My Critical Analysis of DEAF U Part I: Hearing Supremacy Gateway to the Deaf Mind

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This is my part ONE of [sociological] critical analysis on a documentary: DEAF U.

Keep in mind, those Deaf students who are being forced into getting cochlear implants or being encouraged to use linguicism, it is not their fault, it is the step to the pedagogy of the oppressed.

The image above shows how to sign: TRUTH.

During the 5th century B.C., there was a painting competition between Zeuxis and Parrhasius. Zeuxis painted a bunch of grapes that is so lifelike that it attracted the birds. However, Parrhasius’s painting deceived people. The nation here is that the truth is the deception, and vice versa. Does truth use the concept of imitation as in the 5th century B.C. painting competition?

George Veditz once said in 1896, “[When enforced], the oral method is recognized as the root of all evils which afflict the deaf”

…as DEAF U. using the power of the documentary to sell their linguicism, oralism, audism, and cochlear implants to rationalize the standardization of hearing supremacy for personal profit, in the name of the capitalism, as motivated by systematic economic failure whether linguicism continues to profit on the campus of Gallaudet University.

Can we hold onto a path to dismantle hearing supremacy? Linguicism can easily hide invisible language that could easily perpetuate harm. Yet, DEAF U. ignores the threat of hearing supremacy. Why? Invisible Audism.

There was one clip about cochlear implants in a bar scene, promoting power of auditory: pertaining to hearing, to the sense of hearing, according to the dictionary. That is where it comes in from Tom Humphries in 1975:

“Audism…appears when deaf people in positions of power keep that power by oppressing other deaf people.”

Linguicism that destroys the value of Gallaudet University. It fails in every category, and yet, shielding the power of hearing supremacy, whether it is the rise of economics, for example, the invisible hand of the profitertation has been feeding hearing supremacy, is the greatest danger to the Deaf culture.

How can we fight linguicism, oralism, audism, and cochlear implants and capitalism? Gallaudet University supports DEAF U.–yet, has practiced gross injustice at every turn throughout the life of Deaf, isn’t that a good example of the hearing supremacy gateway to the Deaf mind? Isn’t that also a good example of internalizing audism?

The power of documentary series on Netflix, 182.8 million subscribers would understand linguicism does not do anything wrong, but it opens the door to public shaming, social shaming or even hatred of the Deaf by the majority of the hearing world?

Would the executive producer understand the harm of doing a business model, with the practice of linguicism simply means that Gallaudet University wants a sensationalist story to usher in their profiting paper? 

That is a widespread violation of the Deaf space. Back to the power of documentary series, Would it lead to the media bias as the means of getting informed, continuing to disregard the painful effects of linguicism clearly illustrative of a dark consciousness? 

The image of DEAF identity and American Sign Language (ASL) trait, who takes full responsibility for afflicting the Deaf? George Veditz’s mind gave us how to understand the capacity of bullying: “If oral magicians who yank educational rabbits out of silk hats and pearls of speech out of the mouths of those who have never heard, choke over it, why bless ’em!”

It is the stain of the past, what is more, today [October 10, 2020] is the World Mental Health Day and October as Anti-Bullying Awareness Month recognizes the stigma of linguicism and colonialism that targets the Deaf bodies in ways that are neglected by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders volumes.

The documentary has created a social environment for the culture of linguicism, this is bigger because of millions of Netflix subscribers. The digital age of the Internet is far from denial, is a form of Surdophobia, coined by Gary Van Gils, described “Fear Against Deaf People” primarily focused on public shaming the Deaf. This is a pure oppression, often, people use ignorance and compare it to their own oppression.

And finally, George Veditz’s quote for the third strike: “We constitute ourselves a militant vigilance committee to guard the interests and welfare of our class.”

That’s part I. Upcoming part II.


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This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.


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