GUAA: Deaf vs Deaf

There have been some speculation why Ella mae Lentz did not get GUAA award at Gallaudet few weeks ago. If true, Deaf vs Deaf is the greatest pain.

4 thoughts on “GUAA: Deaf vs Deaf

  1. Dear Mr. Jason Tozier-
    This is Donalda Ammons, President of GUAA . On behalf of GUAA I wish to correct your misconstrued statement that GUAA was contacted by those two women and that the GUAA board’s decision was influenced. It is totally and absolutely fabricated. I ask that you retract this particular statement. Thank you very much.

    1. Mr. Tozier-
      Thank you for your timely response. While I understand the hurt and pain certain people might feel when the Galloway award was rescinded, I specifically asked you to retract your statement where you said the two women, who are not Gallaudet alumni, contacted GUAA and then influenced the GUAA Board’s decision to rescind. That is where you need to retract because it is totally and absolutely fabricated. The GUAA board had never been contacted by anyone ever about rescinding the award. We the board made a very careful assessment and made the decision independently.

      Donalda K. Ammons, GUAA President

      1. Dear Donalda K. Ammons, GUAA President:

        I also thank you for your timely response.
        Those reliable sources said it was done by two women, and again, it was the message from them directly–and I cannot retract their messages because it is not my story.

        As I understand that there are some of conflict of interest in this board even though with careful assessement, it is too great. I truly hope it is completely fabrication. Thank you.


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