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World Mental Health Day: The Modern Struggle For Deaf Returning Citizens


I would like to share my reflections about World Mental Health Day yesterday (October 10th). My apologies not for finishing up a post on time. It is very important to share more awareness about mental health that impacts Deaf community—especially Deaf returning citizens in Deaf community.

Depression is part of mental health; the stigma connected with Deaf returning citizens is unbearable. The public consciousness about Deaf returning citizens has been a failure of an evolving cultural understanding of mental health among them.

The phrases may haunt them each day. All these years later, they may be struck with shame. The state of being Deaf returning citizens was an “easy job” to ignore and not reported as violating their human dignity and thrown away on the side of the road where the cars would run over them. There was no raised questions from mental health professionals who are hearing who claimed that they are experts in understanding Deaf world. It makes things worse.


Today, there is ONLY ONE Deaf-centered counseling center in America, Deaf Counseling Center. Without Deaf mental health experts (bless them!), Deaf returning citizens would feel paralyzed whether to share their struggles or not. There is a quote that should be seen:

Should you find yourself the victim of other people’s bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities. Remember this, things could be much worse. You could be one of them.”-Unknown.

Mental health awareness helps to distract all the negative labels in their lives by getting themselves involved with educational jaunts, and Deaf-centered licensed therapists. Is it fair to use a distasteful mental image to prove a point, even if that mental image relies on stereotyping of Deaf returning citizens?

Labeling hurts the most. Mental health awareness can make all the difference to understand the gravity of their experiences. In the Deaf community, there are plenty of hardships that Deaf returning citizens suffer and even think it is OK to bully other Deaf returning citizens who were going through what they had been through. Deaf community ranks one of the highest percentage—lack of mental health awareness and educate the most serious consequences they would face with.


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Robbed of Future Ph.D: The Rejection of a Deaf Returning Citizen


For the last 21 years as a Deaf returning citizen, I have been dealing with hate. Ten years ago when I signed up Hate Crime and Bias for a university Sociology elective course, and discovered that hate is a social disease. I made an ultimate goal: Ph.D; I’ve faced couple of death threats, and once gun-pointed at my face in year 2000. Haters attempting to set my life into pieces and kill my success down—facing rumor-mongers about me on websites, and I understood how to deal with hate every day. It is not easy.

I’ve had haters post pictures of me and post my home address along with detailed information. There is a hate group against me—hate has never seemed more like a real possibility in my lifetime at this hour. The followers in the hate group are very much like other hate group counterparts, and I deal with hate for very long time and I had dealt with much worse situations than that.


Hate is a cancer of the human mind, which results in the production of excess numbers of stigmatization. Each day, a Deaf returning citizen has been subjected to hate, and hate destroys the balance. Dealing with haters has created problem to prevent a healthy perspective on life. The learning process is important. Watching other Deaf people suffering hate, they would consider it a human struggle.

I am absolutely convinced that no Deaf returning citizen should experience of hate. Sometimes, our thinking runs against the wall. Often, the hardest part in society is to do nothing; to write this Deaf returning citizen who dealt with hate and is not going to stand up. That way, the society continues to be ignorant, and if by chance, the Deaf community continues to stand up, and then everyone is happy. The problem is, too often negative thinking becomes an ego-bruising task for the society when it comes to deal with Deaf returning citizens.



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Indigenous People’s Day: Resistance in the Epoch of Christopher Columbus



Please support Indigenous Peoples’ Day all over the cities and towns in the country, “Columbus Day” is a commonly used as a white privilege label to support to any bigotry, hostility, and discrimination against Native Americans and its use is often politically motivated. That is why I do not support Christopher Columbus’s legacy in secrecy, war, and violence in Native American lands. To date, if Columbus was alive today, hate crime charges without question where the trial is necessary for Columbus.

There are plenty of literature reviews on Native Americans and criminal justice, found one of the literature reviews focusing ethno-violence and found not a single case of Native Americans as victims of racially motivated violence. It makes them deeper than an invisible cloak. It is literally bad! What had Native Americans done to them? Kurt Vonnegut writes in his book, Breakfast of Champions: As children we were taught to memorize this year with pride and joy as the year people began living full and imaginative lives on the continent of North America. Actually, people had been living full and imaginative lives on the continent of North American for hundreds of years before that. 1492 was simply the year sea pirates began to rob, cheat, and kill them.”


