‘Sign Gene’: Blood, Guns, and Testosterone


When you see the statue of Laurent Clerc on Gallaudet campus, it is the world’s most valuable and earthed symbols of Deaf community. It has ruined the image of Laurent Clerc. The roots of gun violence is not enough examined.

After watching the movie, “Sign Gene”, we the Deaf patrons appear uncomfortable with the gun violence. Co-producers of the movie are both are professors in Department of ASL/Deaf Studies at Gallaudet, the same leadership, the advancement of knowledge, has fallen under a cloud of compassion that it is also falls under a wrong agenda.

It blows my mind away and heart-broken to see this movie was showing so much violence and graphic. The movie was so graphic and violent—did Gallaudet administration watch the film before it was approved in the public eye? It continues to be seen as the problem rather than the challenge.


We must continue to challenge against gun culture in America. Around 1 million people showed up in DC to support March for our Lives few months ago to stand up against gun violence. Gun violence is important to talk about with everyone. And because it is so important, we need to talk about it more.

This movie, “Sign Gene” has shown plenty of mental health stigmas. And that leads me to share this question I found recently. “What role does mental stigma play in the debate over gun violence and gun policy, specifically stigma?” questioned by Audrey Hamilton. Whose is responsible for this?

Seeing gun violence everyday in America is a critical social problem. Standing up against gun violence is an important of people’s overall health. Their mental health is an important as their physical health. Talking about gun violence is important to others. Gun violence is difficult to talk about. Talking about gun violence is important at every stage in people’s life. Gun violence is more common than you think. Gun violence is caused by trauma and violence.

A German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) wrote: “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”

But why would Department of ASL/Deaf Studies who sponsored the film and co-produced by two professors chose to carry the tradition of gun violence and help them to become what they are capable of carrying guns in the image of Deaf community?


So does this mean the gun violence cannot be interpreted? Or does it mean that gun violence stories cannot be interpreted? What about victims and survivors of gun violence who share their stories are about but ignored in ASL? Knowledge is pain, and challenges the practice of gun violence as effective oppressors in the Deaf community.

It is important that we must never be ignorant in any way whatsoever. I seriously think the film would have done a lot better WITHOUT GUN VIOLENCE. The film should be more Deaf-centered superheroes, funny, witty, and inspiring.

Additional Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFDg_WycklI


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5 thoughts on “‘Sign Gene’: Blood, Guns, and Testosterone

  1. Your view of the whole violence is right.
    I went and saw the movie. At first, I thought of the bullets in the body of a Deaf guy was horrific but I asked myself…what is so different from Panther and Lord of the Ring. Anyway, I thought his work was awesome. It was the first film I ever seen that is as impressive as Hollywood films with his very limited budget. His plot and the creativity of using Classifiers…I really was impressed by his work. Yes, it is too bad it has to be violent. Do you watch a horror movie? Do you watch James Bond? Do you enjoy Jackie Chang? I think it would be unfair if you watched those Hollywood Action Films like Panther and other movies and scold the director. I really wanted us to see his work, not to attack him. You have to admit it really was a great film.

    1. After “March for Our Lives” had made all the difference, and it was never attacking the director. It is about two professors who hold the highest standard of education that fails to discuss about gun violence. That is the social norm how professors neglected the social problem in America. How come you did not talk about gun violence itself?

      It was not about attacking, it is more about education. Gun violence is an education issue. I have to admit that the ideas were clever about the preservation of Deaf life, but gun violence is a big NO-NO. Do I admit that it was a great film when it practices gun violence?

      The film was too much distraction and it was never about scolding the director. I prefer to see a film that is funny, friendly, creative, and peace-making Deaf superheroes. Not a violent film that shows graphic bullets in head. That is not Deaf superhero.


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