Once a Stalker, Always a Stalker


The more lies Gary says the more he is in denial, it makes him look awfully bad. In fact, he just blew it away. The picture of Gary holding Target nametag—proves that he was at the same place where I was interviewing for a job position. Who fucking cares about his nametag? So what! He thinks he’s a God for Target.

Yes, it was from an old friend who referred me to a job position available and I did not even realize Gary was working there when we bumped into each other and that’s where he told the manager about me. How did I know? It was from someone else who worked there at the same time when Gary was working there. Gary told a co-worker that he would make sure I would rot in hell and he told the manager as well, too. It is not about background check. It is about fear and corruption on his part.

Of course, I knew about background check and it did not stop me from applying for a job anyway. When I bumped into Gary at work, I realized that he would be running a rumor-mill around employment and would cause more hostile environment. Gary was the problem. Notice the language pattern—repeating and repeating that Gary was in denial about Deaf Expo. Enough said. Gary always brings mace with him. There was never a meeting or bump into each other in 2002 where he claimed. Gary is so bad at basic math that he could not figure out 5th grade math question.


For the last time, I never said that Gary went to Super Bowl game at Deaf friend’s house in 2011. Gary must be really bad at reading between lines. No wonder why he couldn’t get to play first string in football. He wasn’t even good anyway. One more thing, he never played on a university team. He told a lot of people that he was playing for an university team–NCAA Division II team. I do not need God to deal with me. God needs to deal with him and would punish him for his lies. God already knew who he is. So much that he promised his friend that he would leave me alone. Once a stalker, always a stalker. He will follow me everywhere, no matter what. I need to protect myself.


Copyright © 2017 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.


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