FUCK YOU, Dwight and Ted


Folks, this is tough to write. It is so heavy in my heart that I am tired of living in silence. Even at this point, I am having hard time what to write first thing. I will not live in silence anymore! October is Against Bullying Month, and it is important for survivors of bullying to share stories, no one should live in silence when they experienced bullying, and hatred is also part of bullying.

Gallaudet University claims that they are against bullying, and they would claim that they have strong bullying in the workplace policy to protect students from bullying. Really? “The policy applies to faculty, teachers, staff, and administrators…”

“The consequences for violating one of our policies designed to protect the members of the community can range from disassociation from a university program or function to termination of a contract.”

“Gallaudet University is committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy working, learning, and social environment, in which the rights and dignity of all members of the University community are respected. The University prohibits behaviors that rise to the level of bullying, also known as workplace incivility”

Finally, “The University will respond promptly and effectively to reports of bullying and will take appropriate action to prevent, correct, and discipline behavior that violates the policy.”

How come Dwight Benedict, Dean of Student Affairs, and Ted Baran, Chief for Department of Public Safety, were not terminated or disciplined for violating the policy? Dwight even signed in the meeting, “Ted is a good man!” showing favoritism. That was bullshit. It was purely personal for them to throw cruel punishment, where Ted forced me to explain in every detail in classrooms and anywhere on Gallaudet campus why I was jailed for, or I face discipline, possibly exiled from Gallaudet University. They really hate me that a lot.

Ted’s idea was purely suicidal, and bullying where he would encourage students even faculty members to bully me, shouting or yelling at, insulting, berating, ridiculing, or demeaning me.

Oh, yes, also, name calling, attacking my character, mocking, and I just cannot believe that Dwight Benedict, the king of bullying on Gallaudet campus, among with his best pal, Ted Baran, gets away with it. Why? Privileges. Favoritism. They cannot be “touched”—which is not true.

Benedict and Baran failed to comply with the policy, and they did not face with disciplinary sanctions that include termination. Benedict may be retiring in January, but he should not deserve retirement benefits and should be fired for encouraging bullying and suicidal tendencies. Not only me, but also many others who suffered pain from them, too. Including Deaf people of color.

I will not live in silence anymore. They cannot bully me anymore. I am TIRED OF LIVING IN PAIN! Take it from someone who had five heart attacks and I am still living because I am not done with TRUTH! No, I am not CRAZY. No, I am not BAD PERSON. Its paper JUDGES me.

Dwight Benedict and Ted Baran, MAN-UP. Let’s see if they both are tough enough. If not, then we know that a true color of a bully is. They are really weak in real life. FUCK YOU, Dwight and Ted.


Copyright © 2018 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.





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