What is Indigenous People’s Day? It is about celebrating of the Indigenous peoples in North America to celebrate their culture, language, and arts. It is important to appreciate them as part of humanity and it is also difficult to imagine and understand the current strains of Indigenous peoples where they face the connections with colonialism. As for Columbus’ trial, according to the United Nations: 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide:

any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such:

 a: Killing members of the group;

b: Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

c: Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

d: Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

e: Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. (Article II)

Do we need to celebrate Columbus Day what he has robbed Indigenous Peoples lives? It should be student-centered, human-centered, and love-centered that we need to retain our knowledge about Indigenous People in schools. Also, it can be educator-led that we need strong educators to bring in stronger awareness that impacts learning. At a human compassion, we all need a healthy terminology such as Indigenous People’s Day.

Finally, it should be Hate-Free, as Indigenous People deserve an education without financial hardships. They deserve a chance to thrive in their lives, without facing hate and racism daily. We need teachers and learners clearly to share a common interest in positive meaning and we need to re-invest Native American literature more often in our public schools and universities. Can we channel our knowledge toward the essentials of teaching and learning about Indigenous People’s Day? Please visit this YouTube video with captions provided:



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The Power of Positive Leadership


When President Cordano wrote a statement:

“President Cordano has decided to place the position of Vice President of Student Affairs and Community Engagement on hold. This will give us the space to engage in a deeper dialogue about what is in the best interest of the community. The ultimate decision about this vice president position will be determined, in large part, by the input gathered from the entire community. A campus-wide email message with a vlog will be issued soon.”

As immediately as I saw the statement, the members of Deaf community at Gallaudet University is increasingly tired of being marginalized including Deaf returning citizens. It is true that Foster auditorium was full house; I would like to thank Bobbi to make right decision that Dwight is not the effective person for the position: Vice President of Student Affairs and Community Engagement.

However, I became puzzled the fact that Dwight Benedict has not been let go of the campus. When Bobbi said in her presentation, “I recognize a lot of pain.”—Where did the “pain” actually come from? Dwight’s policies are so oppressive that he would not able to give someone a chance to breathe for some air. Also, Bobbi’s signed,

Dwight Benedict is a victim of the system”

Hello? How can it be irresponsible excuse? Why did Bobbi need to say that? What’s up with that? Political cover-up? Lack of admitting systematic racism? Lack of institutional racism? Educational oppression?

Whose responsibility is it from the administration system? Should we believe that Dwight is a victim of the administration system? Where is the apology from Dwight himself on the stage what he had done to many survivors? Someone informed me that person has confronted Dwight sitting next to Bobbi in office this morning what he had done, Dwight admitted to the fact he did. Yes, he actually did. What does it mean to you?

Whoa, that was fast! Rome did not built overnight. It takes a lot of unpacking, I mean, the size of the Great Wall of China is so big that would stretch from Washington, D.C. to Wichita, Kansas. That is where Dwight needs to unpack his privileges that much for the last 37 years.

Was it good enough? Will Dwight ever “man up” or own it up what he had done to underprivileged Deaf people of color, Deaf people, and Deaf returning citizens?

I also asked the person if Dwight would happy to start unpacking his white privileges. Dwight gives the surprising answer—you need to guess the answer. If Dwight ever owns up and demand the apology from Gallaudet community, alumnus, and alumni through video without written script, but his own sincere apology, will it ever happen? The motto for state of Kansas: Ad Astra per Aspera which means in Latin, “To the Stars through Difficulties” and the motto for Washington, D.C.: Justia Omnibus which means in Latin, “Justice for All”

Where is the JUSTICE for ALL Deaf survivors who experienced Dwight’s power of oppression? I am asking for his apology including the fact that he did not quickly complete his civil duty when an alumnus faces a life and death situation last November 2016. The silence continues to understand the stars through difficulties for those people. We need to break down the great wall of silence. Not only the apology for I seek for, the apology goes to the survivors for the last 30+ years. Overstayed, overpriced, and overconfident is long due.


All we are asking for a fresh change at Gallaudet in the healthiest environment as possible. We need Justia Ombinus. Positive Leadership. That is the kind of Community Engagement we are looking for. 


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ASL: Town Hall About Dwight Benedict

LEAD-K: Deaf Centered or Bimodality Centered?

A Change of Heart in Deaf Community


Yale Law School. 2014. 

