No Longer Alone: Mental Health & Deaf Community


Mental health in Deaf community, denial of direct access for Deaf clients to receive communication, information, and knowledge is commonplace. What can we do to stop language hegemony by hearing systemic barriers while Deaf licensed counselors are available?

Hegemony is a human condition, when Deaf clients are denied, it motivates an ignorant act, and it is considered a systematic failure. Deaf people are most likely experience twice or thrice the struggles the hearing people deal with mental health.

It is also a sociological problem that is declining in name of respect that the hearing counselors have zero knowledge about Deaf culture. The root of respect cannot be overlooked.

Deaf people dealing with hearing therapies have been difficult and struggling. It has opened fallacies and misconceptions surrounding hearing mental health understanding about Deaf people.

It is not their decision to make or second-guess Deaf people’s access to Deaf centered counselors. Life is not fair, and the decision by hearing systemic oppression or hearing thinks what’s best for Deaf people are not fair.

Health insurance providers who would deny Deaf people’s rights to access to Deaf centered counselors through ASL is presumed to judge them, health insurance providers also deny Deaf people humanity, individuality, and intelligence.


When hearing thinks what is best for Deaf people in mental health, is it negotiating and bargaining? Is it punishing and pleading?

The mental health has gone awry from Deaf people, and the mental health and health insurance providers dominated by the hearing privileges whose ignorance does not include language and culture. Why is it such a failure to recognize the problem?

No Deaf clients are forced to deal with health insurance to go through hearing counselors is much of the destructive, extra-stress they actually inflict on Deaf clients is not fair.


Copyright © 2018 Jason Tozier

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