Is Joseph Murray the Right Person for WFD President?


Dr. Joseph Murray recently elected as World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) President–should be seriously examined. He claims that human rights are his expertise. “Human right development project around the world.” in his website.

There is none of his human rights record empowering Deaf returnees. Why not? The Deaf community around the world has been cruel enough to bully Deaf returnees once they return to the society and turn their lives around.

The politics of human rights for Deaf returnees is widely ignored and easily oppressed and suppressed anywhere in the world. Most of the oppressors are preoccupied with what is politically feasible right now. What are some of the human right ideas we should be thinking about today, in hopes that they would become possible for Deaf returnees to be given second chances?

Unhealthy and dangerous policies have been promoted by culture of fear along with fashionable political moods or to be the pressures of the lies. What we need someone who is honest enough even with human rights record to make better accessible for Deaf returnees, rather than to present them with the human suffering for the rest of their lives. That is, we need to challenge human rights for Deaf returnees around the world to give them the benefit of their experience and wisdom.

If we want a change in our human rights lifetime, we are going to have to make it possible for Deaf returnees around the world to receive higher education, jobs, living conditions, and hate-free climate.

Reality of Deaf returnees is independent from human representation. The real world of beliefs, experiences, statements, and struggles. Truth is about the accuracy of representation. Knowledge is always objective. While truth is a matter of accurate representation, knowledge does not derive from the subjective attitudes.

Representations are subject to all the limitations of prejudice, ignorance, stupidity, venality, and dishonesty–all sorts of motives to oppress the oppressed, or even get away with the human right violations.

Is Dr. Joseph Murray the right person for WFD president? Ask Joseph Murray to describe human rights for Deaf returnees to receive higher education at Gallaudet University without bias. Ask Murray how he defines Deaf returnees academically–and you are certain to get some intriguing answers. Particularly when you pose this question to a faculty body as diverse as our nation. It was a mistake by WFD to elect Dr. Joseph Murray.

Deaf returnees around the world must not lag behind in protecting and promoting human rights. This action would honour Deaf returnee’s commitment to preserve their stories and they can make all the difference in the world, which is unique. While human rights around the world has a history of oppressing Deaf returnees in colleges and universities, the dilemma is that far more denial than they admit that human right violation does exist even on the world’s only university for the Deaf.

It is about time that the speculation of violating human rights for Deaf returnees is protested. Simply, the view of Deaf returnees is often lead to culture of hate, culture of fear, and culture of stigma, is most inadequate, distorted by social “passions and prejudices” against the image of Deaf returnee in society.

Again, Dr. Joseph Murray, the WFD elected-president, is he the right person to lead “human rights” work as he claimed that it is his best work?


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