National Aviation Day: AG Bell Deserve as an Aviator?


Today is National Aviation Day. Did you know that hearing supremacist Alexander Graham Bell holds the air supremacy? He was founder and chair, Canadian-American aeronautical research group called Aerial Experiment Association. Experiment? His favorite word.

Does Alexander Graham Bell deserve aviation ranks what he had done to Deaf children past and present? There should be no-fly zone or no-flight zone, where it is not permitted to fly and it should apply for Alexander Graham Board of Directors, AG Bell Academy Board of Directors, and CEO be banned from flying, feeding lies around conferences and supporting Bell’s propaganda about the success of Oralism.

Of course, it would not happen.

This is for AG Bell: Who are we, the Deaf people? The news about the targeting on Deaf children makes you feel good. Did you also know you separate families, too? Why Deaf people are illegal? Who decides which Deaf people are illegal? Bell’s “professional” life has been dedicated to oppress Deaf children and destroy their dream of ownership, regardless of their stage in their own lives. How dare AG Bell navigate decisions when he thinks hearing knows best?

Is there no end to this falsehood that AG Bell claims speaking and listening are more powerful than American Sign Language (ASL)? Whenever AG Bell’s legacy in power continues to take away American dream away from Deaf people, AG Bell refers to the fact that Deaf children should not be humans anymore, and follow Bell’s leadership.

Perfect quote. Look below:


Deaf community, the collective group, the right to challenge Audists who enforce laws written by Bell’s lies on the books. It is easy to state that AG Bell has spewed hate has happened because he wanted power, money, and legacy that has been crawled under the skin of Deaf people for almost 100 years.

Enough, AG Bell, enough. No more bullying. No more attacks. No more hate. No more mocking. No more intimidation. No more lies and twists. No more Deaf children to be harassed and attacked anywhere—wherever they go. No more political bias. No more experiment. ASL, the powerful language has stand strong even higher in the air more than people can imagine. Why? ASL will be always a high price language even in the air, in America and around the world is to continue and promote ASL objectively.

We know that United Parcel Service (UPS) supports Alexander Graham Bell, but what about other largest passenger airlines that supports AG Bell?

National Aviation Day: Think Bell deserve it? Who’s the lunatic and fool? Deaf survivors of AG Bell were taught and lived through his own falsehoods in schools.


Copyright © 2018 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely coped in its entirely only, including this copyright message.



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