It does not matter if Deaf returned citizen deserves a second chance in life. They focus on being good citizens and neighbors or yours and mine. The term “returned citizen” in the way the society is always in the ‘current tense’ and not the ‘past tense’—why is that? The answer lies in the greatest assumptions that formed in the rumor-mill community—Deaf community. That is to be said that it is trash in—-trash out. The society is a myth and bullshit had more weight than facts and forgotten stories on Deaf returned citizens.

Remember the old days in 1950s and 1960s, East Germany, a very highly police state—that was enforced into strict laws and codes for its citizens to follow such as early curfew, neighbors were actually forced to spy on one another, prohibition on foreign travel even free political speech was something that would get you killed. Back in that time, East Germany’s criminal justice system would get people killed even if they’re innocent or even for minor crimes as kids.

That is the old dilemma of the balance between dealing and understanding freedom and at the same time, minimizing crime. It is very difficult to understand this. Of course, I completely understand that in a society that a freedom is maximized. Deaf returned citizens are free to do good things. I’ve paid my debt to the society as a young and lost kid 31 years ago, and that is what a self-healing society is all about.

Of course, it is very difficult to understand that a free and healthy society that would forgive people who had committed a bad act. I know the feeling. I really do! Imagine a self-healing society that teaches freedom—for everyone, including Deaf returned citizens, at the same time, think about the self-healing society that has been interrupted by rumormongers—again at the same time, I deserve to resume a life of freedom.

I believe in the full circle of healing to occur anytime, anywhere. It is the forgiveness that is the missing component here in America with respect to help healing the wounds in the society. Do Deaf Americans do can better than to treat Deaf returned citizens with contempt and hate? It is about the matter of healthy society. Can we show the world that we are committed to understand Deaf returned citizens’ struggling stories where they are often ignored and rejected from the society?


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Once a Stalker, Always a Stalker


The more lies Gary says the more he is in denial, it makes him look awfully bad. In fact, he just blew it away. The picture of Gary holding Target nametag—proves that he was at the same place where I was interviewing for a job position. Who fucking cares about his nametag? So what! He thinks he’s a God for Target.

Yes, it was from an old friend who referred me to a job position available and I did not even realize Gary was working there when we bumped into each other and that’s where he told the manager about me. How did I know? It was from someone else who worked there at the same time when Gary was working there. Gary told a co-worker that he would make sure I would rot in hell and he told the manager as well, too. It is not about background check. It is about fear and corruption on his part.

Of course, I knew about background check and it did not stop me from applying for a job anyway. When I bumped into Gary at work, I realized that he would be running a rumor-mill around employment and would cause more hostile environment. Gary was the problem. Notice the language pattern—repeating and repeating that Gary was in denial about Deaf Expo. Enough said. Gary always brings mace with him. There was never a meeting or bump into each other in 2002 where he claimed. Gary is so bad at basic math that he could not figure out 5th grade math question.


For the last time, I never said that Gary went to Super Bowl game at Deaf friend’s house in 2011. Gary must be really bad at reading between lines. No wonder why he couldn’t get to play first string in football. He wasn’t even good anyway. One more thing, he never played on a university team. He told a lot of people that he was playing for an university team–NCAA Division II team. I do not need God to deal with me. God needs to deal with him and would punish him for his lies. God already knew who he is. So much that he promised his friend that he would leave me alone. Once a stalker, always a stalker. He will follow me everywhere, no matter what. I need to protect myself.


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Surviving a Stalker


He once said about me. “please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil guy.”

The damage is too great to forget. After I posted a blog about Gary McNicholas who is a stalker in my life few days ago, of course, he denied everything 100%–and begged someone else to tell me to remove truth about him because he was afraid of the truth! He was really panicked out! Well, guess what? No, I am not going to remove the post and leave it there for the rest of his life because what he did to me was pretty much damaged. It is time for me to post up a picture of him what he looks like. Fair. Since he posted up a picture of me. Tough shit. A life time of humiliation. Understand what my life is like. Please take a look at his face. He looks like an evil  guy.

By the way, good job teaming up with Maria Dollhopf to make sure to destroy my life in pieces. Do not even deny that! Maria runs ‘Deaf Access to Justice’ Facebook page and she allowed Gary to do it. Maria has very sick obsession over me–so they became friends and found a way to humiliate me as much as possible. They were a perfect couple. Just like Bonnie and Clyde. I was surprised to see HEARD founder to allow this happen and a pastor who was a former president for HEARD to allow this happen, too. They were supportive of it and did not tell Maria not to do that. Not a word.

