My Life

When JT became Deaf, he had to suffer a lot of language aversion when IEPs (Individual Education Plan) by audiologists, speech therapists, and sound-oriented teachers told his family that JT would likely never be succeed in college and unable to tie his shoe laces, but they were sorely, extraordinarily mistaken.


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  1. I really liked your piece on the #PSBsuperintendent2015. It’s crazy to think back over that much time. Just one thing, a moon is a month, not a year. Every month we have a new moon, so many moons ago is a figure of speech for many months ago, 145 moons, is 145 months. I think what you mean is many trips around the sun. Each time we go around the sun is a year. So 145 trips around the sun is 145 years. But I like the thoughts you wrote about!!

  2. Helllllloooo!! Hope you don’t forget me at all.. Glad find this “your website”..I love everymin..

  3. My report cards repeatedly insisted on having me to speak and prevent me from using my native sign language (ASL) at home. I have copies of my Toronto District School Board like unbelieveable!!! Every year I go to different schools because the Board of Education did NOT know what to do with me (sigh).

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