Fear and Loathing: Hate on the Ballot

This lecture is free to the public. However, donations would be appreciated.

Help raise awareness in order to eliminate hate crimes, to alleviate white fragility and seek restorative justice for all, to seek solutions in the Deaf community on issues related to racism and hate crimes. This lecture seeks to examine the social construction of whiteness and empower ourselves for the restorative justice in the Deaf community.

Jason “JT” Tozier lived for several years in Portland, Oregon, which has a history of racism and has witnessed racism first-hand. Portland has notoriously been called “the Whitest City in America.”

His activism on hate crimes since 2007, defending democracy, including an editorial column for DEAF LIFE, “The Reality and Invisibility of Deaf-Targeted Hate Crimes” in 2018. Conveying this connection passionately and empowered in the people of the eye. His past lectures around the country and Canada: “Fighting the Fire of Hate: Deaf America in Crisis”, “Audism Theory: Racism and the Hidden Meaning”, “Deaf Returning as Forgotten People”, and many more.

Contact me: thelasthiccup@gmail.com for donations. Thank you!

The only Deaf lecturer on hate crimes in the Deaf community he loves the most.


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