I never said that Gary was at Super Bowl game with Deaf friends. He needs to read again and again. I will copy and paste from previous blog: “A year later after Deaf Expo, I was invited to a Super Bowl party with Deaf friends.”–Did I say that Gary went there? “I” MEANS ME—Jason Tozier. Did I say Gary McNicholas? No, I did not. Stop twisting lies. Gary writes e-mail to someone else:

“My girlfriend XXXX said you can contact her and ask her for the truth. XXX and our younger son were with me at Deaf Expo in Portland Oregon in 2009 and I NEVER had a mace with me. We didn’t see JT at Deaf Expo. You have every right to know the truth. Please go ahead and ask XXX. JT needs to STOP lying to people about me. XXX and I didn’t go to Super Bowl at all”

That’s funny because how did his “girlfriend” know what I look like? How did she know it is me? Gary was standing alone outside waiting for someone else and I was walking down to catch MAX–rail train to go to work. He was actually holding mace and no, his “girlfriend” was not with him that time. How did she know? How did she know Gary was telling truth? Oh, boy!

Also, Gary writes to someone else who forwarded me all of his e-mails:

“I realized that I was judging JT harshly. It’s not my job to judge him including his faith or his life. You are right. I read the Bible book with a pastor at Fourth Square church.  A pastor and I had a nice chat”

Well, it is WAY too late! He wanted everyone to know that he thinks he’s fuckin stud for doing his job—the job was to kill my life. That was what he wanted. He even wanted to see me homeless. He wanted to see me hungry as fuck. He wanted to see me die in worst conditions possible. He is a sore loser. He just had to ask a pastor and realized that he was wrong. Hahaha! That’s funny! He KNEW about it ALONG those times what he was doing an EVIL act! He used that to cover up his ass.

“Like I said I agree with you for your sakes that I would leave JT alone. Can you please tell JT to leave me alone and remove the false comments about me from his website? Thanks” Gary said. Well, no, I will not remove the false comments about Gary on my blog because truth hurts. Simple. He has to learn with his consequences. What is more–my family will vouch everything what Gary did to me. More power to truth.

“His mom DID NOT had a restraining order on me in 1997. In Portland the police department will tell you that there is NO record at all. I got very mad when I saw JT’s false comments about me on his website! You should see his true colors.”

Yes, my mother did and it was not even Portland Police Department. It was different police department. By the way, it has been 20 years, but I can ask my mother and she would be more than happy to answer that. Never undermine my mother’s safety, thank you. Do not insult my mother’s intellect.

How come Gary did not say anything about showing up and stalking me at my old apartment in downtown Vancouver? How did he know where I was living? TTY prank call to 9-1-1? My dad will VOUCH for this! What about job interview at Target stealing my employment opportunities away? Flirting with students? Of course, ASL teacher will be happy to vouch for this, too! Why did he tell the world that I did this as 21 years old? What he said was very harsh and he does NOT know my fucking life stories! HE WAS NOT THERE AT ALL! If he did not anything about those questions above then he is GUILTY as hell. An inspiring firefighter or EMT—what a fraud nutcase he is.

Gary did not even apologize and admit what he did. Selfish and coward who he is.


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Oklahoma Association of the Deaf President’s Statement


Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) President Renee Sites issued a statement yesterday. I do not know when, but here’s the statement in relation to a killing of an unharmed Deaf man (picture attached above) in Oklahoma City the other night. What do you think of this statement?

“The Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) steps forward in recognition that education is needed in our home state and across the nation between deaf and emergency responders. We are sad, but not surprised by this most recent act. Lack of education plays a vital part in many communities. It is our hope to join with police departments in Oklahoma, to provide better advocacy and training to law enforcement personnel. We want to prevent this type of situation from happening in the future. We want the members of our community to be safe. We understand that police are often in difficult situations and might not remember that all individuals can respond to verbal commands.

There are many challenges between the deaf community and law enforcement. We would be willing to partner with agencies in Oklahoma to better serve our communities while breaking down barriers. OAD has discussed providing town halls in different cities in Oklahoma. This is not only for police, but all emergency responders. If you would like to set up a town hall with our deaf community, please feel free to reach out. We are here to advocate, educate and learn together. Oklahoma Association of the Deaf is here to build bridges between the two communities. We would like people to know they can reach out to us.”

“The mission of the Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) is to promote, protect and preserve the civil rights and quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in Oklahoma.”