Own Up, Chris Haulmark


Yes, I made a vlog couple of months ago, giving Chris Haulmark a chance to process—his journey. I just couldn’t let it go. Not yet. I became more confused. Upon our only VP call and Chris really have not OWNED up and joined the bully culprit ranks what Chris had done to me was purely smear and public humiliation—all in the name of a blood sport called destroying my reputation, creating a sewer of lies and did everything to destruct my journey.

Chris became a toxic viper on Mother Earth and threatened my life and dignity. It was completely TRAUMATIC and people were cheering for Chris while I was attempting to turn my life around. I had MUCH harder life than Chris can imagine. I am also a survivor. ONLY ME WHO KNOWS THE STORIES.

Time for me to let the public know that experiencing trauma is no funny business that I was hurt by Haulmark in the past. I took the courage to make a VLOG and forgive Chris, but he never apologized to me publicly either. I realized that. It was all about himself and made me a political pawn to spit on, making a “strong” statement is not working at all. I got silenced and riddled with very ugly rumors. His treatment of me could never erased. It is his turn. Man-up, Chris.

How should a democratic society behave in regards to someone who really destroyed my life and spread VERY OLD mugshot that was not reflect of who I am today? It would take years and years of trauma and power-struggling survivor, and I already opened up by sharing some of my life stories, and I get attacked by Chris and his culprit. I’ve dealt with language bigots and haters, anything to push me out of Deaf community. I’ve dealt with Haulmark’s hate speech—the reflection of who I am.

Sweeping my service of truth, fairness, constitutionality, justice and equality under the law as it pertains to being shamed, humiliated, and ostracized from Deaf community. Instead of being allowed to clear my name, I’ve been deformed into a monster, thanks to Chris’s doing—a sterling reputation that could never erased. More like vanquished. This is not really cool. Man-up, Chris.

It is best thing for Haulmark to own up and make a VLOG and publicly apologize. It is also best thing for Haulmark to take polygraph test in the best of interests and see how he feel about injustice he had caused. It is the only way. A Republican in closet is hidden by toxic masculinity. It’s a political worldview that was necessarily much harmful more than we understand.

I remember  questioning Chris Haulmark’s political affiliation that he is really Republican—not Democrat. By reading between the lines and much political literature I’ve read, I knew that Chris was Republican. He denied that until eight months later, he explained why he had to switch to Democrat political party for few reasons, but it was not really into his Democrat blood yet. It’s way different. Republican is inside his blood—like a notarized document. Gotta stick with die-hard honesty.

Rob people of their humanity? The antidote to fear is lack of discussing–and it becomes a scar to set me free. I won’t be the last. I am a life-long Democrat—by the way, Kansas’s motto: Ad Astra Per Aspera is the Latin phrase meaning “To the Stars Through Difficult”—come on, man. Chris, you really do not know me that well.


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