My Life

Jason “JT” Tozier as state of being Deaf, he had to suffer a lot of language aversion when IEPs (Individual Education Plan) by audiologists, speech therapists, and sound-oriented teachers told his family that JT would likely never be succeed in college and unable to tie his shoe laces, but they were sorely, extraordinarily mistaken.

7 thoughts on “My Life

  1. I really liked your piece on the #PSBsuperintendent2015. It’s crazy to think back over that much time. Just one thing, a moon is a month, not a year. Every month we have a new moon, so many moons ago is a figure of speech for many months ago, 145 moons, is 145 months. I think what you mean is many trips around the sun. Each time we go around the sun is a year. So 145 trips around the sun is 145 years. But I like the thoughts you wrote about!!

  2. My report cards repeatedly insisted on having me to speak and prevent me from using my native sign language (ASL) at home. I have copies of my Toronto District School Board like unbelieveable!!! Every year I go to different schools because the Board of Education did NOT know what to do with me (sigh).

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