The Moment It All Began

January 6, 2021 will go down in history, one of the darkest days on American soil. A paragraph published by Southern Poverty Law Center Investigative Reporting, “Hate and Extremism in 2020″:

Through it all, President Trump continued to embolden far-right extremists by tweeting extremist conspiracy theories, failing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and, during the first presidential debate, telling the hate group Proud Boys to “stand by.”

While seeking meaning and purpose in our lives, we still see a surge of Fascism domestically and abroad. It is problematic that the Fascism is used to describe what should be called hate, thus eliminating some crimes from being reported or compensated. Hate has no comparison.

Hate is its own beast with a terrible history that is uniquely felt by each group that encounters it. Ergo, the suffering of democracy cannot be compared to any other political vulnerability. The culture of extremism in America in the past, present, and the future is not to be taken lightly. It is an American problem.

Constitutional crisis within each of us had witnessed democracy being attacked. Democracy is the academic community of alienation, accommodation and affirmation. In the United States of America, the pride by the will of people as informed citizenry, to maintain democracy, and this is the direct contradiction of the practice of white nationalism attempting to overthrow governance;

Fascism is a dangerous framing whose the will of people are potentially living and operating in a hostile environment to survive and how they can transitition from being a bystander of a fascism movement to becoming an anti-fascist activist.

The voters in the WILL OF THE PEOPLE were denied freedom no matter how much skill or strength they had; Too often in modern history, the practice of fascism is thought of as a provoking precedent and a prelude to the Civil War.

Donald Trump whose presidency expires in less than two weeks called for the Second Civil War to produce white supremacy, but instead America proceeded with its own war.

In the days where fascism considered to be equal and constitutional sanction to white supremacy, a widespread interest in the Civil War Era as opposed to other wars, for a variety of reasons: human loss, Civil War armies were the most literature up to the that time, so better records were kept out of their experiences, and lastly because the Civil War was a “total war”, with a clear winner and clear defeat.

The Civil War was one of the bloodiest and costliest in history. Lincoln involved the Emancipation Proclamation in the war for reunion, so that Britain would not want to get involved. The confederate soldiers were weary, but they thought they could defeat the Yankees.

Eventually, the North slaughtered the South as “Bloody Lane”, and the Union Army “won”, although neither side really won. After the war, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and the American history was forever changed.

The Civil War proved it was not just a war for reunion, but it was also a war of racial inequality, slavery, and the mortality of it. The Civil War was defined as one of the most prominent revolutionary wars, and a number of factors made it unique: two different war styles: blitzkrieg quickness and also the slowly wearing them down approach.

The South was rather unclear on what it was fighting for: defense of property, or defense of slavery. Some things that ended the war were loss of morale, loss of territory, and loss of men. The Confederacy lost big time. They were a stronghold of racism and white supremacy. After all, white supremacy will not defeat America.

What we saw happened on January 6, 2021 where Trump rioters stormed into the United States Capitol, those acts and the parallel of the Civil War, had a huge effect on history, and still affects the ideals and social politics of the Deep South, where Racism and “Confederate Pride” still exist.

The term, secession had been used as early as 1776. Secession at this time and throughout the Civil War period came to mean the voicing of minority interests against what was perceived to be a hostile or apathetic majority.

There is a 1776 flag in this picture. It was taken on January 6, 2021. That is some 245 years later…

The close connection between the right to revolution and separation from the governing power in the spirit of 1776 was an early theme in the Confederacy. Separation from a Union perceived to be under the control of a power that would destroy southern institutions was the goal.

Once the war was joined, waves of patriotic emotions swept over North and South. Vocal political opposition would exist on both sides, but it was never strong enough to overthrow either government. A nation could not have been formed, nor a war fought, if the states were wholly independent of any central authority.

The immature “stunts” by neo-Confederate, Neo-Nazi, Klansmen, and Proud Boys tried to derail American democracy and descerated the U.S. Capitol to be overun by Trump’s base. For his own selfish ego. They failed.

Think of this way: J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Sauron whose followers are his orcs. Would his own orcs jump into the crater of Mordor if they were simply asked to? In a heartbeat! Why? Stupidity breeds. That’s who Trump as Sauron is. The followers (orcs): Confederates, Nazis, Klansmen, White Nationalists, Proud Boys would jump in and ram into the United States Capitol to feed Sauron’s ego. Wait, Trump’s EGO.


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