Gallaudet University: Blatant Violation of the First Amendment?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. After exchanging great discussions with a friend, I feel it is important information to share with y’all.

Honestly, I thought that Gallaudet University is a 100% private institution, and I am sure that you thought the same thing being informed that Gallaudet University is private. That has required more research. Let’s go back to 1954.

1954 Congressional hearing where it has made a final decision that Gallaudet University (Gallaudet College that time) is semi-public and semi-private (both)–it is complicated. Yes, interesting. This coming Sunday, July 26th, will be the 30 years anniversary: American Disabilities Act (ADA). Why?

Since Gallaudet University is being semi-public, it does not come under the ADA. Interesting. Department of Public Safety (DPS)–certified by District of Columbia, DPS does come under the ADA. Be aware that Gallaudet University does come under Section 504 (Rehab Act of 1973).

I just learned recently from a friend above that shared with me that President Merrill encouraged students to go to downtown DC on buses to participate in the 504 protest! There were many Deaf students there, outside the building and some inside also participated in the sit-in.

Imagine. A county sheriff was appointed to a county commission to influence people’s behavior. That’s an indirect violation of the First Amendment, because it interferes with freedom of thought. In order to have freedom of speech, we need freedom of thought.

DPS is “certified” under the District of Columbia to become a genuine (governmental) police force, and it is not a security guard service. Governmental police force.

Let’s focus on the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). Who is the Chair for BIT? Ted Baran, DPS Chief. That is a serious violation of the First Amendment. Why? Interferes with freedom of thought. That is very much ILLEGAL.

After doing research and realizing that it is a blatant violation of the First Amendment. I wonder why Gallaudet University is allowing to violate the First Amendment? Thinking it is all right to dumb down Deaf students from all walks of life?

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Deaf students has been experiencing a lot of racial profiling at Gallaudet University. BIT Chair Ted Baran has the power to violate their freedom of thought in the First Amendment. More privileges. White, Hearing, and Oppressor of the Constitution Rights. That is something seriously to be looked at.

BOOK: “HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST” written by Ibram X. Kendi:

“The only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it—and then dismantle it.”

“Racist: One who supports a Racist policy through their actions or inaction or expressing a racist idea.”


Threat of Authoritarian Rule/Democracy in America

Threatening the democracy in America is the crisis of United States Constitution.

English Transcript:

Portland (Oregon) is well known for radicalism (strong people) who meet almost every night to talk about various social injustices. The people are strong. Discussing about Civil rights, Constitutional rights, and Human rights. Many others as well.

Attending Portland all my life, I often to pick up the handouts and attended many meetings, like reading articles, workshops, newspapers, networking, the best part of all: Writing workshop challenging the critical examination of language, and there is nothing wrong with Radicalism. The society attempts to make negative images of Radicalism.

Of course, the traits must be strong, confidence, believe, caring…for example, civil rights, constitutional rights, human rights, etc; that is good enough to care no matter what. The cycle kept going, but the systemic racism, white, whatever it is, finish, enough! Oppressed is enough.

I went ahead and signed up for three courses that impacted my life forever; Hate Crimes and Bias, Methodology of the Oppressed, and Revolution and Radical Social Change where I read a book: “Change the World Without Taking Power: The Meaning of Revolution Today by John Holloway”–Radicalism is never wrong. They were never secretive and, in fact, encouraged by the faculty, for example, social change. Again, Radicalism is nothing wrong. That is Portland!

I would like to show you this quote: [SHOWING THE IMAGE]

“Randy Blazak with the Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes says federal forces have done the opposite of quelling unrest.”

“When the federal forces showed up, it changed the tenor of the protests and the feeling of it that it’s not just about the Black Lives Matter movement; it’s now the threat of authoritarian rule in America,” Blazak said. “The unconstitutionality of these forces as some people see it as the threat of facism.”

Remember? The protest’s purpose DAILY is to support Black Lives Matter (BLM). Portland has strong connections, the reason Portland is a perfect target. White utopia. Oregon has strong history of Racism. Going way back to 1859, Oregon voters, exact voters, 89% of voters wanted the state of Oregon: WHITE ONLY.

Plus the largest KKK networking, for example, Portland had 9,000 members of KKK alone. Largest hate group. Portland also have large group of skinheads, White supremacists, Neo-Nazism, the list goes on–often underground information. Now it comes back. The strong force is to deny them out of the society: Radicalism.

Constitutional rights has been violated. Federal went ahead and oppress and destroy the Constitutional rights, for example, “America Founding Documents: The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States” handbook, and it is very important for you all to study and protect your rights. Serious business.


It is important to stay silent to protect your rights. I wrote as an editorial columnist for DEAF LIFE APRIL 2018: “Our Constitutional Crisis”. “Were we ever taught that the Constitution was written and ratified to resist the tyranny of the ruling, minority? Were we taught about the Bill of Rights, discussing each Amendment, so we could understand the principle of equal protection?

