and deliberation; they voted on a resolution to set up CI center on the campus at Gallaudet University to give CI users the more power. They marginalize DEAF people down. The big money flowing through CI industries are making a dangerous commitment to exclusive and academic use of CI, a commitment to intellectual excellence and responsiveness in CI, and a commitment to scholarly and creative work and research in CI at Gallaudet University that practices the speculative nature of knowledge: Darwinism.


When the society oppresses Deaf people and children under great pressure to get CI, they are treated like manatees. Darwin would be very happy! If you want to know more information, read his famous work, Origins of Species published in 1859, and also, read a book written by Douglas C. Baynton, Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign against Sign Language in a chapter called Savages and Deaf Mutes: Species and Race. 

The channels: 22. A BIG FRAUD. Charles Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton, the father of Eugenics. Easy to figure it out. Turn the lights on!


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National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Loves Cochlear Implant Industries


The media image of the Deaf has never been depicted through images of Deaf people. We the Deaf are in constant danger of being described by those who can hear and speak in language than American Sign Language (ASL)—Deaf people are easiest to target. When the world offers cochlear implant (CI)–a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a Deaf person to perpetuate in a “listening and speaking” hoax.

CI companies are the most powerful language in English along with the media. When they play politics on Deaf people, they create rules for Deaf people to shut up and listen. Looking at media about CI through books, stories, and workshops, they use the power to make sure Deaf people are “power-struggling” in their nests. Not only that the cochlear implant industries continuously devour Deaf children for profits, but CI does not represent a worldview; it is the technology that suffers depreciation that requires the costs of monthly mapping.

People who work for industries have to start taking responsibility for the terrible phenomenon of CIs. There is plenty of bullying in schools targeting Deaf children who are not implanted who are vulnerable to cruelty. All social activities provide opportunities for bullying. Isolating Deaf children from the world leaves them free to establish their own rules of behavior, and they behave badly. With the idea of implanting them and force them to live in the world with everyone else–to behave like hearing.

CI industries are “running” the democracy and the power. We the Deaf people have every chance to shut down the cochlear implant lobbying and their congressional friends. If we fail to oust them from power, we can make our excuses to those body bags, but will it be too late because Deaf children cannot able to hear? They will be gone to their death knowing that we do not care enough to take action. For example, 12 Deaf children died from CI surgeries in 1989. Cochlear implant industries thinks they are the “democracy”—wrong!


Nancy Rourke’s Twelve in 1989

The point of the media– CI companies are creating the “second wave” of 1880 Milan Resolution. The story about 1880 Milan, the educators of the Deaf all around the world gathered together in Milano, Italy for the second International Congress on Education of the Deaf (ICED)–it was taken the place in schools for the Deaf in Milano that were under the auspices of the Roman Catholic church where auricular confession–the disclosure by word spoken of sins into the auris, or ear, of a priest is required. Abbe Balestra, the conference planner wrote:

“Gesture is not the true language of man….Gesture, instead of addressing the mind, addresses the imagination and the senses. Thus, for us, it is an absolute necessity to prohibit that language and to replace it with living speech, the only instrument of human thought” 

It is exactly what the CI companies are doing all over the world today. My first school I attended: Tucker-Maxon Oral School (TMOS) known as one of Portland’s best kept secrets–and it is the house of pain that does not allow sign language at all. Even today in 2014, they still do not allow the use of sign language. In 1985, TMOS was proudly to announce to be the world’s first school-based children’s cochlear implant center in conjunction with the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles. See the link at the end of the post.

The current National Association of the Deaf (NAD) president uses bilateral cochlear implants. He and I went to same school. Same year. He was couple of years older than I am. I am writing this post with heavy heart and do not want to see Deaf children suffer along with mental, emotional, and physical scars anymore. Remember, NAD has very strong relationship with cochlear implant companies.

I started to remember him more and more from that time when I enrolled there in 1976; Before NAD election in 2012, I remembered very well that he had couple of strong sponsors from TMOS, Hands and Voices of Oregon, Alexander Graham Bell Chapter of Oregon, and he never had CIs until he was elected as president. That shows that he was supportive of TMOS and its practice of cochlear implants on Deaf children. He wants to make a good example. Audiologists and educators of the Deaf today are completely trained under the irreversible influence of the 1880 Milan Resolution banning sign language even at TMOS, too. It is the genocide to the Deaf mind; It is the HATE CRIME in distinguishes. TMOS’s philosophy: Follow 1880 Milan Resolution’s example.

After reading his latest letter to renew his presidency position through NAD’s website, I realized that there exists status quo in his statement, and he has yet to critique his experiences and involvements. He would prefer coffee and cake over confront and contest. He may have enjoyed chairing some educational groups without informing us about changes and challenges. The NAD is not about parents of the Deaf getting involved; it is about Deaf people themselves getting involved. Is he the better candidate for the NAD presidency?

I have decided to keep myself distant from NAD. Change is a must! Given his educational background being from TMOS, I can clearly see that the NAD is inclining toward the AGBell climate. Is it also his responsibility as NAD president to allow TMOS to suffer Deaf children without sign language? He would not criticize anything publicly. OK, think of that way when parents of Deaf children are sent out to that school every day with the knowledge that they will be suffer a lot of pain. He is standing by and watches this horrific slaughter going on at TMOS because he says nothing can be done. Now the election is coming up next month, it is time to send a message to him that breeding hate at TMOS has to be stopped. End zero tolerance policies and allow Deaf children to SIGN with happy faces, demilitarize Alexander Graham Bell Association, end corporate money, and stop target them for larger social impact. Where is the public right going to do about Deaf children’s pursuit of happiness and safety?

The real proof in my book is that he is just a “hot air balloon” bullshit! CI industries are causing the reality of proliferation that causes DEATH. In our e-mail last April 2014, he wrote to me, “I have spoken ill of Tucker Maxon”–if he has spoken ill of TMOS, why did he receive very strong endorsements and sponsors from TMOS when he was running for NAD president? What if a child from TMOS dies from cochlear implant surgery this neither year nor next year even in two years? What will he do about it? Actually, what IF one of 12 Deaf children who died from cochlear implants surgery was a student at Tucker-Maxon Oral School? Where is his heavy heart in this to prevent Deaf children from getting cochlear implants?

As he said, “WOW! Great old memories!” on TMOS’s Facebook page in 2013. Do not worry—the picture is archived. He never spoke ill of TMOS at all. As great Paulo Freire wrote, “Being less human leads the oppressed to struggle against those who made them so“.



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