What does Gallaudet University Looks Like Today?

The attitude of Gallaudet University is changing and we all should be concerned for future. Especially ASL.

One thought on “What does Gallaudet University Looks Like Today?

  1. I haven’t receives the latest issue of Gallaudet Today yet – it’s send out to GUAA alumnus
    first of all, Gallaudet doesn’t necessarily endorsed materials submitted, nor does the writer’s opinion reflect Gallaudet viewpoint even though it’s published by Gallaudet. It’s same as renting a movie on DVD, it always remind you that its content is not the viewpoint of the studio, but that of the individuals themselves, even though the studio is the distributor. The Last Hiccup is like a Film Critic giving it a thumbs up or down, having an influences on its audience. We all know that Gallaudet is changing with the times, the campus makeup isn’t the same it once were. Gallaudet mission is the same as it always been, despite our attitudes nowadays. If there is any concerns that needs to be addressed, bring it up with Sammy, the director of GUAA, or ask for comments from public relations, or write an opinion for its editorial page.
    Deaf Anthology Blogger, GA Fitts

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