Wait, Audism Still at ISD?


Audism is still at Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD)? Yeah, long time ago. Cued Speech’s repeated lying and deceit is shameful, troubling, and destructive to the reputation of ISD and American Sign Language (ASL) everywhere. There were others present that knew precisely what occurred, but choose not to report Audism enough. It should have been taken care of this few years ago. No action. Now, it is time for action. Stopping Audism is part of action.

We are still troubled about the ISD administration. It represents more of what Audism decries as they protecting Cued Speech as their own, diminishing their integrity. The point of the social satire of ASL was to remember the hypocrisy of preaching “oralism success” while ISD violates every norm of Deaf culture they claim to cherish.

Can we remind that ISD has made oppressive tones and insults the norm now? Why should Deaf students suffer the most and felt incredulity every day and go home in embarrassment?

ISD seems to think Cued Speech is a good thing for Deaf Education even though the parts of Deaf education that ISD is taking away protect ASL and their Deaf space. It seems that they are taking away more security from ASL since ISD believes in Cued Speech since Alexander Graham Bell has been in office, especially when looking at his relationship with ASL.

This ISD administration is leading the way in terms of language bigotry and belittlement. The history of ASL movement at ISD, and most importantly, has a direct access on how ASL effectively serve Deaf community and they know better. Another sad day for the Deaf citizens of Illinois. They deserve better, but history has shown little has changed the last three years. This is a hate crime in the making.


Copyright © 2018 Jason Tozier

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