Chris Haulmark: How Do You Explain Dysconscious Audist?


I would like to thank someone by alerting me about Chris’s comment. The problem is that Chris does not want you to see this. Chris Haulmark and his “personal Dragon” need to tell the absolute truth. Dragons will blow fire straight through Chris’s ‘mouth’ for telling lies. First of all, I would like to make it clear that the truth needs to be seen. Chris was a staunch supporter of Meredith Sugar, former Alexander Graham Bell Association President. In his August 19, 2017 signed video, “I confess, a major obstacle reared its ugly head……the audistic institutional ableism obstacle is bigger than I had ever imagined. Audism is definitely prevalent all across America for us Deaf people…’s my desire to completely destroy this oppression.”


No, Chris need help by apologizing to the Deaf community that Chris actually made fun of Deaf people’s English skills. Never mind he signed from that August 19, 2017, “I need a lot help from all of you in our Deaf community.” Is that a joke? Sobs? Please! How does Chris explain that what he wrote? Does that make Chris a dysconscious Audist? Genie Gertz coined “Dysconscious Audism”—in her words:

Dysconscious audists perpetuate the victimized belief that they are responsible for their own failure.” [Gertz, 223]

There are many Deaf people who struggle with written English language. It was never their FAULT. Never! It was the oralism system that FAILED them. I bet Chris does not understand that part. Audism begins as a theory coined in the 1970s that suggests language hegemony between ASL and its spoken counterpart English.

Tom Humphries was the author of this term, Audism in his unpublished dissertation at Union Institute as he was writing about Carol Padden, whose Deaf parents preferred that she be hard-of-hearing and be away from Deaf schools. Their decision was based on their preference of public education over Deaf education that suffers Oralism—an auditory/oral approach to teaching—Audism.

Our society will deny the existence and evidence of Audism because it has never heard Audism before. It can better understand the rage and resistance of the Deaf if it understand that critical events of Audism and other oppression are very much part of a huge cover up of signed language.

Critical thinking about ASL occurs in our brain where we can examine the unexamined—its relative objectivity, validity, and effectiveness. It is beautiful to use ASL—it is never their fault that they struggle with written English language. I do make mistakes even in written English sometimes, too. I will admit right now that looking back; I was no better than that. I was wrong. I was wrong! Chris needs to own up and apologize to the Deaf community what he said. I highly doubt that he will apologize because he will deny and twist words around.


Chris is running for United States Congress seat, will you allow a dysconscious audist to be “spokesperson” for Deaf community? “Audism is definitely prevalent all across America for us Deaf people…’s my desire to completely destroy this oppression”—-really BIG JOKE. He just wants your money and mercy. He will always internalize Audist beliefs, no matter what. I never like to deal with hypocrites. Truth set free for Deaf people. It is my desire to completely set truth.


Copyright © 2017 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.





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