RIP: Dennis Cokley


I learned of his passing just recently and I wanted to pay respect for Dennis Cokley. He was a legend. Late Carl Schroeder and I had meeting with Dennis Cokley at Northeastern University in Boston. May 2010. It was priceless. Why he was legend? He had done a lot of good things for Deaf community. He was a fierce supporter of ASL.

William Stokoe never closed the SLR (Sign Language Research). Stokoe was retired and Dennis Cokley along with Charlotte Baker took over. They began to publish the Green books. It was Gallaudet College under President Edward Merrill, Jr that decided to shut down the SLR for good. His Vice President was Richard Cornett, the father of Cued Speech. The meeting with Dennis: He once told me, “Keep up the good work” and shook hands. Thank you, Dennis.


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