2 thoughts on “Should Gallaudet University a Tuition Free Policy?

  1. Of course! Why we haven’t thought of that before?! Oh ahh…maybe it is because a few fac and staff do sign…well…SIMCOM is better than nothing! Access was there, Jason! Oh now with new CDO…no ASL…now, how about that? She might know about the law passed for black students….do you think it is likely she will support for deaf students to have a free tuition? Let’s sit and think about it. Buhahaha buahaha I am definitely not nice tonight! Sundown syndrome…gotta blame that! Good night!

    1. I am well-aware about CDO—no ASL. I plan to write about this. CDO is not even an expert in Deaf discourses. That is a big problem going on the campus as it may be part of Gallaudet syndrome.

      Of course, with new CDO that is not well-versed in Deaf discourses, she will not support for Deaf students to receive free tuition. However, I will write about this and challenge the deficit thinkers.


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