If we believe that our rights have been violated, do we understand what those rights are? Do we understand what the laws are? Shouldn’t we?”–Jason “JT” Tozier.

Now, Trump wants the most: Authoritarian. Not gonna happen. Suppressing Constitutional rights. NOPE! Trump picked the wrong city. Portland. Trump just threatened, I believe, from yesterday, Chicago. Philadelphia. Baltimore. New York City. Targeting Democratic cities that could include District of Columbia (DC).

THE HILL: “#BREAKING President Trump says he may send “more federal law enforcement” to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, and other cities to deal with unrest: In Portland they’ve done a fantastic job.”

They have been targeted. Reason? Election. Interesting! I would like to explain more about ‘Facism’ meant.

11 Steps:

1. Invoke a threat.
2. Establish secret prisons.
3. Develop a paramilitary force.
4. Surveil ordinary citizens.
5. Infiltrate citizen’s groups.
6. Arbitrarily detain citizens.
7. Target key individuals.
8. Restrict the press.
9. Cast dissent as treason.
10. Subvert the rule of law.
11. Disarm the citizen.


1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
2. Disdain for Human Rights
3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats
4. Supremacy of the Military
5. Rampant Sexism
6. Controlled Mass Media
7. Obsession with National Security
8. Religion & Government Intertwined
9. Corporate Power is Protected
10. Labor Power is Suppressed
11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
12. Obsession with Crime & Punishment
13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
14. Fraudulent Elections

That is a good example. It is important to talk about elections. It is very bad idea to do that. This afternoon, the article punished by THE NATION that I would like to show you: “WHY PORTLAND BECAME THE TEST CASE FOR TRUMP’S SECRET POLICE”:

“How Did a City of 653,000 become the testing ground for what Trump has suggested will be broader interference in US cities—part of an election-year strategy to stoke fear and advance an authoritarian vision of “law and order”? The groundwork for federal intervention in Portland was laid long before the summer’s protests by right-wing groups and media, which turned the city into a bogeyman. While Oregon has a legacy of state-sanctioned racism and is still home to a disproportionately large number of hate groups.”


How did a city of 653,000 become the testing ground for what Trump has suggested will be broader interference in US cities–part of an election-year strategy to stoke fear and advance an authoritarian vision of “law and order?…

…turned the city into a bogeyman. While Oregon has a legacy of state-sanctioned racism and is still home to a disproportionately large number of hate groups.”

That is true. Portland is beginning to grow more hate groups. Why so special about Oregon? WHITE UTOPIA. It is a perfect spot. As we are strong as Radicalism, we will continue! Portland knows its home! Threatening Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York city, etc–it is only beginning!

I grew up going to Portland all the time. I would like to show you my bicycle helmet:


LOVE OREGON. HEART OF OREGON. REJECT HATE. I RAIN PORTLAND. I LOVE THE FIRST AMENDMENT. FUCK OFF. Those are for oppressing Constitutional, Civil, and Human rights. NO WAY!


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Why Constitutional Rights Matter

Why Constitutional Rights matter to respect basic fundamental rights, including equal justice, human dignity, and bodily security. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is very much important in the Deaf community today and tomorrow. Please visit this link below and look for page 9 in #4 A: ‘Probable Cause Is More Than Suspicion’


“The first rule is that probable cause for arrest requires more information than suspicion or reason to suspect. 61 Reason to suspect gives an officer a basis for investigation, but he must find more information indicating crime before he has enough to make probable cause for belief of guilt.

The reason behind this rule is the known fact that suspicion so often proves to be unfounded and inaccurate. If any person could be arrested on suspicion only, we would all have an arrest record.”

I stand with Portlanders.


Click to access 17401NCJRS.pdf

GU President Bobbi Cordano: Commit to Dehumanization & Restorative Justice?

Does White Supremacy consciously thinking they are superior to other people? The systemic racism is deeply rooted in the Gallaudet University system and nowhere is more evident than every fabric of “forgotten” restorative justice and continues to dehumanize BIPOC Deaf community by the so-called “commitment” that would create a safe space: bias nor hate-free.


Hate Literature: Redskins NO MORE!

Link: (Find me at 1:17:51) That was taken last Feb. 2013.


Finally, Redskins is no longer visible in American sports. We do not need an hateful ideology like Washington Redskins. Last Feb 2013 Symposium, “Racist Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American Sports” in Washington, D.C. to stop Hate Literature against Native Americans. I did my civic duty by informing the audience: REDSKINS IS RACIST! VICTORY!

From the book, “Silent Victims: Hate Crimes Against Native Americans” by Barbara Perry writes a powerful thought:

“As intended, hate crime plays a key role in the contemporary oppression and segregation of Native Americans. It weights on its victims, discouraging actions, mobility, and engagement with the broader community. However, increasingly, as Native Americans have become more politicized, it has had the opposite effect, in that ongoing racism and violence actually harden the resolve of communities attempting to reclaim their identities and their rightful place in American society. It is this array of themes.”


