Fighting the Fires of Hate: Deaf America in Crisis

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Tonight, I gave a lecture, Fighting the Fires of Hate: Deaf America in Crisis held at Busboys and Poets in Washington, D.C; the lecture was all about examining the crisis of underreported hate crimes in the Deaf community and how hate crimes are manifested through bigotry and oppression and how do Deaf individuals experience hate crime with three general areas: why, what, and how to uproot hate crime.

Will the majority of Deaf community understand bias and hate in America? The restriction has left Deaf survivors of hate crime, retroactively layering extra punishment, which is unconstitutional. It is easy to see why hate crime reports in Deaf community would hide the truth to the farthest thoughts of the society we live in. The practical thoughts that Deaf people are also human and they need to study and empower. How do you create a safe place like this in the shadows of hate zone?


Hate crimes are notoriously underreported, or could it fear those Deaf people to report the crimes against them? Fear? Harassment? Bullying? Hate crime data are especially difficult and invisible to see because hate crimes are largely affected by systematic oppression. Would erasing the information about the types of hate crime, including retaliatory acts by hearing privileges? Wealth? What?


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