Mav Fisher: The Color of Justice?

The criminal justice system is so broken that it is a constant of problem even in the color of justice.

BLM: Hate Will Never Win

Last Saturday, November 14th, White supremacists/nationalists came to Washington, D.C. to feed the culture of hate and torn up signs on the fence on Black Lives Matter Blvd, then the people of D.C. wouldn’t tolerate hate like this, so the signs were restored in humanity: hate will never win.

Was It a “March” or a Hate Rally?

What have we learned from the white supremacists and white nationalists today and tonight in Washington, D.C., the nation’s first Black-majority city? It was never a “peaceful assembly”–the objective goal by white supremacists and nationalists were to provoke violence against Black Lives Matter and people who does not believe in hate and support restorative justice.