Deaf Community Services of San Diego: Board & Executive Team

#deafcommunityservices #racism #deafracism

Dear Board Members and Executive Team Members of Deaf Community Services (DCS) of San Diego: I am in solidarity with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Deaf community with a full consequentialist approach, to support the concern of taking action against systemic racism.

In the land of the free, Audism and Racism has been the firestorm of controversy swirling around DCS; it is the subject of a language hegemony. For example, hearing privileges and white privileges. DCS should not allow Racism ideology, Audism ideology and explicitly excluded the BIPOC Deaf community.

The concerns are healing, self-actualization, and the raising of consciousness to warrant the human change for intersectionality. It is a healthy consciousness unpacking the white privileges, the identification of racism, and the ethical question: Is Whiteness a privilege?

Rooted in the language bigotry, Audism and Racism lead to human sufferings as matter of sub consciousness, though, the consciousness has been used in favor of power advantage, in a democracy of ignoring the systemic racism and avoid healing in favor of ordinary BIPOC Deaf community in a constitutionally dominated country.

Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr; 1967 quote:

“When a people are mired in oppression, they realize deliverance only when they have accumulated the power to enforce change.”

Racism exists and underestimated phenomena. Audism, too. Waves of patriotic emotions swept over North, South, West, and East. How there was a voice to be heard and seen in the deep-rooted systemic racism that would be easily silenced “white silence” and why this bias phenomenon continues to be invisible. That includes the fear of change. Strategies to minimize bias is not often discussed enough in the White Deaf community.

I believe extensive racial bias training is an important step to achieve with full integration and comprehensive access to be completed with the full understanding of racism, explicit and implicit.

DCS should be a safe place and must continue to ensure that the BIPOC Deaf community shall be hired without bias, and reject that unnecessary institutionalization and its systemic racism from the society.

In solidarity,

Jason “JT” Tozier

Hate Crime Researcher/Anti-Bias Trainer


Gallaudet University Board of Trustees

#gallaudetuniversity #deafracism #blacklivesmatter #whitesupremacy

To The Board of Trustees for Gallaudet University: 
Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen, a board trustee signed in a vlog: “Board of Trustees Affirms the President’s Anti-racism Commitment” on Tuesday, July 7th, 2020. 
However, some faculty members are not happy with anti-racism training, including President Cordano and her Executive Leadership Team at Gallaudet, the lack of integrity has caused great damage to the very fabric of Gallaudet University’s image. Cordano’s Executive Leadership Team, 81% of the team is White. 9 out of 11 people are White.
The effects of that history of racism are still felt today and tomorrow. Racism is freighted with insufficiently examined premises. 
The first is that Racism is invisible; it is no accident. Second, Racism became oppressed, and their language, as well as culture, suppressed. And, third, to meet personnel need to make Racism become supplicants of White supremacy. 
The initial response is prima facie discriminatory. Prima facie is a Latin term that means “on its face” or “at first glance.” The rejection and denial of White supremacy are at the root of the language racism on the Gallaudet University campus. That is a step to deny racial justice. 
There was an idea by Portland Community College, the first in America to offer Whiteness History Month, to upraise positive energy, to acknowledge context, consequence, and change. Will Gallaudet University change the climate on campus to challenge racial bias, racial hatred, and white supremacy? 
Change how we discuss racism and deepen understanding of whiteness and privilege. A month should be focusing on critically examining the state of White in the Black Lives Matter movement. We live in a culture of fear. 
Lastly, a board trustee, Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen signs:
“As a Board, we will emphasize and hold ourselves, the President, and her leadership team accountable for taking real action towards lasting change. At our annual retreat, we will be critically examining our strategic goals and developing actionable steps towards achieving greater diversity and transformative change.”
Will Gallaudet University be the second higher education institution in the United States and the first on the East Coast to offer Whiteness History Month? Learning how to examine race and racism through the construction of whiteness for the entire month offering workshops, lectures, and think tanks? 
Will the President’s stand against racism and hate? How will we know? The damage has caused the greatest damage to the very fabric of Gallaudet University’s image. Do not also forget the language Audism/racism of EPHPHATHA.
Remember, I made a vlog few months ago about Gallaudet University being as the top ranking in hate crimes in all of the universities in DC last 2017 under Cordano’s administration. 
How could it be a transformative change when Gallaudet University is predominantly White Deaf Privilege? Whiteness is Gallaudet University’s greatest economy that normalizes racism in a way that targets BIPOC.
There is no honor in racism. There is a purpose of dehumanization is to target the BIPOC Deaf community from the rule of protection to the rule of fear.  
Here’s the link to a full video by Board of Trustees: 
And the link to my video about Gallaudet University as #1 in hate crimes:
-Jason “JT” Tozier 


American Hate: Vandalizing Frederick Douglass Is Not Cool

#frederickdouglass #stophate #racism #whitesupremacy #hatecrime

The punishment of Frederick Douglass is an act of hate. The very scope of the hate triggers the history of prejudice and prejudicial violence against the BIPOC community.