Stop AGBell’s Hate Group


Alexander Graham Bell (AGBell) is a hate group. Why not? There are certain people, organizations, watchdogs and others who do not support this idea the fact AGBell is a hate group. However, ever since AGBell walked into America, he created the rising tide of language bigots. For almost a century, the bigoted written articles, which follows AGBell’s pedagogy, has been denying that they commit high percentage of language deprivation even in 2019. It makes things much worse.

AGBell gives presentations around the country by public shaming and practice culture of hate against the Deaf are powerfully emotions. The biggest struggle for Deaf people is to find their human and its own DEAF identity because AGBell has done collateral damage.

Wiki, “hate group”:

“A hate group is a social group that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, nation, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society.”

Any other designated sector of society would be Deaf identity.

In other words, AGBell is a hate group that advocates and practices hatred towards members of Deaf community. In fact, their social group advocates oppression and teach Deaf people to forget their identity, and embrace hearing privileges where it belongs to AGBell’s class bigotry as well as hate values.

The truth cannot be rejected shared by Deaf people’s painful stories where they were forced to colonize themselves who promote hearing supremacy and deal with “modes of communication” confusing their own identity.

Deaf people do not need to live in AGBell’s vision of America—one in which Deaf stories whom had dealt with AGBell as victims and survivors matter more than AGBell’s “success” stories. Hate group is mostly understandable in this matter.

Although, there had been a lot of attention to the issue of AGBell’s attacks towards Deaf people the last couple of years cannot be forgotten, and they played a huge role in the increase of hate speeches, and hate literature about ASL, and Deaf people are more targeted of bias attacks anytime, any day. It is bad idea to support AGBell.


Copyright © 2019 Jason Tozier

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