Bernie Sanders: A Future to Believe in Challenging Bias of American Sign Language


When I first read the article about American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation being provided by Democratic presidential candidates across the country, and learned that Bernie Sanders as the front-runner by near and far, it is clearly that he is the people’s champion because he listens to ASL/Deaf community well. How would Presidential candidates cooperate with ASL/Deaf Community? Voting rights matter for Deaf people.

Compassion. Respect. Listen well.

While providing information is based on the notion that intellect consists of acknowledging ASL. Number one: ASL community knows that the importance of critical thinking, for it is the necessary starting place for acquiring information. Critical thinking is both respectful of the ASL/Deaf community.

Deaf people are seen an important citizens from across the country to receive ASL interpreters a greater understanding of how politics of hate, prejudice, discrimination, and language deprivation meant.

Bernie Sanders published a book, Our Revolution—leading the right to end bias for the most exploited people in the society. For one, Deaf community is the most exploited minority group in America. The challenges facing America is lack of discussion about Deaf people in politics. We must focus on today—and tomorrow–because ASL is a voting and human right.


Last April 2019, Bernie: “If somebody wants to go around perpetrating hate crimes, that person will pay a very, very heavy price, indeed”

The dangers of hate crime as it has been noted, it is characteristic of those who judge Deaf people and acknowledge their own bias. The flaws has been either known or unknown, the political and criminal minds; when a hate crime symbolizes in America, the centralism of U.S. flag has become a symbol of hate, amidst the denial of hate, though is confusion.

The culture of hate has been targeting ASL and destroying lives of the Deaf, as in the practice of human consciousness, and how often do we see it and let the bystanders enough to admit that the fear mongers is cruel enough to judge ASL/Deaf community. The bigotry and hate of ASL is a human problem that has its roots in language deprivation.

ASL is a journey of intellectual transformation for Deaf people who believes in politics is a good cause with incredible number of gifts to enjoy and share–talents, dreams, and desires that can make ASL/Deaf community rich, and continue to explore.

Bernie’s camp is a bold move into politics of Deaf America and believes in access to ASL for communication, information, and knowledge. It is all about encountering a change in winds with good counsel and guidance to a future to believe in challenging bias of ASL. The willingness to move beyond conformity and stereotype, to turn Deaf community into strength, and ASL into intellectual discourse and put aside self-judgement, and honor the unique gifts they were born with.

Bernie’s camp invests with a heavy heart to give ASL/Deaf community to hold their hands on the steering wheel in right direction whose standards expect nothing as we can ever appreciate. And, what would the relationship of ASL be to the political world?


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DEAF AMERICA: Thank you, Tom Harkin!


The democracy is nothing you could ever replace. Former Senator Tom Harkin had electrified the National Democratic Convention (DNC) to use their hands to sign, “AMERICA”–that is a history in the making! The audience has learned that that induction into the world American Sign Language (ASL) is tantamount to being lead into stupefaction. It has inspired my heart what Tom Harkin has done! It is way beyond my imagination. Move over, Star Trek!

With being said that, we need to be able to reach any consensus about just what ASL is all about. We need a sociological even philosophical conception that ASL should never be taken as an indicator of debility. We need to educate that ASL should be turn into a simulacrum of the natural sciences. The importance of ASL has entered a new stage of development. For example, cognitive sociology that should able to transform our approach to the study of ASL–to influence our questions, our research strategies, our methods, and purling-range goals.

Will ASL and what Tom Harkin has done at DNC have a role to play in this fundamental transformation? Should ASL strengthen our lives to address American Deaf lives everywhere? This is an American role-playing: United States Constitution that protects Deaf people to use ASL for their First Amendment! I had a privilege to sit front of him speaking for Vera Institute of Justice when I was invited as Community Liaison for Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of the Deaf (HEARD).


Thank you, Tom Harkin!


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