NO, It is Not OKAY!

10430474_771178566322934_7956354118738631401_nThe Sun: Mother of all planets protects the Deaf Mother of All Souls.

Is Gallaudet always diverse and inclusive? In all of academics, it needs to be upgraded with a university president that is culturally Deaf. We need a president who is not afraid to attribute her or his own success in many traits. With years and years of a university president who is hearing does not have the tips where to guide Gallaudet University into the next generation and so. Also, it needs to change its pedagogy but it remains a place where Deaf people are oppressed.

With the potential hearing president taking the helm of Gallaudet University in 2016, Deaf people could not rekindle themselves as the Deaf community to claim Deafhood in higher education. Deaf people need to become highly sophisticated in their language and culture in the same manner as our hearing counterparts in their own language English.

An anonymous person wrote “Why it Would Be Okay if Gallaudet’s Next President is Hearing” sponsored through Gallaudet’s newspaper: The Buff and Blue is a coward. It is very dangerous topic—to reframe and ignore Deaf people’s pursuit of happiness to have a culturally Deaf president who is able to understand academically, economically, and politically.

Although Gallaudet University has a distinct history and traditions to be performed within the Deaf community, it has yet to stop marketing itself and treating Deaf people as its consumers. It should develop and share much needed characteristics, for example, culturally Deaf president who bleeds Deafhood in the right core of heart. No more Alexander Graham Bell ghosts!

Supposedly if the president has picked a hearing person to run the university, there is no way the president would not understand the needs and values of Deaf people to the public and to the world. Not only that but also would not understand the demand for new perspectives for ways of thinking, especially Deaf people in higher education. It is just impossible! The radical realization of hiring a Deaf president is the right thing. As long the president is not a member of Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The author in the article writes, “We’re all going to witness a very rare moment in Gallaudet history very soon; a new president being sworn in.” it is the message that the author wants a hearing person. The key word: rare in Middle English back in 1350-1400 means thin or infrequent. Could it means that Deaf people are on thin ice and walk on eggshells and let hearing candidate takes the helm as president?

It is very easy to read between the lines and I know whom the author is. Deaf scholars have a full intention to change the world, simple. Nice try, coward. After all, Gallaudet University actually begins where Deaf people are. It means Deaf president. Period.


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