Remembering Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion



Today is January 28, 2018…. don’t we all remember that day in 1986? It was the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion. I was in 6th grade as a 12 years old kid. It was around 8:30ish in the morning. Oh yeah, I remember more, when we arrived on the school premise around 8:05, I asked Ms. Joyce Scalice, the boss in Deaf program class (she was hearing teacher) if she could set the TV on and watch the Space Shuttle Challenger take off and she asked me why it would be important and I signed back to her, “It is part of history” and that was it. We watched that in classroom. Oh, I remember that day very well.

Few minutes ago, I decided to check YouTube and check the video to refresh my memory. It was a complete disaster to see it again. Looking back in 6th grade, I was actually wearing a T-shirt that had NASA logo on it, and I remember that day very well. I was a math geek, and I studied space a little bit around that time.


After the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, I remember telling a Deaf classmate that I wanted to be an astronaut just because of the explosion, and I felt bad. You just cannot help it, you know?

The shock what you saw on national television was something we cannot forget. I remember coming home from school, my father weep. I knew what was wrong. It was a national tragedy. No one will ever forget this.

Despite of what happened in 1986, I continued to learn and study about the wonders of space. When I took Astronomy and Advanced Differential Equations (Calculus V) from my college days, I was blown away by the higher wonders of space up there. Especially when it comes to Bode’s Law. It is even more incredible than we really think. We must remember that memory and honor those fallen astronauts.




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