Guest Lecturer at CSUN Social Justice Conference Sponsored by Dept of Deaf Studies



That was taken in 2015 where I was honoured to give a lecture for Social Justice conference held at California State University-Northridge sponsored by the Department of Deaf Studies, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Deaf Studies Association. They rock! My lecture, Deaf Returning Citizens as Forgotten People. I had great experience there.

The abstract of my lecture:

Deaf Returning Citizens as Forgotten People is not only a useful lecture of self-defense against the practice of Audism, but is also an engrossing look at the criminal justice system and the subtle ways that different layers of oppression–often invisible–emerge for Deaf returning citizens. The language path (the battle between signed languages and spoken languages) has been deliberately set in place by the criminal justice system, politicians, and other professional persuaders–creating hardships and detours for Deaf returning citizens. As a result, they are historically and routinely denied language access needs, which can be nightmarish fight for basic survival. 

Ideally, the social reintegration of returning citizens who are Deaf are better served in the Deaf community than in the incarceration and probation systems, where their requirements are rarely met and their situations likely to deteriorate, ending in disproportionately harsh punishment. This lecture also includes suggestions of possible approaches through Deaf community-based sanctions and measures.

The will to my strength to give this lecture that I hope that it will offer proper solutions to the stigma problem. It can be very difficult for a Deaf returned citizen to think about someone else’s well being, because the survival of being Deaf returned citizen is prevalent in society.


This lecture was from the scratch to improve the lives of Deaf returned citizens through radical ideas and action. Building on the achievements of radical pioneers, my work addresses the challenges such as national crisis, personal growth, and opportunity, education, and human rights in order to clear my conscience and try to identity and explain how to overcome the barriers everyday to heal my own wounds and reduce community tensions because I understand what it is feel to be a returned citizen–the toughest road anywhere dealing with batteries of tests and trials.

After I completed my lecture for the day, I felt empowered so are onlookers, too!


Copyright @ 2017 Jason Tozier

This text may be freely copied in its entirely only, including this copyright message.



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