Using a Pedagogy of White Supremacy: A Learning Experience

On Sunday, October 25, 2020: Beyond Fear: Confronting the Acts of White Supremacy. There will be a ZOOM discussing the intersection of political discourse and the rise of hate groups and crimes in 2020, especially with regards to impacts on the Deaf community. 3 PM EST. Noon PST.

Examining critically on the ideology of white supremacy as terrible as how it has been shaping America since 1787, the birthplace of the United States Constitution. Acknowledging racism and continue to unpack white privileges, supporting the abolishment of police violence, mass incarceration, and radically challenge bigotry and injustice, rethinking old assumptions, putting forward healing, and continuing to empower and learn from anti-racist policies.

A 2020 voting badge.

Charlottesville, Virginia. August 2017. Heather Hayer was killed by a white supremacist reinforcing a subculture of bigotry, whether the beginning of rising white supremacists, begins to question how can we can to decrease the continuity of white supremacy, realizing the dangerous message, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

The American flag questioning the country’s commitment to democracy and dismantle white supremacy, from the old American history and racism how it has shaped the old souls, and what we need the most is facing undoubtedly a battle to continue ongoing acts of racial hatred; Yet the unpredictable solution, fed by social media to continue the hatred how to wreck of America, it is very difficult to get outside of this polarized political climate.

It is to be aware about the roots of white supremacy showing capitalism, the mechanisms of deficit thinking are at a high risk in the election, for the sake of the country, it is the most important election than any election in modern history. End the warning signs of fascism and tyranny.

First a disclaimer: Voting is critical. Once again, election season is upon us. We Americans need to care enough, we need to be doing this together, we need to feel a responsibility to its voters, and it is necessary that we need to dismantle white supremacy. The future of America remains uncertain.

The fuel of white supremacy is often in denial, nobody knows better than us. It starts with us as soon as something goes mainstream. We need to stop the extra profit of fascism and basic grasp of humanity cannot be ignored.

If you have an open minded and learn how to dismantle white supremacy, this event on October 25th, 2020 is highly recommended to watch. It will be offered in ASL and voice-interpreted.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 749 6533 5947

Passcode: 0RT7Qg


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