So Much Potential, Yet With Such Slow Progress — The Difficulties of Decolonization for Some

Ten years ago, in 2012, Marlee Matlin makes a dehumanizing comment about the Deaf community. It’s not too late for her to decolonize now and become a stronger advocate. Will that ever happen? Up to her to decolonize or stay colonized.

One thought on “So Much Potential, Yet With Such Slow Progress — The Difficulties of Decolonization for Some

  1. To be honest with you, Marlee Matlin is a beautiful person inside and out. She was very lonely as a first winning deaf actress to win the academy award. The starkey foundation and Miley the singer took advantage of Marlee’s name so they could raise million of dollars for their own benefits. Not Marlee. And don’t forget, she’s a woman and this is a male dominated world. I don’t think you realized this.

    It’s so much easier for Troy Kotsur to claim his true identity and his own deaf space. He did very job presenting his speech at the Oscar’s. It’s a huge difference and please don’t forget, Marlee Matlin negotiated for more authentic deaf roles for CODA, the movie. She gained two deaf actors for this movie. She’s showing MORE support for the deaf community today.

    I don’t think you are being fair with Marlee. You could have describe a form of time line. She went from colonization to decolonization today! She is being true self. It’s not easy where to draw a line but I think Marlee finally realize what it means to be Deaf and she is a Deaf angel too. I’m proud of all of these deaf actresses/actors.

    Also, I think Marlee has grown a lot.

    Tell me, why each movie always demonstrate a contradiction between music and silence? Every movie is black and white with a little gray area. That’s why many deaf people are stuck in the gray area. Hearing ppl LOVE music and birdsongs!!! Deaf people love SILENCE!

    Oh boy! This is a good discussion. Marlee is still marginalized from the men’s world. Not easy.



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