NAD: Committ to Eliminate Linguicism?

How come NAD did not stand up and eliminate Linguicism at National conference?

One thought on “NAD: Committ to Eliminate Linguicism?

  1. Nice video- wish I could leave ASL comment. Excellent point there, but there are few points to consider- Ryan Commerson pointed out a few years ago that we should “call out” someone who is NOT accessible. CEO of ZVRS, Sherri Turpin is not inaccessible. She can sign so we can call her out in private, giving her a chance to redeem herself, learn and grow, etc. This is important because she can be one of our biggest allies. In fact, Sherri Turpin bought one of auction art for $3100 and that money goes to NAD, not the artist. NAD is all about community so everyone wins.

    If you want to discuss this further, feel free to VP me at 240-650-2863 🙂

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