A Silent Enemy: Islamophobia Among Us


Islamophobia is real. Muslims come from all walks of life. Yet the white supremacy are often overlooked and not enough discussed; the culture of Islamophobia exploiting white silence of all ages, portraying their language and culture as less impressive and important than it really is.

The shooting inside mosques killing 50 people in New Zealand printed in March 2019 is part of Islamophobia forever. Deaf community around the world must be shocked by the news what happened, too. I know it does affect Deaf people around the world with the news. I am one of them. There was a New Zealand sign language interpreter behind TV news. Accessibility is important anywhere in the world. Especially when it comes to serious situation like this one. Any hate crime news must be shared.

Muslim people who come into mosques have the right to worship. They have the right to be the “voice” of anti-bias authority. Islamophobia is supposed to be bias-free and hate-free society. The society provides a widow into lives of every day human beings, including Muslim people of varying ages, educational lives, and human experiences.


Muslim human beings are targeted for hate. All by means, character assassination, too. Every day, they have been walking before the mind of hatred because of their ethnicities and religious beliefs; it is affecting them from all walks of life and deal with Islamophobia every day affected by the culture of hatred.

Why should Islamophobia viewed as the normalization in the society to attack them in the name of hate? The society we live in, it is supposed to be safe haven for anyone that should not be mocked and mimic Muslim’s skin. The killing of 50 could be easily extremely detrimental to Deaf community because it teaches us that the culture of fear is not tolerated.

When Islamophobia occurs in the world, rocking the ship, and neglect hate crime. Reminding of the hate problem, hate crime in Islamophobia is being denied due to white supremacy, how can we solve this problem? Hate crime culture is capricious, why is that?

The symptoms of Islamophobia had been gone unrecognized for time being. Through the leadership of white supremacy has instituted the policy of hate crime through pedagogical criminology and the most important of all, we all need to learn how to stand up against hatred and culture of fear. Especially white supremacy.

There is a powerful piece written by Nancy Gibbs about an article for TIME magazine, called “The Only Way to Fight Hate” reminds all of us on this one:

“Small, scared people hate, self-hating people hate, bullied and betrayed people hate, as people hate will make them large and safe and strong.”

There is no doubt what was behind this hatred: the truth of the white supremacy is pushing people through hate, and the growing of hate crime statistics across the world against Muslims is real. Despite more aggressive and often dishonest tactics, the invisible hate crimes about Islamophobia are encountering resistance in the world, and it is much need to be critically examined and how to combat against hate culture.

Can Deaf community say no to hate? No to Islamophobia? No to Xenophobia? No to Racism?



Copyright © 2019 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.



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